Strengthening the Immune System with Zeolite

by K. McDonald

The immune system is a large complex organization of organs, which guards the body from sickness by removing toxic substances and destroying infected cells. This system is easily weakened from toxic materials building up in the body.  When too many toxins have accumulated, people suffer from an array of never ending symptoms and sickness because their immune system is dysfunctional and no longer able to fight back. But detoxing with zeolite may easily return the body back to its normal, healthy state.

How Immunity is Weakened

We are all exposed to a large amount of toxins and heavy metals through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. They are useless to the body, so they accumulate in cells, disrupting nutrient absorption and metabolism. Toxins also can cause the formation of free radicals, which are highly destructive to healthy cells. Furthermore, toxins are acidic and cause the body’s pH levelto become acidic. When the body is acidic, harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses grow out of control. The amount of toxins and free radicals, in combination with the acidic pH, eventually becomes too overwhelming for the immune system to handle. When this happens, a person will become chronically ill with an unexplained sickness.

Detoxing to Strengthen the Immune System

Zeolite, a volcanic mineral with a negative charge, absorbs harmful positively charged toxic materials from the body, such as heavy metals and radiation.

Zeolite helps to strengthen the immune system in a couple of different ways. For one, it cleanses the body of dangerous radiation and heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. Since the zeolite is negatively charged, it is able to easily pull these positively charged toxins out of the body’s cells. Within a few hours after ingesting the supplement, it is excreted, along with any toxins it has absorbed. Once removed, cellular functions normalize, the number of free radicals decline, and pH levels return to a healthy alkaline state. When pH levels become balanced and the body is no longer acidic, harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses can no longer flourish. And after all this occurs, the immune system is able to strengthen and return to its natural state because it is no longer needlessly fighting against an overwhelming amount of toxins and foreign bodies.

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