Neuroscience is moving ahead with the discovery of specific points about consciousness that only taunts our curiosity about the things that we don’t know yet. However, the basic definition of the word consciousness is quite simple, which every one of us knows, but we are not aware of it. Well, a bird, insect, human being or an elephant is made up of the same and simple thing that we call consciousness. Only when we are conscious, we can experience life to the fullest. When you say that you feel lively, it is because you are in the present moment and nothing else is on your mind.

On the other hand, if you are in a deep sleep, then you are alive, yet you have no idea about it. Furthermore, when a person is unconscious, then he or she does not know whether they are alive or dead. These theories and facts are the very examples of the continuing consciousness research in Canada that has been going on for many days.

The truth is when we intensely identify ourselves with our body and its desires then we drift away from consciousness. It is also important to know that there are different factual components of the definition of consciousness for a better understanding of awareness. Hence, here are some facts that may keep you thinking for many days.

Interesting Facts About Our Consciousness That You Did Not Know

  • It must be understood that if you recognize yourself with your body and the desires sprouting of it, then you are wholly fixed at one place. If we try to remain conscious, the boundaries that limit our focus start disappearing over time. In reality, we all are breathing the same air that also includes moisture. It is like when we are breathing; we continue to exchange water and air. However, we don’t face any barrier with this system of exchanging air and water. On the other hand, we find it difficult to identify ourselves with the air and water because we recognize ourselves with our body.

  • Besides, we all are conscious to some extent. However, the degree of consciousness differs from person to person. The best way to describe this is that you will find some of your friends happy most of the time and some others depressed because of things that they want is not happening in their lives. In that case, it is the sole duty of the person to find access to it so that they can feel alive most of the time in their lives. Those who feel alive are usually happy and peaceful most of the time.

  • Another significant fact is that consciousness is there with us all the time. Without the awareness, we would not have been able to convert food and breathe into life. One thing must be remembered that you are alive because there is consciousness within you. Nonetheless, it is also true that most of us have minimal access to it. As your experience of mindfulness improves time after time, then you will slowly feel the boundaries fading concurrently. The consciousness research in Canada is spreading quickly as university, academics and different organizations are now studying this subject to know more about its aspects of human life. 

  • In all these years, mindfulness has been defined in various ways. Another definition is that it is the formless and unseen place of energy with infinite dimension and possibilities. This place of energy is independent of time, location or space yet everything is included and present in this space. It is said that in this dimension there exists existence beyond all barriers, time, dimension as well as it registers every fraction of a moment that is happening now and then.

  • In that case, when a human being feels alive, then he or she perceives or witnesses the essence of consciousness itself. It exists independent of human description as well as incorporated with it at the same time. Furthermore, there are numerous levels of vibrational frequency that are present in the same place. At the same time, it is a part of life that cannot be destroyed but is only capable of changing forms or moves to a different frequency or turn into an energy realm that is sometimes considered as spiritual in terms used by human beings.

  • Coming in contact with consciousness is also defined as the commencement of the awakening process. Moreover, levels of mindfulness tend to change over time. At the same time, levels of consciousness can be determined with human behaviours that are based on the experiences they have come across till a specific point of time.

Consciousness is a subtler dimension of the mind that is shared by everybody on this planet. However, many aspects of this dimension can only be felt but cannot be expressed in words. Nonetheless, the research continues as we remain curious about consciousness and its various other facts that are still unknown to us.


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