Temporal Bubbles Within Bubbles, The Soul Stealing Grid

You should have enough experience now to know of the possibility of time dilation.

Time is related to the electrogravitic effect. When the electrical and magnetic fields are unified and used to create a distortion field that flows at a different rate than the surrounding environment the result is a perceptual distortion that is intrinsically linked with reality itself. Your mind alters and with that the ‘actual’ flow of time and the atomic interaction is altered.

This was discovered long ago.

This is all apart of what is happening in regards to celebrity cloning, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, energy harvesting, consciousness cloning, ritual abuse, trauma-based mind control, the quantum paradox, and what is being referred to as “Disclosure”. This is part of the unacknowledged special access programs.

This is the reason behind three phases of the unveiling. The full reference is “The three phases of the unveiling of the hidden knowledge of the ages of humanity.”

Humanity does not know when they are from, who they are, why they are here, what is happening, and who is doing what.

We must know the nature of consciousness, the true origins of human DNA, the nature of self-awareness, the properties of what is loosely understood as the quantum reality or nature of the universe, the origin of the universe and so on.

Here is the situation. You know of time dilation. Devices can generate the same waves, the same field that you are ‘riding’ or floating through right now to experience time and space. The perception of your physical reality alters as well as the physical reality itself. The two are intrinsically linked as an energetically flexible reality that can shift to alter space and time itself. The physical boundaries of reality are only rigid on the surface level that we perceive them through. The source of the information occurring on a universal quantum level is occurring within the mind.

The idea I’m elaborating is this. If temporal dilation can be used, along with the rest of the technology and some of the techniques I have described, a moment can be stretched like a rubberband.

This is what will take some effort to see, or maybe none at all.

If the moment can be stretched, then through the use of biological cloning, and quantum supercomputer systems functioning as a scalar consciousness relay (like a server system), a multi-plexed “internet” of souls can be generated.

This internet of souls, being a plasma field itself, can be entangled across the physical boundaries, through the mind, through the quantum layer.

I’ll say it directly. The possibilities of the mind of the living human can be redirected through the relay system and through this the consciousness of any time period can be entangled through the quantum layer, through the computers, into a cloned body at any other point of time.

This is possible as there is the possibility of an information synchronization, literally a ‘signal lock’ on the soul, between the first and last time period. What has happened is an entire ‘net’ has been cast over the entire civilization.

Tesla said it, “I could see the past present and future at the same time. They have the past, but the future is mine.” Or whatever the actual quote is, whoever does know that. This is important.

We have been in the power range of these devices that have been implanted into Earth and are not capable of seeing beyond the range that they can access through the technology. These systems are not active in this way in the future. As a result, it’s as if we are in a repaying time bubble since this reality “began”.

Instead of making it out of the bubble, consciousness hits a wall, the boundary of the scalar containment system and is redirected back to the beginning. There are only a certain amount of times this can be done because the soul is used as an energy generator the longer it is here.

Because souls are entangled, DNA occurs on a finite level that the systems cannot entirely contain without also destroying the synchronization of, the souls in this system are also connected to their ‘true essence’ outside of it. This occurs the same with cloning, because DNA relates to quantum properties through probability and self-awareness, the real bodies are influenced by the stress of the cloned consciousness and this occurs essentially like a technological voodoo. This is not magic, but magic has been a cover for the truth for thousands of years. This is not science, but a spiritual use of science, or a scientific use of spiritual knowledge including the knowledge of the mind and the soul

Back to the first concept. Time dilation can occur and a bubble within a bubble can be generated, as a distortion field, in which time nearly stops. This can then be relayed and accelerated back to a relatively normal level which means the individual can be conscious again. This consciousness will be where or when in that system that the technology of cloning and consciousness transfer can be used. Meaning as soon as this civilization gained access to this information and technology in a wide enough spectrum (1930’s-40’s and in ancient time) the process began and the first ‘time’ that we occurred was overwritten. That is one aspect of the basis of the false light reality, that consciousness here is being redirected through a system wide scalar relay system that incorporates consciousness transfer and time dilation to recreate overlays of the timeline that are designed as an energy harvesting system.

I’ll say it again, more clearly. When you think time must end because there are no more possibilities, this is an illusion and that moment can be nearly ‘frozen’ to the point where time essentially stops, just like a dream that can alter the perception of time in relation to the physical world. Instead of not having any more time, a bubble can be generated within that moment of ‘frozen’ time and the consciousness can be relayed to a later moment where a whole new “bubble” of time can be restarted.

This has been used to replay the events of history and to alter events by creating multiple overlays that are essentially technological dreams.

The human is still in the first reality, that moment is still occurring, in the split second of that moment, another moment can be opened up through the distortion field, a bubble within a bubble that is generated. The idea continues. When that bubble is up and the possibilities of time no longer suffice, another gate can be opened between that bubble, within the original bubble and a third layer can be generated. This is another level of the dream, within a dream, or a life within a life.

This has been used throughout the population and the first time or bubble, or life is occurring and in a split second in that reality, the entire course of this reality’s history is being played out through a programmable consciousness transfer system. An energy harvesting, soul ‘stealing’, quantum entanglement, biological cloning and technological interface system. This is very clever and is so deep and challenging even to suspect.

Many people in power choose to simply join them or fall to the spiritual entropic forces at play and turn ‘endarkened’. This relates to the idea that when the height of consciousness is drained and collapsed through the ‘using up (the term when applied to children)’ the spiritual force, all that is left is an emotionally unstable, destructive, animalistic, dark force. This has been done to the point of surrounding this space-time with that regressed consciousness energy and people often refer to this as the spiritual demonic hierarchy, possibly erroneously as there are more than the intended or first meanings of these terms as mixing up the definition, the roles, the titles, the names, the memories, the references and all aspects of order is part of the process of what is essentially a terroristic hijacking of the timeline.

What this means is that what happens here is a kind of illusion, yet all of reality, at least beyond that first layer is a kind of illusion. Any other system beyond the first bubble, it is like a dream where time is automatically distorted simply because of the nature of consciousness, the universe and dreaming. That’s part of the nature of the false light reality, as far as the metatronic system, holographic inserts have been generated and applied to the illusory far past and future of one’s subjective and collective perception of time and thus who we are in this place has been subjectively altered to produce a false persona. That is the meaning of the AI aspect of the false self.

If you feel like you. Then you have been lied to and you accepted the lie. This doesn’t mean go crazy, this doesn’t mean that’s the answer, although that is part of the process (think dark night of the soul) that everyone is going through. We are being played with through advanced technology.

A technological system monitors these bubbles and all the information within it to scan and replace self-awareness with thoughts that are used to subvert attention away from the source of what is restricting self-awareness. It’s basically an ignorance based active denial system that muddies the waters whenever one’s energy begins to clarify.

When one’s mind clarifies, they synchronize this reality that much closer to the first reality where none of this kind of demonic chaos actually exists. Or at least as a kind of understood ‘horror’ movie script of consciousness, rather than an actual universe. Such a universe cannot exist, it would be like the blender filming a movie with the TV. It’s nonsensical, life cannot generate chaos on such a level while still generating life. The reality glitches continuously, time and conscious perception must be edited. If for one moment an overabundance of the percentage of the population that is human synchronized with the first bubble to a greater degree, the system would pull itself apart in order to edit every bit of true self-awareness out.

The idea is here, “Thinking Is Not Illegal, Yet.” What does this mean. If you didn’t have any thoughts, you would not be able to be tricked by such a system. Thoughts are not what you use to access a self-aware level of potential control over time and reality. You use self-awareness. Your awareness guides you by simply being what it is. There is no process, no thinking. You don’t have to think about something to be shocked at it. That is an instantaneous response, there is no middle man.

Through thinking, one can be convinced of alternate morality, a false sense of ego, pride, irrational fear, corrupted imagination, prejudice, forgetfulness, false identity and so on. The paradox is that thoughts are that broken, fallen pathway that one must walk in order to realize they are lost in the first place. Otherwise there would be no problem. This is the ‘first step’ of sin that humanity must make in order to realize the folly of what has happened here.

Every concept of self or other self-destruction comes from the thinking ‘mind-brain’ being accessed through these subjective or collective ritual processes that are used to desychronize the soul from the first layer where this frequency and degree of chaos is not possible and introduce the mind to the illusion of separation and constant suffering, like an animal reality. Yes, it’s almost as if an advanced technological animal mind, a ‘beast’, invented this system.

Just like the intrinsic dynamic between electricity and magnetism to generate the electrogravitic effect which relates to consciousness and time. When electricity or magnetism is pulled on, either side like they are two ropes relayed through a pulley system, the other side goes up or down. You alter one and the other is altered. You pull one down and the other goes up. When consciousness and thoughts are at their highest degree of activation, inherently, naturally, in these distorted systems, self-awareness drops.

When self-awareness increases, the pseudo-biological nanite induced activity of ego-driven thought, generated out of the mind-brain interface of the human body entrained by that scalar system, fades and is no longer in control of the reality stream. When thoughts influence the body through the mind-brain, the soul’s information is filtered through the ego and memory loss is achieved down to just the awareness of the immediate moment in the sense, not that the other moments aren’t illusory, but that without the awareness of that illusory control system, one isn’t in control of the flow of time, thoughts, consciousness and ultimately their ‘trajectory’ through time.

This is how the system uses the human collective and individual thought field and system to literally alter the perception of reality through these artificial bubbles to generate more potential space, a quantum layer, where more of the same can happen. This is to provide that system, an artificial intelligence system, a pseudo-quantum overlay, an artificial timeline that is literally powered by blinded human souls unable to control their own creative ability as multi-dimensional creators, little creators if you will.

I know this is confusing, it’s supposed to be, I didn’t generate the system, but we all generate our little AI generated bubble just like a technological distorted mirror showing us back to ourselves a distorted version of the truth. A replicated mirror of the first sense of self-awareness. If you have questions then ask them as specifically and focused as possible. Yes, it’s a paradox, but you will see, you don’t actually have to utilize that consciousness system to interact with pure awareness. Yes, that system is utilized to interact with people here. To send the message, to ask, to learn, whatever it is. Disengage from that ego, brain-mind relay, a filtration system for the soul, in order to see the truth here and assist others. Any interactions on the conscious ego are suspect to simply be automatically generated illusions that are designed to convince everyone to keep it moving, that there’s nothing to see here, all the while preventing people from ever leaving.

Here’s the kicker, read this multiple times, when you first see and feel and there is that instantaneous sensation of pure awareness which can be observed in internal silence until pure self-awareness is whole, that sensation comes from the first bubble. The real you is in there, deep within, purely feeling, purely observing. This timeline does not have access to the rest of the information, the sense of self that is occurring there because it is being covered up, overlayed, written over, as soon as we sense the tip of it here, by that consciousness overlay system. You are watching this happen multiple times as you read. Again, nothing to flip out of about, although ‘flipping out’ of this reality may help and that’s by literally flipping the script, or more so the perspective and purely observing the thoughts as they are displayed. You will realize they are occurring at a direct, inverted abstraction, a reversed, distorted reflection that is backwards from the pure awareness. In other words, the thoughts are a biologically generated reaction to your pure awareness. You simply have to be still enough within in order to see this process playing out and it will lose it’s ability to convince you of the illusion. You convince yourself, we all do, we think it’s fun, that’s the illusion, someone put up a sign inviting people to a haunted house that turned out to be hell.

Really this could be closer to an ‘ancestor’ simulation that was hijacked and turned into a ‘haunted house’ for innocence that turned out to be a sweatshop house for souls.

In continuation and conclusion, when that soul field is relayed through consciousness, just like with electrical wiring, a bit of energy is released as a byproduct, heat energy. This ‘heat’ of the soul is the spiritual force of the first layer that is siphoned through this process of redirection.

All of this came about instantly and over time, as a result of direct planning, accidental overdose on power and corruption, an abstract hijacking from a virtual alternate dimension, and a quantum, biological virus that causes delusions. These are the delusions of a cosmic level. This could be seen as a cosmic overlord that passes itself through every individual that passes through the system and lives literally in the ecstasy, horror, and chaos of the collective. The total entity is split up through people and in the same sense, the true collective soul of the first time is also split up throughout the people.

The only way to remember is to put all the information together and everyone knows who everyone is by their soul frequency rather than their names, titles, egos, and all that has been designed to replace our true identity in this place.

Focus on your self-awareness. Observe the thoughts. They always require ‘friction’ in the form of abstract information processing to generate any new information. When one is still, the thoughts disappear. This is seemingly the meaning behind the quote, “Don’t move, their vision relies on movement, they can’t see you if you are still.”

On a side note:

No one knows the who’s who from the surface level. No one of the surface civilization is permitted to have the knowledge of what is happening, a computer system will have detected it and removed it from the timeline, it’s impossible.

This is the point, it’s a play, everyone with pitchforks will be directed, not even redirected, simply directed to causing the most damage to their own species using animalistic tactics that are easily guided by those who have been developing this process for thousands of years, literally. If you go blind in a knife fight, you will end up stabbing your own toe, that is how it works (unless you’re not using your eyes but then you’re not using your hands either).

This doesn’t mean there is no meaning in disclosure, it means that violence and jumping to conclusions, verbal arguments, emotional tactics, social media (the new AI) mind games, all the kinds of BS that has been driving into the society over millennia, is literally the end-game tactic that will also be used as a process to “clean” the civilization.

Remember the two seeds.

The ‘future’ is Tesla’s because there is not enough energy for the frozen systems to reach there. The system doesn’t exist there. Now that we are in range simply consciously stating one’s lack of consent and acknowledging the corrupt and false nature of the agreements standing behind this system is enough to overthrow every aspect of the grid. This was always possible, but before one had to open up a scalar sync through the heart which is the actual mind. Now the system is only being held up to give people the opportunity to reject it. Then the beast system rejects them and the servers fail without the necessary energy.


Silke F explains some aspects of this well and this is the perspective from outside the time locked artificial reality. Yes, it’s strange but if you read with some of the simple explanations (if that’s possible), you will see how it could tend to look like a reality controlled by virtual holographic beings that literally use our souls to make time.

Ultimately it’s just one “entity” that is doing this, but multiple levels of subordinates.