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Part 3: The beginning of the journey I walked by Sherry Swiney



While reviewing an old article Jerry Marzinsky and I wrote, called “List of Lies”, I was reminded about the time when I believed these lies were true.  No joke.  As I look back at that version of myself, I see more clearly how this process works.


First, here are the messages I lived with for many years.


  • No one will ever love you because you are a piece of garbage, a waste of flesh.
  • You are poor and will remain poor because that is what you deserve.
  • Neither your family nor anyone else cares about you because you are rotten and don’t deserve love.
  • You have (whatever disease) because you deserve it and you can’t do anything about it.
  • You have no talent.  Who would ever hire you for a job?  You’re a failure.
  • You are worthless; you’ll never succeed at anything so give up trying.
  • You are the worse thing you’ve ever done and there’s no way to forgive yourself.


The List of Lies article also includes the messages Jerry’s schizophrenic patients lived with.


As most of my readers know, all these negative-producing ideas are not from us.  They are injected intrusions by invisible beings that are conscious and malicious.  Likewise, there are invisible beings that are conscious and not malicious.  Plus, there are your own thoughts.


Yes, You.


The real you has thoughts that muck their way through all the lies, hoping to one day see daylight again.


I remember the day when a tiny speck of real me saw daylight.  Until that day, there was no “me” at all.  I was both shocked and grateful when I finally recognized it as a light inside that wanted to shine but I had no friggin’ clue otherwise.


It was at that point that the intrusive thoughts seemed to retaliate.  At the time, I wondered if maybe there was some ancient clan from another time that wanted revenge for something I did to them long ago.  It seemed to me that holding a grudge for a few thousand years might be too big a stretch.  So, I began researching to see what was wrong with me.  Did I have a brain tumor, or was I going crazy, or was something else happening?  I dedicated lots of time reading about the brain and self-help books.  This was after I’d already studied ancient scriptures, archaeology, and quantum physics.  Obviously I wasn’t crazy and didn’t have a brain tumor.  Something else was happening.


“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth.”
– Sherlock Holmes


Looking back all those decades ago, I see that the first step of awakening was a genuine threat to these invisible entities. We cannot see them because of the design of our eyes. This design limits our vision to a very narrow band in the light frequency spectrum. Out of all the available frequencies, we only see the circled band of light on the top row. The second row blows up the circled band to illustrate our visual spectrum. So being invisible does not mean these beings do not exist. They exist in different frequencies.



This was not an easy journey to be sure.  I was stubborn about finding out what was happening to me.  At the same time, I was dedicated to working on how to eliminate this besiege.  During this process, I might find myself reacting in some brainwashed or conditioned way – like the automatic reflex when the doctor thumps on your knee with his rubber mallet.  I did not want to be that person.  I never wanted to be that person.  So, the gloves were off.  That’s what recognizing the little bit of light in me did.  It gave me strength to continue, and a resolve that felt like a mission.  A determination to free myself from these entities or die trying.


The moment I saw myself in unconscious reactive mode, I would literally stop what I was doing, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Then I would ask the friend(s) around me at the time for a do-over please.  They got what I was doing and gave me some latitude.  It was a struggle to remember to be aware of my thoughts.  The more I did though, the easier it became.  Finally, after many more years of lessons about what was me and not me – plus how to eliminate the not-me part whenever it showed up – the That’s A Lie Program was developed and presented to the public, free of charge.


I used this program, and there came a time when the intrusions were gone.  I am more than grateful to the people in my life who have been where they were supposed to be, so that I would be exposed to more things to learn about the light and dark aspects of life.


The primary thing I have learned is that, while it may be painful at times, finding and then being your self is an important thing for which to strive. 


Being other-directed is no longer in Vogue.


The only reason it is usually a painful journey is because we are surrounded by these invisible beings trying their best to get us to believe their lies. 


You see them manifest in the local and international news; on your television set; when you pay your taxes…



The lies continue to make you believe that being other-directed is still in fashion, that the illusion is still reality, that there’s nothing you can do. 


There is something you can do in the comfort of your own home.  You can take off your mask.  You see, taking off your mask (not the literal emergency medical mask – “your” mask), signals Universe that your light wants to shine.  This can be a scary moment but if you know you are being lied to, then why spend any time believing the lies?


Stargate SG-1 “Revisions”, season 7, episode 5 is a good metaphor for what happens when you grow up believing lies and conversely what happens when the lies are exposed to you.  Please watch to the end to see the point of posting this link here for you.  Let me know what you get from this episode.


The last thing these beings want is for people on Earth to wake up to who they are without the masks.


Without the mask, YOU are an immortal being, entangled with a brilliantly designed physical brain and body that don’t last forever.  They are of the earth and shall return to the earth.  When the body dies, you move on.  You do not die.  You are not of the earth.  You are temporarily in the earth, pretending to be a human being, and along the way you completely forgot about that.  How is that possible?  Whispers in your ear; events before your eyes; money is real; death is fearful.


If you know you don’t die, then where is the fear of death coming from?  Not you, right?  So, why fear the news and dire health warnings from liars.  They have shown over and over that they do not care about you.  They care about keeping you uneasy and in fear. 


Take precautions.  These liars can be dangerous when they are about to be exposed as grandiose deceivers, manipulators, tricksters, con-artists, thieves, and wimps following orders.  These beings have the people who believe their lies backing them. 


Still, the bottom line is this:


There is a light inside you that I believe is the core of YOU which is connected to the rest of you that’s entangled throughout your body.  It’s not physical, but energy.  It’s in the Dan Tien area.  The Dan Tien is your center of gravity.  I don’t know if you can have generally clear thoughts without a working Dan Tien. 


You were made with love, not hate or fear.  You ARE love.  These beings want to suffocate that knowledge.  When you remember that you are love, you can send love to these beings.  They seem to fear it.  They don’t like it at all, so they leave quickly to let you get back to your journey without a mask.



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About Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower”, now available in German.  French, Russian and Spanish translations are in the works.



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