The Accelerating Rise of Sexual Fascism,

coming to a Sidewalk Near You Soon.

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It is not yet against the law to speak your mind. I am mindful of that as I write this commentary on the rise of Sexual Fascism. This is not a solitary shadow of menace upon the horizon but it is a grave concern. It is an approaching danger, greater than the common mind is presently conscious of. It is joined by the specter of engineered migration, whose intent is chaos, unleashed upon the landscape of this country. It is joined by a general climate of mindless materialism, which renders Joe Ordinaire, indifferent and unconscious of what is going on around him. The legions of shuffling zombies, thumb-fucking their cellphones is the Tarot card of our times.

A growing cabal of merciless Jacobin’s, untouched by any measure of compassion and virulently opposed to compromise of any kind, is gathering under titles such as Antifa and LGBTUVWXYZ and plotting the creation of the very thing they are claiming to be arranged against and they intend to enforce it with fire and blood, under the banner of laws that will be written and affirmed whenever they are needed.

There is one certainty that should be kept at the forefront of one’s mind and that is… what is happening is not about sex. It is not about migrants. It is not about the race war being fomented. It is not about the drug and alcohol delirium that presses down like an atmospheric warm front and that everyone is blaming on Global Warming. What! You don’t believe in Global Warming? We have the hysteria to prove it. “Move out of the way! There are transsexuals coming through!” There is one certainty about all these seemingly unrelated movements and conditions. They are ALL parts of an agenda to create social chaos and they are all being managed and operated by the same people who brought you 9/11 and all sorts of other colorful Grand Guignol’s like… say… the Bolshevik Revolution and pretty much all of the wars for profit in recent and less recent times AND ALL OF THEM… pretty much, were wars for profit. As the prescient General Smedley Butler said some decades ago, “War is a Racket”

The Mother Crocodile of one of the major War for Profit families once said; “If my sons did not want war, there would be none” That’s lovely isn’t it? I think sometimes about the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Stalingrad and other examples of real trench warfare; men hanging on the wire, rats feasting, cries of agony. It was all a symphony of horror, conducted by Pinhead the Cenobite and all of it the product of an economic conspiracy for personal gain. Think of it! It’s hard to get your head around it, isn’t it?

No one can argue against George Soros being the prime mover in the world, behind forced and financed migrations. Why not do a little research on who sits on the boards of directors of all the major alt-sex organizations? While you are at it, consider the purpose of The Southern Poverty Law Center. Whose brain child was that? We know whatever poverty there was, wasn’t going on at the SPLC.

I wondered to myself, who are the most organized pro abortion organizations and who runs them. I wondered about the major atheist organizations and Communism too. Atheism is the official religion of Communism. I studied late into the nights… looking into the who’s who’s about most of the cultural forces dedicated to changing the way we live and think. I studied social media; who owns and runs it and the latest activities involved in scrubbing the web of certain information. It’s pretty clear… of course ♫what’s puzzlin you is the nature of (their) game♫

There is a particular quote in The Bible that I often reflect on;

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers ofthe darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Most people think that the world they see is the world that is. This is not true at all. This world is a world of appearances that we perceive within a narrow bandwidth. There is a great deal more than what the senses report going on. There is a plane of invisible forces. There is a plane of feeling. There is a plane of thought. Through all of it runs a mosaic of fire; the fire of desire.

We think we have a personal mind. We think we are a specific individual. There is only one mind and we all share in it. Our minds, or what we imagine to be our minds are a lot like airports. Many of the thoughts that come and go in our heads did not originate with us. Quite a few thoughts, common to many minds, are being generated by certain sources, in particular locations, for particular agendas. You can believe as you like but I have established certain truths through specific forms of inquiry. I don’t have to convince anyone else. I have ONLY to convince myself.

Regular readers who have been coming to these sites for years, are already well informed about the subjects and POV’s that come under discussion here. I am reiterating certain elements at this time because we have a new audience from Pocketnet and some amount of detail and clarification needs to be engaged in. Please forgive me if I am temporarily redundant. It won’t go on for long. Now… where were we?

The sexual force is the attractive force in the universe and if you mess with it, you can affect manifest conditions. The family unit is the basic building block of a society. If you mess with that, you can seriously affect manifest conditions. The idea of gender fluidity is a bunch of nonsense that is being promoted through the culture for the purpose of confusion. There is a certain force in the world that generates confusion… division… chaos… conflict and so on. When materialism reaches a certain point, the human mind becomes very easy to manipulate. Most people no longer know what is real or not. Perhaps they never did but at least the road was not so rocky and contentious.

You may think that all this activity of sexual freedom and being your ‘true self’ and expressing your personal truth is intended as a liberating thing. It is actually the reverse. It is really all about bondage and confinement. It’s about stress and anxiety. Those people who are caught up in all the sexual low jinks are unable to convince the deeper part of themselves that all of what they are getting up to is fine and dandy. What really happens is that they come to hate themselves and by extension, they come to hate you. This is all intentional.

Transsexualism is now being aggressively promoted from kindergarten up. Why… you might well ask, is such a fury of force and attention being directed at what is a very tiny demographic? The entirety of ALL of these alternative sexual expressions is quite small but… they are literally sucking the oxygen out of the room of our shared existence.

What I am doing is stating an opinion, based on extended observations but it is now considered hate speech. I have no position on who anyone has sex with, AFTER a certain age and as long as it is consensual. My concern ONLY comes into being when it becomes politicized and when my freedom of being and expressing is messed with. No one is going to tell me how to think or how to be. I suspect all of us, in the process of reincarnation, which is a fact, have been gay, a different color, a man or a woman, rich and poor, famous and probably, now and again, ignominious as well. I see ALL of this as part of the process of learning because life is about one thing and one thing ONLY. You can give yourself all the reasons and meanings and Byzantine moves of angels break dancing on the head of a pin but life is about Self Realization. It is about discovering who you really are. After that it is all joy drenched eternal bliss. You might not think so at the moment but… Self Realization hasn’t occurred yet either. I have personally met self realized beings so… that’s what I saw.

There is a power in this universe that is greater than all other force combined. It is actually the source of all force. If you are aligned with that, nothing in this or any other world is anything to be concerned with. “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.”

The end result and mainstream objective of materialism is insanity and it gets worse and worse, as can be clearly seen. You might think of it as a massive ship on an enormous ocean. At some point it will sink and the pull of something that large is going to be very powerful for some distance out from it. No one has to go down with that ship and it might still take a good while to happen. It doesn’t look that way but I don’t actually know. It is attachment and association that pulls anyone after the ship. Still… you can be right in the middle of it but unaffected by what happens. Life is a magic show and it behooves anyone to be in association with eternal verities. You don’t need money or power or good looks to ride this train.

Life is going to go on and on and on and you will come and go and come and go. Sometimes you’ll be up and sometimes you’ll be down. It’s a predictable bio-rhythm. You can be chained to a wheel of fire, tormented by endless longing for things that cannot satisfy that hunger or… you can be free. Anyone who knows the way, doesn’t charge for it and makes no claims. Anyone who is not a simple servant with a selfless mind and an overflowing heart doesn’t know what they are talking about.

It might get rough out there in a bit and that’s why I’m talking about it. This may sound like all kinds of BS to some of you and that’s fine with me. It isn’t for everyone at a given moment. Simply ignore me and go on to whatever it is that has your attention. I’m only in this location of Pocketnet because Zio-Google and Zio-Facebook are about to start seriously cracking down and I need a port of record; a place to be. These postings will be coming at least a couple of times a week. There is an enormous archive at the following locations (for the moment anyway), at and and each one goes up at Facebook too-




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