The Blind Spot



“Truth is a daydream in the illusion of reality.”


No Men in No Man’s Land


Integrity: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness: the state of being whole and undivided.”  When we read this definition, the opening quote rings true.  We can feign it all we want.  However, when we contemplate our authenticity, it is as foreign to us as our soul.  We have an excess of bias, concepts, filters, interpretations, judgements, perspectives and programming.  So many perceptual preoccupations that manufacture our personal delusion.  We cannot see reality, nor truth for that matter.  Instead, we stumble around in the darkness of our individual oblivion.  We are enslaved by the stimuli of society; trapped in infinite, vicious cycles until our inevitable demise.


The Tail of the Coyote


The coyote is a trickster who revels at pulling pranks on others.  Occasionally, he will chase his own tail and bite it.  Momentarily, it shocks him, then he attempts to solve the enigma of this abuse.  Eventually he realizes that it was indeed him that bit his own tail.  In time, the coyote chases his tail until he bites it again.  This happens over and over.  Until nature intervenes and interrupts his hysteria.  This is us! We are the tail, and our ego is the coyote.  Although this by no means is a flattering fable, it is a true portrayal of humanity.  There is only one difference between the coyote and us: we have severed our connection with the natural world.  We neglect to exercise oversight and free ourselves from the patterns of our egocentricity.




Cheaters and Lest


Instead of learning lessons from our setbacks and revealing insights to shift into a new way of being, we often strategize for an angle, looking up the answers instead of establishing our own.  We are socially conditioned for instant gratification.  We call this “success,” then move onto the next achievement.  Recently, a college football team in my area won a championship.  However, a few weeks into the season, they were caught in an elaborate cheating scandal.  The league levied multiple violations on the program.  When I mentioned this fact to some of my friends who are fans, they dismissed it as “fake news.”  I observed how strong their delusion was in defense of their team.  This is the equivalent of Trump supporters insisting the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen.


The Power of Narrative


Alternative and mainstream media reports biased, agenda-driven opinions about current events.  Our information sources are no longer factual, they are editorial.  Narrative has been distorted by agendas to influence the ideologies and perceptions of society.  To whichever side we may gravitate: Democrat/Republican, Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine, religious/spiritual, vaccinated/unvaccinated or this team/that team, we are pawns upon a global chessboard of control, power and profit.  Believing our vote, faith, politics, vaccination status or sports fandom bears any social authority is our personal delusion, within the illusion we misinterpret as “reality.”  The power of narrative deceives the world.


“Disingenuity is our social disease.”




The Cult of Society


Every day, we engage in social addictions via entertainment, media, politics, religion, sports and otherwise.  When we sacrifice our conscience, empathy, intelligence, morality, relativity and understanding for superficial fellowship, we subscribe to the cult of society.  Corporations, entities and organizations broadcast ideology, indoctrination, rhetoric and propaganda.  They proliferate synthetic information, intelligence, faith, health, spirituality, success and wealth, all within the social conformity of a congregational environment.  Those who pander a “one truth for all” program are simply pyramid schemes exploiting popular belief as a cover for their cult.


Badge of Honor


Through our personal and social institutionalization, we are conditioned to sacrifice our dignity upon society’s altar of ego. We desensitize ourselves from the horrific realism in which we are enslaved.  It is a human standard to sever our relativity with our heart, soul and the universe, as we engage in and endure social reality.  Our individual oblivion sustains the customized bubble in which we defend our ignorance, pride and prejudice.  We justify ourselves with our repressed malevolence in the toxic environment of a violent, hierarchical society.  Then we lionize and patriotize our inhumane behavior as our badge of honor, with our arrogance, entitlement and self-righteousness.




The Real World


In The Matrix, Morpheus reveals to Neo the illusion in which he was enslaved.  He shows him the “real world,” a wasteland of destruction, where machines harvest energy from millions of humans encased in pods.  We do not want to be introduced to the real world.  We see, hear, feel and sense only what indulges our dependencies.  What we most desire is the illusion.  Quite literally, we are “living the dream.”  Our denial is so paramount, we defend sinister corporations, entities, governments and organizations who control, enslave and manipulate us.  The real world is consumption, disease, delusion, failure, pain, violence and war.  For all the truth we could express, illusion is what we enable.


Wake Up!


Since adolescence, I had always felt as though there was something severely wrong with society.  When I became aware of the smoke and mirror show that is “reality,” I was enraged.  Over the last few decades, I have become more present to its deception.  I learned how to transform my anger into creativity, and ultimately consciousness.  I awakened from my daydream, clarified the nature of reality and became an expression of my truth.  This transformation has taken longer than my institutional, personal and social programming.  We have lived our whole lives in our delusion, within the illusion of society.  Before we free ourselves from the simulation, we must wake up to the reality of our truth.




The Reality of Truth


There are over seven billion truths in the world.  Our personal truth is meant for us alone to embody and express.  We will never discover it in the congregational domains of amusement, education, media, politics, religion or science.  These are all just social vortices that divert us from our destiny.  The greatest truth we will ever experience is our soul.  It is our relativity with the universe.  Our prosaic personality is the blasphemy of our universal being.  When we delude ourselves into seeking our truth in reality, we exile ourselves from universality.  It is a unique path we must pioneer with consciousness, creativity, purpose, transformation, will and understanding.  The reality of our truth transcends our triviality.


The Blind Spot of Oblivion


Oblivion to our soul abolishes our energetic flow with the universe.  Social manipulation is the watermark of our progression.  Evolution does not exist in society.  Only the simulated procession of time that passes as maturity beneath the gravity of age.  The artificiality of our social reality is the bane of our existence.  It consumes our consciousness with the singular purpose of soul extinction.  We are overwhelmed with social stimuli, which enslaves us with our own anxiety, disease, fear, insecurity, pain and trauma.  We adopt our victimization by investing in an illusion, and engaging in a society that distorts, exploits and extracts our energy.  Our personal delusion is the blind spot of our oblivion.


“Transcending our oblivion is the origin of our awakening.”