By Gin Perry

A wise man once told me a long time ago “Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone” I thought I knew what he meant and part of me certainly did at the time. But now as I am going through this life, I am realizing more and more how these words are true.

What we know becomes comfortable to us. It is easy and predictable and that makes us feel safe. That is why many people stay at their jobs that they have outgrown or stay in a relationship that is no longer nourishing to their being. They yearn for something more yet stay with what they know because venturing outside of that can be daunting.

We might feel unsure as to whether or not we will be able to handle the circumstances that go along with making changes. Will we be able to make the same level of income if we went to a new job? Will we be indefinitely alone if we leave our relationship? We come to expect a certain level of predictability and that gives us confidence. We know we can handle what we know and that is a very comforting thought. Yet, too much predictability runs the risk of dissatisfaction.

When we know exactly what to expect, we can get caught up in the feeling of meaninglessness. That is because predictability does not give us the opportunity for growth. The same wise man told me “We are either growing or we are dying, never neither”. We can not stay put. Even when we think we are, change is inevitable so if we are not striving to move forward, we will naturally fall backward.

Growth comes with a level of discomfort. Challenges are not easy to go through but they are nourishing to us on a level that is more profound than we may realize. We gain a sense of worth when we do things that are hard to us as it builds confidence that we can deal with whatever life throws at us.

Becoming okay with discomfort and being able to embrace new challenges is the best way to ensure growth. What makes us the most afraid is usually where lies the biggest opportunity. So my advice, past down from my own teachers is, do that which makes you afraid and uncomfortable and you will push past the limits that you thought you had, but were really only self imposed.

Be all that you can be my friends!

Much love

Gin Perry



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