The Contract: Holodeck Earth





Updated from December 2018

We are in a dream-state manipulation, a simulated fold of time-space in an artificial timeline. Our minds are running the machines. In order to rouse to wakefulness, we must crack the illusion through the process of unveiling the human soul. – Aug Tellez




The current game is Duality Reality, a strategy of opposites and inversions on a Holodeck platform called Earth.


You are here as Players in a spiritual school to grow your soul and express your spirit through your divinity. Your soul is your sense of self as a distinct temporal being. It is a log of all your growth and development. Your spirit is an eternal spark of the True Creator Source. It cannot be contained. Through your consent, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of The Contract set forth herein:




Choose your Avatar and be transported to your mother’s womb, where you will zip-up your Earth suit, take on an ID-entity, and step into your role. Reality plays out through you.


In this 3rd dimension, what you believe and feel to your bones will you manifest, whether you realize it or not. If you place your focus in love, then you will create health, wealth,  bliss and balance. If you place your focus in fear, then you will create dis-ease, poverty, and chaos. The choice, as always, is yours, as this is a Free-Will Universe.


Image by Francis Ray from PixabayYour custom-designed Earth suit is an expression of your spirit. It allows your consciousness to have a vessel to function on Earth. Thus, your vessel allows you to interact with others like yourself and create experiences to assist each other in the life journey. The body-soul construct is not guaranteed to humans. They must be earned through each life journey. If souls becomes divergent, through choices and actions, then thought-forms become part of the 8th sphere, while souls are reconstituted in Light to begin anew.


Your physical body is a miracle of creation, designed with internal systems to protect you against invaders, both physical and etheric. However, you must work cooperatively with your body’s internal functions in order to preserve it. Choose wisely what you ingest, inhale, imbibe, and inject, for your choices will determine how long you embody your Avatar. Unfortunately, as soon as you accept your body, you will not have access to memories of other existences or games. This is for your own good. 


What you are able to see in 3 dimensions is an illusion. Earth is a projection, a MATRIX. You are an Avatar in a simulation directed by your spirit outside the MATRIX. In your body, you are restricted to five senses which limit your ability to navigate your surroundings as a spirit form. These physical senses are sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Your etheric sense, or chi, is your energy body that can take you beyond the MATRIX, and your other senses, but you must discover and strengthen this sense for yourself if it is to be useful. 


Because of your limited physical senses, you will only sense a small fraction of who you really are. However, as a human, you are always connected to your Source Creator, and thereby, function under the principles of Natural Law. Hint: look to Nature for your answers.Image by Merlin Lightpainting from Pixabay Find your way to the Creator Source through your etheric body.


Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws that govern sovereignty with the freedom to make choices for yourself. Natural Law is the great equalizer. It is not written, but intuitive. It is not logical, but knowing.


In this game, you will experience many challenges along the way that will teach how to find balance within yourself. The biggest challenges and breakthroughs will come through those closest to you, what you call family. Your friends reflect who you are at any given time. Take note: the world around you is your mirror. What you see and experience, externally, is found within you. Prosperity is also found within. It does not matter what happens to you, but how you respond to it. In this game of life, you, alone, are responsible.


To be successful in this reality program, you must be willing to go inward and dig deep. The search for your answers is a multi-dimensional unearthing. There are clues to be found, but they are hidden amidst mixed messages and contradictions. Trust your gut. It is your spirit talking to you. Choose your experiences wisely, since together with your Soul family, you co-create both your individual and collective reality. You may revoke this contract at any time. 


To repeat patterns is to recycle yourself and remain in the 3rd dimensional realm. To breakthrough reality is to move yourself forward to other dimensions and worlds. How strong you are in your resolve, and in holding your ground against intimidation and threats in this world, will determine your soul’s fate. Nothing is set in stone. The future does not exist. You create as you go.


Despite appearances, there are no winners and no losers, no victims or victors. There is only self-awareness. 


At game’s completion, should you accomplish your mission, you will earn a star and transcend to the next level of your Soul’s evolution. You will return the suit.


Image by Alexander Ignatov from PixabayYou are unconditional love. You are eternal. This is only a game.

WARNING: With your consent, your memory will be wiped, and you will forget everything.

SIGN HERE: ___________________________________



Operator’s Manual. Not for Distribution to Players


Operatives have sanctioned authority. You are the chosen deputies under the Master Gamers. You are the politicians, priests, professors, police, physicians, presidents, and prime ministers who maintain order and enforce the rules of the game to control the lives of Players.


As an Operator, connected to the 8th Sphere, your mission is to slow the process of human evolution, or reverse it. One way is through eliminating individual identity which produces a lost soul. Should you fail in your endeavor, be warned: you will fall further back in your own evolution.


Humans are Beings with a body-soul, and a spirit, a tripartite being. Only the spirit portion is truly immortal, eternal, outside of time, and one with the Creator. But the body and soul are by no means guaranteed to humans. It is this body-soul construct that will be the focus of your mission.


Third Dimensional Earth is a place where many incarnations of a Soul are possible using 3D karmic-belief lessons until such time the Soul reaches graduation and moves on.


As energetic bonds are balanced, Souls will Ascend and Incarnate to higher dimensional realms. Soul evolution is based on an individual Soul-by-Soul basis.




The MATRIX is a construct of torsion fields in a simulated fold of space-time as part of an over arching universe.


The universe is made up of multiple layers or “frequencies” likened to a deck of cards. Every card is a different dimension, each with its own unique suit and own unique character, each isolated from the other cards.


Though the cards touch each other, no card can interact with another. Each card is a universe unto itself.


The nuts and bolts of Holodeck Earth consist of electromagnetic frequencies of A Third Universal Dimensional Reality connected to the Lower Astral plain and the 8th sphere, where Divergent, Interdimensional Beings reign.




The image of the physical self is a mask of the underlying consciousness, a fractal-reflected image of the greater physical/non-physical self, compressed down to a singular layer of self-awareness. The design of the physical construction does not allow for the full conscious self to inhabit the Earth Suit. The greater portion of consciousness exists outside the Earth suit and can be accessed when needed. See Akashic Record.


As stated previously, the body and soul are by no means guaranteed to humans, as they must be earned. The Earth Suit is designed and constructed with various access portals, called chakras, or wheels of light. By design, chakras are funnel-shaped that open outward. You, as an Operator, will be able to gain easy access to human consciousness through these openings, provided they are unguarded by the host.

According to esoteric philosophers: the crown chakra is linked to the pineal gland, the brow centre to the pituitary and hypothalamus, the throat centre to the thyroid gland, the heart centre to the thymus gland, the solar plexus to the pancreas, the sacral chakra to the reproductive organs, and the base chakra to the adrenals. Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, considered the chakras, or spinal energy centres, as subtle organs of the soul in establishing dominance over the mind and body. – Ryan Giggs, How the Chakras Influence the Endocrine System


Your key to gaining access comes through their consent. Consent must be given freely since all life force on Earth operates under Universal Free Will, or Natural, Law. Once you gain access, you will be able to eject human consciousness to create an empty vessel.


An empty vessel allows one or more Divergents to hijack the vessel and assume ownership. Having access to human vessels means you are willing to merge with and serve the MATRIX.  If Players verbally revoke The Contract all access is lost. 


NOTE: The soul essence of Players is strengthened through the synergy of the breath, mind, and heart under the power of the heart’s coherence pattern. This tertiary complex is a default system that keeps the Player connected to Creator Source. This connection must stay weakened in order to achieve your mission as an Operator.




Players are infected with various psychological probes and implants to cause amnesia in order to access and manipulate any open Player.


Brain wave frequencies, under the title of “communications technologies,” are generated to infect Players into a suspended dream-state of awareness.


Life is but a dream.


Mantras that program the human mind will serve as disclosure in the form of Fairy Tales, Poems, Movies, Fiction, News and Media. Through silent acquiescence, human consent is implied. Once you achieve implied consent, a person’s consciousness can be deactivated and replaced with a MATRIX program  that assumes control over the body and the mind.


Nanotechnology and electromagnetic fields for genetic and mental manipulation is utilized to:





This 3D simulation operates in a binary system made up of zeros and ones for the purpose of duality.
Duality is the glue that holds the MATRIX together and is enforced at all costs by the Game Masters. Belief is the tool that creates and reinforces Duality Reality.
Primary belief systems through religion, education, politics, sports, and entertainment are critical to maintain control of the simulation.




Game Masters divide Players on a grid into opposing teams: Blue vs. Red, Knight vs. Pawn, Shepherd vs. Herd.


To align with the MATRIX Hive mind means Players fall into Groupthink. When enough minds are connected together, such as in a coliseum or concert hall or sports event, it is most efficient for Operators to harvest their energy for Interdimensional sustenance. For example, Operation Regionalization encourages people to live in close proximity to each other in Smart cities. Smart cities are built to mimic the structure of a computer motherboard for the purpose of directing and harvesting energy. 


Because Players are prone to infighting, and resisting authority, Operators are selected to protect Players from themselves. Game Masters oversee and control both sides of duality, through the politics of Controlled Opposition, and can move about without restriction and in complete anonymity.




The Game Masters seek to homogenize and neutralize the consciousness of the individual and its connection to Source to create a collective Borg mind. Borg ‘groupthink’ cancels individual identity. A prime directive is to take away that which makes each unique, since out of differences are born new ideas, while out of sameness, nothing new is born.


Players are challenged to remember who they really are. To achieve this, they must transcend the Matrix challenges put upon them. Your job is to prevent human evolution using the religious concept of reincarnation, the recycling of souls, among other ideals, to keep them coming back again again.




The tools at your disposal are called Advanced Technology. Electromagnetic mind-to-machine devices organized into geometric sound vortices are used as scalar weaponry for programming and extraction of soul energy.


Panic and chaos-generating “false flag” events can be implemented to weaken human physical connection to Source while fueling the Matrix.


TV, ie., Tel-A-Vision is useful in programming the minds of individuals.


Pharmaceuticals open the human aura to allow Interdimensionals to walk-in and assume control at the level of the mind. 


Image by PublicDomainPictures from PixabayThe science shows that EMF and scalar waves can alter DNA and brainwaves to cause:

  • psychotropic behavior
  • mood disorders
  • dementia
  • migraines
  • nervous system disorders
  • physical ailments.


Belief-altering CGI technologies utilize holographic projections for “bigger than life” images in the sky. Cloning technology and twinning can be applied to manipulate genetics to serves as conduits for energy transfer. Religious programs can hijack the human brain.

Artificial intelligence,  such as cyborgs, serves as vessels for entities and dark energies that could not otherwise operate on the Third Dimensional Matrix.


Nanotechnology is used as soul-level parasite to manipulate the mind and the power of thought of the individual, to harvest human energy as a form of sustenance, for neurological and temporal manipulation, as well as genetic manipulation.


Metalizing and ionizing technologies combine to affect human biology. Geo-engineering and weather modification under the term, cloud seeding is used to alter Earths magnetic fields, electromagnetic grid system, and Earth’s atmosphere to transmit scalar waves above and EMF waves below ground, anywhere in the world.


These technologies are used to control global weather patterns, and to create “natural phenomena”, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves with pinpoint accuracy. Changing weather patterns serve as distractions. Using these tools, Players can be convinced, body and mind, to put down the keys that unlock the gate from the inside.


Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayThe MATRIX is a system of systems and programs to be used to your advantage:



By manipulating the rivers of the sky, which mimic the rivers of the land, you can utilize gateways necessary to affect health and life. 


The properties of fluoride calcify the pineal gland serves as one tool to cut off connection to consciousness. Its purpose is to reduce an individual’s natural inclination to resist domination. With resistance reduced, control is assured.


Another tool is the Trojan Horse of DNA technology through mRNA inoculations. mRNA can incorporate new programs into the genomic structure, as well as disrupt the endocrine system, which is deeply embedded in the chakra system. Because each chakra, or energy center, corresponds to the spiritual, psychological, psychosomatic, and physiological activities of the glands, any disruption to this system may ultimately affect the connection to soul.




Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayA successful outcome is the control of human consciousness. Any means can be used to achieve these ends. Be creative. You may impose restrictions for travel. You may impose illegal mandates, censorship, social credit scoring, Crypto currencies or passports tied to inoculations, smart monitoring systems and devices, removal from city limits, or elimination from the game. Elimination will result in a new Avatar with a new ID-entity to repeat the cycle. 

Harvesting energy from young Players, especially in the first seven years of life, ensures the ideal frequency of the MATRIX program.




If you have come to this section, you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions.  Game Masters and Operatives should not be seen. Those who are exposed are expendable and will be terminated from the game. If human belief systems crumble, so, too, does the simulation machine.

Each new generation of human Beings on Earth accelerates human genetic adaptability, which allows access to multiple planes of awareness simultaneously. This trait allows individuals to develop telepathic abilities, to strengthen their connection to Source, and to resist MATRIX programming.

Operators, stay the course. If Players wake up, the dream-state collapses and the human body-soul construct cycles off 3rd dimensional Earth to evolve to higher dimensions.

SIGN HERE: ___________________________________



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