The Darkest Dream: Mind Control, Alchemy and Medical Murder



In the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri ascends through hell by using Satan himself as a monstrous ladder, an apt analogy to describe the inverted philosophy fueling the transhumanist agenda, one that seeks to artificially “elevate” man to god-like status (“god-like” in the eyes of the alchemical controllers, that is) and assert dominion over nature – a goal embodied within the Freemasonic “Rite of Perfection” and ruthlessly pursued by modern-day alchemists dressed in Monsanto lab coats.

“Man is a microcosm of the universe. Thus, to dominate the universe, one must dominate man, and to dominate man, one must in turn dominate and control the input to his senses: site, hearing, touch, smell and taste, and finally, his sexuality and consciousness themselves.”

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Dr. Scott. D. de Hart, Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas. 2011.


Life is a series of experiences and each prepares us for the next. Sometimes it can feel like we’re ships in the night, blindly forging onward not knowing what lies ahead. We find ourselves navigating through rough seas and the darkness around us feels dense and heavy, leaving us tired and lethargic. But when morning comes, the sun rises once again, shining down its magnificent light and illuminating all that has been hidden.

There are immense challenges coming our way, and although it is the nature of the ego to deny unwanted realities, it is time, now, for us to stand up and hold our ground. Once we acknowledge the darkness, its hold over us loosens and we’re able to transmute it. However, if we continue in a state of denial, its power over us grows and we find ourselves drifting further and further away from our true nature.

What follows is an essay considering some aspects of the deeper, more esoteric influences fueling the transhumanist agenda. Understanding these deeper esoteric connections allows us to connect dots that previously seemed unrelated. Recognition of the occult and its influence on modern society gives us a bigger picture from which to operate, and, as our understanding grows, so does our ability to effect change. This allows us to assemble a picture that acts as our map for navigating the seemingly crazy and irrational world we find ourselves in.


“What the Alchemical managers have bred over a millennia is a human race of the most wretched stupidity and ignorance unrivaled in thousands of years. These blind slaves are told they are “free” and “highly educated” even as they march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror. The symbols that modern man embraces with the naive trust of an infant would be tantamount to billboards reading, ‘This way to your death and destruction’.”

Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. 1992.

The transhumanist agenda represents the ‘Luciferic’ in that it seeks to replace God with science and technology, deny truth, and recreate reality in its own distorted image. This Luciferic intention stems from an “occult” core that subtly pervades society with its symbolism and ritual. The offshoots of this include deranged death cults, ritual sacrifice, organized pedophilia and war. All of this can only be described as “satanic” in that it represents moral degeneracy, violence and a blatant disregard for human life.

Scientism breeds nihilism and material worship, leading to disillusionment, depression and apathy. These negative emotions leave the door open for satanic energies that embody the classic temptations of seduction, glamour, addiction and excitement, as well as bloodshed, crime, war, sacrifice and perverted thrills in all forms. These energies, if allowed to proliferate, can take over entire populations – think Nazi Germany and Islamic extremism, neither without their fair share of occult and secret society influence[1].

The Luciferic overlords seek to invert truth by using philosophical sleight of hand. This is done through a subtle warping or twisting of content into another context, thereby capitalizing on a general state of confusion in order to instill their own distortions within society. This leads to “highly educated” PhDs spouting self-contradictory and absurd statements such as “It’s undemocratic not to enforce mandatory vaccination” or “freedom comes with a vaccine passport”.

Satanic energies are amplified through rising pornography, crime, and violence, all of which are condemned in the media – the same media that promotes and broadcasts gory horror movies and TV shows that glorify bloodthirsty psychopaths. This is not only blatant hypocrisy in the most perverse form, it is the sign of an era in which the population has been taught to idolize the material and deny the spiritual.

There is the “official” condemnation of sex and violence and the “official” attack on unhealthy video games and TV series. And yet, these very themes form the principal content consumed by the youth of today. The satanic energies deceive by proclaiming one thing and then effecting change in the exact opposite direction. Just as the “war” on cancer led to more cancer, and the “war” on drugs led to more drugs. The Satanocracy, through manipulation and deceit, attempts to mask its influence by promoting coverage of interviews given by soulless “experts”, and commissioning anti-journalistic puff pieces calling for us to “unite” against the “war” on terror or donate our money and time towards this cause or that. All the while, these same forces work to divide the population and degrade the culture.

Their effect is most obvious in today’s youth, many of whom are beholden to their smartphones, iPads or Apple watches, engrossed in the latest social media trend or app, where their minds are digitally raped by carefully programmed AI algorithms that force feed them videos of scantly dressed TikTok girls and other nefarious content, for no purpose other than mind control. As the children become teenagers they are quickly thrust into the latest depressive subculture, complete with its own variety of screamo heavy metal music or gangster rap, engendering a culture of violence and substance abuse.

The late Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, former US military intelligence officer and leader of the Temple of Set, described as a “satanic” organization, blamed the media for rising teenage interest in violent “occult” practices:

“If teenage gangs may experiment with what they believe to be ‘occult rituals’, blame should be laid squarely at the feet of the media which glamorize occult violence to youth.”

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in a letter to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Feb. 6, 1989.

With society’s engineered reliance and addiction to social media, it is no wonder that adults are reading fewer books. Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and other platforms encourage the intake of ultra short-form content spread thinly across a wide spectrum of topics, most of which are utterly adverse to one’s interests and personal growth. As the brain is forced to decipher hundreds of unconnected and irrelevant bits of information (“Tweets”), its ability to focus becomes eroded. People find themselves unable to concentrate and incapable of educating themselves deeply on a single topic.

Soon books become insurmountable, and one returns to mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or posting worthless opinions on Facebook. Having been told they are part of the smartest and most advanced society yet, people feel entitled to share their uneducated and ill-conceived opinions on all manner of issues, including those of global significance. Skimming an article in CBS or the New York Times or listening to a Big Pharma spokesperson on TV is regarded as self-education, which then leads to self-righteousness attacks on those with alternate viewpoints, many of which ironically arise from open-minded skepticism, the ability to do one’s own research and the focus needed to read books and other information-dense material that enriches the mind.

Social media platforms bombard users with irrelevant bite-sized chunks of information, carefully curated by clever algorithms. This is blatant mind control that most people would dismiss as “conspiracy”, yet studies have shown the power of Big Tech in influencing perceptions as well as political leanings. This all results in a dumbing down of the populace, who, when challenged by information contradictory to their world view, retreat to the comfort of Twitter or Facebook to yell their discontent into an echo chamber of ignorance, thereby alleviating their distress and deepening their own programmed beliefs.

It’s no wonder that the average person’s IQ is decreasing when modern man feeds his sluggish intellect with processed foods grown in nutrient-depleted soil that has been soaked with endocrine-disrupting chemicals, exerting effects on the body that we are yet to understand. And let us not forget the rising stress levels incurred through an existence that is dominated by the “hustle” culture of the sickly, silicon-valley “elite”.

All of this culminates in an energy field ripe for transhumanist take over, which is done through the introduction of technologies promoted as “trendy”, “hip” and “convenient”. Signs of a deranged culture appear when people are willing to give up their biometric data for the privilege of taking part in an occult ceremony that bestows unto them the coveted prize of “cryptocurrency”. This new class of kid crypto millionaires then spend their “[insert catchy word here] coin” on expensive super cars or, worse, on digital “art”, buying GIFs of animated cats for the same amount of money it would cost to provide clean water to entire populations in poverty-stricken Africa.

This “transhumanist tiptoe” eventually leads to the proposition of brain implants and AI symbiosis. In this way, the devil, no more a feature of the “outside” world, weaves his way directly into the mind. And guess what? He’s not so bad after all!

These technologies are sold to the public as being the next evolution of humanity or the “cure” for mental illness – much of which can be attributed to a sickly culture addicted to toxic garbage, whether in the form of food, media, alcohol, drugs or WiFi signals.

Having been brainwashed to accept surveillance and invasive online tracking, the people begin to encourage the suppression of free speech. They call for more censorship as they hail the elite technocrats for their generous philanthropy and humanitarian visions. The hypnotized public then cheers as their abusers prepare to take their place as the new Gods of humanity, issuing their commands directly into the heads of the Neuralinked masses.

But to arrive at this point, the Satanocracy must use force to deepen its psychological hold.

“The cryptocracy has successfully harnessed to its own ends the huge potential for promoting secret political-occult agendas to the public, by presenting them as unassailable, ‘objective scientific truth’.”

Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. 1992.


Thus, after years of perceptual programming courtesy of Hollywood in partnership with Big Pharma, a global psychodrama ensues labeled “Covid-19”, the alchemical PsyOp designed to hasten humanity’s transformation. This occult pantomime has all the characteristics of a black magic ritual designed to invoke fear, leading to submission and suggestion. In fact, many “Covid-19” deaths can be attributed to the “mystical” (yet clearly well understood) phenomenon known as “voodoo death” within academic circles (the unexplained death of a tribe member claimed to be caused by sorcery).

Part of the satanocracy and its occult workings is to go public with its agenda by forewarning the people ahead of time, this plays out via pandemic simulations (i.e. Event 201), “wargames”, political speeches and carefully worded “predictions”. If the people fail to perceive the truth, or go against their better judgments by refraining to take action, the result is a magical boost ensuring an advancement of the prevailing agenda, along with ever tighter control over humanity. The failure to act results out of an engineered apathy, leading to overt consent. Thus the satanocracy achieves its ultimate desire – to enslave humanity by their own free will.

Modern people entertain occult fear tactics while imagining that mass mind control is a mere conspiracy. The effect of the “case counters”, death numbers, disturbing media footage, and carefully-worded propaganda is increased under such ignorance. The result is a highly suggestive and symbolic ritual ceremony, broadcast to millions of people around the world. Humanity’s psyche is ravaged and brutalized into submission until the people accept the transhumanist solutionoffered to them by their satanic overlords. Thus the people are led to worship their abusers and idolize the industry that has been responsible for the most death and destruction worldwide.

The Covid-19 “pandemic” is a form of psycho-spiritual warfare, an assault on man’s eroded intelligence. The satanocracy pushes the people with stricter and stricter mandates that are less and less logical. If the truth is discerned then the entire charade comes crashing down, but if a process of compliance ensues, born out of apathy or a general denial of reality, the result is a power grab, leading to greater control and the institution of reality 2.0  where “privacy” means invasive surveillance and “freedom” means having to carry around a biometric ID.

Barring a radical shift in perception, the black magicians take man by the hand and lead him into an artificial sub-reality, termed the “eighth sphere” in mystery school tradition. Here in the “metaverse”, humans, or what’s left of them, are plugged into a virtual grid (the “Internet of Bodies”) where AI reigns supreme and every byte of information is collected, manipulated, and controlled.

“The budhi plane is absolute, loving dedication to the divine. Its opposite is a state of having completely turned away from all that is divine. Where the budhi plane is beatific, its opposite has absolute wretchedness. That is the eighth plane, the eighth sphere.”

C. J. Harrison. Lecture, 1904.

“In my opinion, the real cause for the (so far) unsuccessful wars on the fatal diseases in question is not limited human intelligence. Rather, it is a flaw of a different kind. The critical importance of an inviolable principle which governs how science produces practical products—like curing cancer and AIDS—has been overlooked, pooh-poohed and/or suppressed.”

Gilbert Ling, PhD, Why Science Cannot Cure Cancer and AIDS without Your Help.


The alchemical transformation of man implies not only direct alterations to the physical body, but a complete change in what man consumes. This is why we see the elites desperately trying to shift us away from nutritious animal foods and towards patented, synthetic, test-tube mulch cooked up in Gates-funded laboratories.

Food, after all, is information and this information interacts directly with our genetic infrastructure, effecting epigenetic changes by turning on and off various genes. “You are what you eat”, as the old adage goes. Eating genetically modified, synthetically produced frankenfood is thus the perfect morsel for the race of synthetic, spiritually-disconnected subhumans that the transhumanists seek to breed.

The truth is that every single day we consume food grown in the toxic chemicals produced by the global agriculture conglomerates, who, like their pharmaceutical compatriots, may be described as profit-hungry monstrosities, well versed in the art of killing. The agrichemical industry we know today is nothing more than a continuation of the toxic tools and poisons from the post World World 2 labs of IG Farben.

 “A century ago, the money and oil of the Robber Barons came together with the finances and toxic technologies from the labs of IG Farben to form the Toxic Cartel that evolved the tools of killing. This is how a century of ecocide and genocide through poisons and toxic chemicals began. Chemicals developed to kill people in Hitler’s concentration camps during WWII became the agrichemicals for industrial agriculture when the war ended. This industrial agriculture was then forced on people everywhere.”

Dr. Vandana Shiva, Oneness vs the 1%, 2017.

Interessengemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG, more commonly knows as IG Farben was a German chemical and pharmaceutical giant formed in 1925. IG Farben was formed from a merger of 6 separate chemical companies – BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm.

Two years later in 1927, IG Farben partnered with Standard Oil (one of the largest oil refiners in the world, founded by John D. Rockefeller) to exchange patents and dominate economies on both sides of the Atlantic. Standard Oil sent IG Farben their patents regarding the coal hydrogenation process and IG Farben reciprocated by offering up their own patents on the process of manufacturing synthetic rubber.

Some years after partnering with Standard Oil, IG Farben helped foundthe Auschwitz concentration camp, where they used Jewish prisoners as slave labour to produce synthetic rubber and liquid fuels. At the end of the war, the Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal convicted 24 IG Farben executives for crimes against humanity including mass murder and slavery. However, most of them were released within a 2-6  years and immediately began consulting for American agritech companies.

IG Farben and its partner corporations, which included Bayer, were Hitler’s suppliers of Zyklon-B, a cyanide-based pesticide that was used to murder Jews in the extermination camps. In 1948, IG Farben bigwig and Nazi party member, Fritz ter Meer, was convicted of “mass murder and enslavement” and sentenced to 7 years in prison. After his early release in 1950, he became chairman of the board of directors for Bayer, a position he held until 1964. What is today called the “Bayer Science & Education Foundation”, an initiative that awards scholarships to chemistry students, was originally set up to honour ter Meer.

After merging with Monsanto in a $62 billion dollar deal, Bayer became the largest agrichemical company in the world. To make matters worse, the occult handlers turned it into a mockery of the people when, in a magical act of energetic transfer, the takeover was financed by European taxpayers without them even knowing about it.

Monsanto, an American agrichemical giant and mass-producer of genetically modified crops, was founded in 1901 by John Francis Queeny (Rumored to be a member of the Knights of Malta). The company’s first product was the artificial sweetener, saccharin, which it sold to Coco-Cola. In 1977, the FDA proposed restricting the use of Saccharin on account of research suggesting its consumption was associated with an increased risk of cancer, primarily of the urinary bladder. Not only is saccharin associated with an increased risk of cancer, but artificial sweeteners of all kinds have been linked with increased rates of diabetes, obesity, intestinal dysbiosis along with an acceleration of atherosclerosis and aging.

During World War 2, Monsanto contributed to research for the Manhattan project, which would eventually lead to the creation of the atomic bombs that were used to murder thousands of innocent peoplein Japan. An occult pyramid now marks the spot where the first-ever atomic bomb was detonated (alchemically code-named “Trinity”). The site is located in New Mexico, on the 33rd degree North latitude.

During the 1940s, Monsanto became one of the leading manufacturers of polystyrene – a synthetic, non-biodegradable plastic whose production generates massive amounts of hazardous waste. Moreover, styrene has been linked to adverse health effects in humans, including cancer – the styrene molecule is metabolized to styrene oxide, a highly reactive (and toxic) epoxide that can interact with DNA, causing harmful mutations.

Monsanto was also known for producing DDT, a highly toxic insecticide that played a serious role in the 20th-century polio epidemics. Despite years of Monsanto propaganda, insisting that DDT was perfectly safe, by 1972 the research indicating its toxicity had mounted to the point that it was banned throughout the US. But this did not dissuade Monsanto from its goal of poisoning the world, for, in the 1960s, they became one of the principal producers of Agent Orange, a herbicide used for chemical warfare during the Vietnam war.

During the 10-year aerial bombardment that saw gallons of Age Orange rain from the Vietnamese skies, millions of innocent people were seriously poisoned, resulting in deaths, disabilities, birth defects, and widespread, irreversible environmental destruction. Spina bifida, cerebral palsy, missing or deformed limbs and intellectual disabilities are some of the serious birth defects caused by Agent Orange that are still affecting Vietnamese children today. Agent Orange is also responsible for killing an estimated 300,000 US veterans.

These days, most people know Monsanto as the producer of glyphosate (the active ingredient in “Roundup”, a highly toxic herbicide promoted heavily around the world). Glyphosate has been implicated in the rise of food allergies, including “celiac disease”, a severe intolerance to gluten causing skin rashes, gut dysbiosis, nausea, diarrhea, and depression. Unsurprisingly, there have been virtually no studies conducted in the US (the largest consumer of GMO frankenfoods, people in the US eat their bodyweight in GMOs each year) to assess glyphosate levels in human blood or urine. However, a large study in Europe found quantifiable levels of glyphosate in the urine of nearly half of the participants, all of which were city dwellers who could only have been exposed to glyphosate through food consumption.

The merger of Bayer and Monsanto came alongside the merger of Dow Chemical and Dupont, as well as Syngenta and ChemChina. These mergers placed the vast majority of the global agriculture industry in the hands of just three corporations. Through these various mergers and acquisitions, the biotech industry has become a modern-day IG Farben – functioning as a singular global chemical-military-industrial complex, the real owners of which are the investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock.

“The mergers are more like musical chairs, organised by the real owners, investment funds like Vanguard, Blackrock, Capital Group, Fidelity, State Street Global Advisors, Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), and others. This game of musical chairs has two objectives—to expand markets and shrink liability.”

Dr. Vandana Shiva, Oneness vs the 1%, 2017.

Three-fourths of the world’s GMO seeds come from Monsanto labs, many of which are blown over onto the land of unsuspecting farmers who are then sued and forced to surrender their produce. In India, an estimated 125,000 farmers committed suicide as a result of Monsanto’s decision to use India as a testing ground for their GMO seeds. Monsanto extracts royalties for its seeds and the high cost of the seed and chemicals push farmers into a debt trap. As farmers fall deeper into debt, the wealth of Monsanto grows.

It is the hubris of the mechanical mind to think that engineering a toxic gene into a plant gives one the right to claim ownership of it. But there is a deeper occult significance the control over our seed. The seed itself is the primary unit of life within the “vegetable” world, it is the starting point of the natural food cycle. It also represents the dormant potential lying within each living being. As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed.” Thus control over the world’s supply of seed represents control over life and the domination of nature – the implicit goal of the transhumanist agenda.

Previously it was mentioned that Rockefeller’s Standard Oil had connections to IG Farben. As with the rise of pharmaceutical medicine, the role of the Rockefellers in the rise of chemical farming and GMOs is not to be understated, for they were instrumental in the promotion of new agricultural technologies that resulted in the current disaster we find ourselves in.

During the early days of World War 2, the Rockefeller Foundation funded a secret policy group named the War and Peace Study Group of the New York Council on Foreign Relations. The purpose of this group was to shape the US post-war economy in order for it to replace the British Empire as the new global superpower[2].

It was within this context that John D. Rockefeller III was pursuing his eugenics agenda through the American Eugenics Society as well as his Population Council. At the same time, his brother Nelson was seeking new methods to increase world wide food production. One of the post-war goals of the War and Peace Study Group was for the US to dominate global agritech and food production. This led to the infamous “green revolution” promoted in developing countries in South America, India and parts of Asia. One of the results of this increased agricultural efficiency was the mass exodus of peasants from the farmlands to the city slums where they were used as cheap labour by various US multinational companies[3].

The satanocracy’s propensity for experimenting on more “primitive” communities (usually those of colour, living in the third world) represents the occult contempt for the “lower” orders of society. Nowhere is this contempt more obvious than in the “philanthropy” of Bill Gates who, in 2019, unleashed genetically modified mosquitos in Burkina Faso under the fallacious pretext of “fighting malaria”, or the horrendous pharmaceutical experiments performed under the watch of the equally psychopathic Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It was in 1941 when Nelson Rockefeller and then US vice president, Henry Wallace sent a group to Mexico to meet with the Mexican government regarding the possibility of increasing food production. Henry Wallace was a high-ranking Freemason who convinced fellow Freemason, President Franklin D. Roosevelt to place the occult symbol of the uncapped pyramid and the eye of Horus on the US one dollar bill[4].

The Rockefeller take over of global agriculture involved the promotion and spreading of genetically modified crops around the world. But in order for their GMOs to catch on, the Rockefellers would need to manipulate the perceptions of scientists engaged in genetic and environmental research. They did this by deploying US university professors to select Asian universities to train a new generation of scientists. The best of these graduates would then be sent to the US to pursue a doctorate in agricultural sciences, ensuring they were wholly indoctrinated into the Rockefeller outlook on agriculture and food production[5].

Thus, the Rockefellers constructed a global network of scientists and experts ready to play their part as ambassadors of this new agricultural paradigm. This had the result of “socially engineering” a scientific culture that promoted the use of genetically modified crops and new agriculture technologies. The Rockefellers went on to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into genetic research that would further the development of GMO crops and increase their uptake around the world. Thanks to patent law, this transformed the humble farmer into a captured slave, indebted to big agribusiness conglomerates.

A similar tactic has been used in Africa where the Gates-funded Cornell Alliance for Science (CAS) trained 112 African scientists to fight for GMOs and corporate involvement in farming. The CAS is linked to the Open Forum on Agriculture Biotechnology (OFAB) which in turn is an offshoot of the African Agriculture Technology Foundation (AATF), an organization founded by the Rockefellers.

In 1986, US Vice President Herbert Bush hosted a “special White House strategy meeting”, inviting executives from Monsanto to discuss plans relating to the deregulation of the agritech industry. This meeting resulted in the adoption of “substantial equivalence” – the erroneous notion that agronomy (traditional methods of animal/plant breeding) was “substantially equivalent” to genetic modification – thereby evading the increasing pressure from scientists calling for more rigorous testing of GMO crops[5].

This is an example of the classic occultic inversion at work as agribusiness claims that genetically modified crops are the same as the natural form, but continues to patent their concoctions, suggesting they are not so similar after all.

Thanks to the Rockefellers, the US people are now the largest consumers of GMO foods. In fact, the research literature clearly indicates that large populations around the world have been forced to consume GMO toxins despite a complete lack of any reliable safety data, and overwhelming evidence to suggest that such toxins cause biological harm[6].

Unsurprisingly, the Rockefeller/Gates-funded health organizations, such as the WHO and the American Medical Association (AMA), which claims to “promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health” have been utterly complicit in allowing this global experiment to take place[7].

Just as the Mayans would fertilize their grains with the blood of human sacrifice, we, too, feast on food containing corporate poisons, tainted with the energetic traces of ritual murder.

Animal studies have demonstrated that exposure to GMO toxins causes an increase in inflammatory cytokines associated with nearly all human diseases. If these changes also occur in humans then this would go some way towards explaining the massive increase in autoimmunity, autism, and other chronic and allergic diseases[8]. Another obvious cause is vaccination.


“In the vaccine drama, there are three kinds of actors: 1. Vaccine Believers, 2. the Vaccine Informed, 3. and Vaccine Sociopaths.”

Brett Wilcox, Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment, and Government Stick It to You and Your Family, 2018.

“Almost all the problems of medicinal chemistry would become more amenable if we had even an inkling of the reactions of any drug with body chemicals…”

Professor Alfred Burger, Medicinal Chemistry (2nd ed.).

Though claimed to be the pinnacle of modern medicine, vaccination is merely the dressed up version of inoculation, the ancient and barbaric practice of introducing diseased matter into the bloodstream of a healthy individual, done under the superstitious notion that it would somehow protect against future disease. And here the occult influence rears its head once again for it was the high-ranking Freemason, Edward Jenner who brought the practice into mainstream medical tradition (though he certainly did not “invent” it, as many people falsely believe). In fact, the earliest practice of inoculation can be traced to the “savage” tribes of ancient India and China. We’ve swapped pustules for vials and witch doctors for white coats, but the procedure remains the same, one founded on misguided beliefs about the body and disease.

A baby is barely extricated from the womb before it is subject to a ritual of bodily capture. On the day of birth, infants receive a genetically modified vaccine claimed to protect against a disease primarily caused by drug abuse, alcoholism, and iatrogenesis (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs). This occult initiation rite sets the infant on a path of bodily alteration, that, if survived, will render it a proud member of a sickly, pill-popping society ravaged by chronic illness (yet brainwashed to believe they are the healthiest in history).

Within the first 15 months of its life, an infant receives up to 25 injections, all of which are claimed to be beneficial, safe and necessary for the health and wellbeing of the child. By the time a child reaches 18 years of age, they will have endured over 60 separate injections, for a raft of “diseases” erroneously demonized by the conditioned medical establishment.

Take the MMR vaccine for example, which has been administered for decades, yet never proven to be less harmful than measles itself, a “disease” that parents have been brainwashed to perceive as a “deadly” plague. Yet, before the MMR vaccine, nearly every child contracted measles and accrued lifetime immunity by age 15. In fact, the overwhelming majority of measles deaths are caused not by lack of vaccination, but by vitamin A deficiency, yet this important fact is conveniently ignored. Furthermore, children who suffer from measles are less likely to suffer from certain chronic diseases later in life, including allergies, asthma, eczema, and Hodgkin’s lymphomas. Indeed, in certain cases, a bout of measles has been shown to cure autoimmunity out right!

Most vaccinations contain toxic “adjuvants” that can result in death, misclassified as “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS). Here we see the occultic sleight of hand once again (claiming “death” to be a “syndrome” is the epitome of absurdity and yet it is an accepted medical “condition”). VEARS data from 1990-2019 shows that, of all reported “SIDS” cases, 75% occurred within 7 days of vaccination.

And if the vaccines don’t get the job done, it will be the fluoride, or the asbestos lurking in the baby powder or some other toxic crap that is covertly fed to our precious young and then covered up by soulless PR companies who receive millions from Big Pharma to sell an image of benevolence to the ignorant public.

But Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), AKA death by vaccination, accounts for a small percentage of the millions of infants that are sacrificed each year. The rest (40-50 million to be exact) can be attributed to the abortion culture engineered, in part, by the Rockefeller-led American eugenics establishment and their “Birth Defects Prevention Centers”, which advocated for the “therapeutic” abortion of “defective” babies.

The mental disorder known as “autism” has become a serious epidemic with cases rising from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 54 in 2016 (estimates indicate that it has now risen to 1 in 34). Perhaps it is a mere coincidence that, as the childhood vaccination schedule grows, so do autism rates and other new “disorders” such as ADHD. The causes of these modern-day ailments are claimed to be “unknown” and treatment includes the use of psychiatric drugs that alter brain chemistry.

Indeed, millions of children worldwide are prescribed these psychotropic drugs, which are thought to be so dangerous that the medicine regulatory agencies in Europe, Australia and the US have issued warnings that many of them may cause violent behaviour and suicide in young children. In 2004, the FDA decided to place a “black-box” label on antidepressant drugs warning that they can cause suicide in adolescents[9].

When depression results from brain inflammation caused by toxins found in pharmaceutical drugs (like Ritalin), vaccines and processed foods, it’s great God science to the rescue. But instead of addressing the root cause of the issue, He presents us with brain implants and addictive medications that deaden emotion and numb the intellect.

Many vaccinations use aborted fetal cells during the development process. HEK-23 is the cell line most commonly used in medical research, and the evidence suggests that it was not obtained under ethical means. Some experts estimate that over 100 unborn babies were dissected in order to produce HEK-23.

At the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Dr. Ian Donald witnessed“experiments being performed on near-term alive aborted babies…who were not even afforded the mercy of anesthetic, [who] writhed and cried in agony, and when their usefulness had expired, they were executed and discarded as garbage”.

Modern-day medical researchers take part in the occult practice of child sacrifice but do it under the name of the one, true God – “science”. Aborted fetuses are routinely burned for heat or electricity worldwide, a practice that mirrors the ancient Semitic “sacrifice through fire” of the first-born, thought to ensure the good graces of Moloch, the sun god.

The “scientific method” breaks down when it encounters evidence that falls outside what “science” has deemed to be true. The data are then misrepresented, ridiculed or ignored. The scientific consensus is steered by research funded and promoted by corporations with vested interests and little regard for human wellbeing. Industry shills and soulless academics defend their oppressors while dancing to the tune of elite mind-control, relayed through textbooks, research grants, “consulting” fees, TV shows, news and current events.

“Scientists” and academics make excellent hypnotic subjects. Having been told for years that they are the smartest of the smart and, thus, led to believe that they are the crown of creation, they gleefully regurgitate the tenets of Big Pharma medicine (“vaccines are safe and effective”) while vehemently denying the existence of the puppet strings hanging from their shoulders. The arrogant class of the “highly-educated” think they know everything, and whatever they have left to learn, they believe their fellow “experts” will one day teach them.

“Cell physiology is taught in a standard medical curriculum. But that cell physiology taught is not a science, it is only a theory, called the membrane-pump theory. A theory, of course, is just an idea which may explain a natural phenomenon and it may not. To achieve the status of science, the theory must be extensively tested and proven valid. It is here that the problem lies. The membrane-pump theory has not passed those tests.”[10]

Gilbert Ling, PhD, Why Science Cannot Cure Cancer and AIDS without Your Help.

“The most paradoxical aspect of scientific research is that it is widely believed to be objective, but that intellectual integrity, which is its highest resolve, is subjective.”

Harold Hillman, Cell Biology is Currently in Dire Straits, 2011.


From our above investigation, we can conclude that the genetically modified food, the genetic vaccines, the “metaverse”, and the Covid-19 PsyOp all constitute pieces in an alchemical puzzle that when put together, reveals an image of Man in the throes of a transformation from a base metal (base consciousness) state into something all together unfathomable.

It has never been more important for us to plant our feet firmly on the Earth, draw energy up from the living soil and re-establish our connection with the natural world. As we cultivate a new organ of perception, one that allows us to perceive the spectre-like web of occult influence woven around us and its pervasive influence on modern society, we’re finally able to face up to our oppressors, dissolve the darkness, and set forth on a journey of healing and reparation. When we do this, the bonds of fear, hatred and division fall away like dry leaves in the Autumn wind.


[1] Farrell, P., J., The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology, 2006.

It was the infamous secret society named the Thule Gesellschaft (Thule Society) that actually helped to bring the Nazi Party into existence. According to Jan Van Hilsing, it was here that “scientific magic, astrology, occultism and Templar knowledge as well as ‘Golden Dawn’ practices like Tantra, Yoga and Eastern meditation” were all combined.

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“…Dr. Joseph L. Biederman, chief of pediatric psychopharmacology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital whose extensive financial ties to Johnson & Johnson are documented in J & J internal documents… established a children’s center conducting dubious psychoactive drug experiments on young children, promoting the use of psychiatry’s most toxic drugs, the antipsychotics, for young children as young as two, without regard for their welfare […] Thanks largely to him, children as young as two years old are now being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs, many of which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose.”

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Gilbert Ling was a Chinese-born, American cell physiologist who disproved the sodium-pump hypothesis, the central dogma of modern-day cell biology. His work was attacked and ignored. Today, the incorrect sodium-pump model is still taught to all undergraduate students of medicine and biology. http://gilbertling.org/pdf/Debunking.pdf.


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