The Domestication of Homo Sapiens


by Nowick Gray



i – Trash Talk


Where do you get your wisdom, your knowledge? How do you know your truth?
Is it from news shows or magazines, podcasts or blogs, social media or your own favorite feed?

The local hangout is closed now, so you’re free to burrow into almost any dark alley of investigative curiosity; or to tune out the world noise and chat with a friend… if you can tell who your friends are anymore, behind their masks.
Alone with your own thoughts, what is left?






ii – Talk to a Tree


They withstand rumors of the above, until the humans come to cut. Until then, it’s centuries upon centuries, watching the tent cities and caravans come and go. Tractors and car races, floods and hurricanes, droughts and dances, picnics and famines. They stand through all they can.

Now few are left, to offer us their view on our progression from apes in their branches to dominion over every living thing.

If you can find one, a tree still standing tall near where you live, can you find ten minutes to sit under it, flush on the ground with your back to the trunk, and ask what it might have to say?

You don’t have to give it a name or gender. In fact, please don’t; that would only humanize it. Yet, I still want to hear your translation, to see if my tree agrees. (Hint: it doesn’t give a hoot about “politics.”)


iii – Pyramid Power


Jesus didn’t say, “Consider the pyramids…”—those indestructible monuments to slave labor.

Is that when it all began? The chains of imposed history, from raiding parties to spoils of war, serfdom and indenture, sweatshops and unpayable debt…

One theory puts interplanetary overlords in charge of an ancient gold mining operation in Africa. Who am I to know the truth of that episode? But though the cast may undergo continual change, the show goes on, season after season.

Here’s the latest twist: voluntary zombiefication.

The road to 2030. It’s the paradise humans have always strived to create on earth: complete humanization. Self-referential is all that’s left for these unsouled creatures, since Nature is thoroughly denatured, domesticated under global auspices, with inventorial decrees for every fish, every tree. The human servants of this vast enterprise have willingly taken the chip, the jab, the juice, the update, the whole ball of wax, because, like, who the fuck wants to weed carrots?

‘Specially when carrots that taste like chicken can come out of a 3D-printer.
If humanization is domestication, then what goes around comes around, and we will be no longer wild, or free.

Is that tree still standing? Can we switch off our nano-antenna long enough to hack into—pardon me, to eavesdrop on the murmuring of that sacred being entrusted with wisdom direct from the mother into our knowing, while we still have conscience intact, and fellow feeling, and an empathetic beating heart, and a sense like the tree of what is real and true and knowable—what can be relied upon to nourish us in body and spirit; what takes no notice of our humble state, if we can but grasp that conundrum? Can we hear the tale of tree slavery, mass murders and poisonings, burnings and pillaging, and offer some poor apology for that abuse… and gratitude for the revelation that what we’ve done to them we’ve done to ourselves, until with ourselves too there is little left standing, precious little that is wild and free?

And then we must ask ourselves honestly, are we ready to give it all up now, what little is left, giving up all pretense of saving nature, sacrificing the last remnant of it for a state of final and complete domestication?

Is it all right in the end—for our own good and by our own choice? Or is there some agency that benefits from domesticating us, under the brilliant, almost moral guise of persuading—no, inviting us to self-domesticate?

All these questions, static in the waves of societal harmony. Residual perturbations of the input codes.

Everything will be easier when I modulate their resonance, mute the echo, delete the source. I just know it, my antenna tells me so. My bots will scurry in the night to rectify, I promissssssssssssss.

Goodbye—my signal sezzzzzzz I need to sleep nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.




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