The Experience of Transcendence



“Life is the lie we delude ourselves with to evade our soul.”



A Vision of Transcendence


We are eternal beings.  Yet, we rarely embody our existence as a soul, or as an expression of the universe.  Beyond our body and mind is our heart center, a torus of universality resonating omnidimensional energy.  It synergizes with our intuition, our soul and the universe.  Our soul and the universe are one.  We chose to be born into this three-dimensional paradigm for the purpose of intimating and relating with our soul as a human being.  Becoming its fulfilled expression is our common destiny.  We all have the opportunity for universality.  However, transcendence is often feigned as a spiritual fantasy.


Dream a Little Dream


In the phases of our maturity, well before we establish our universal acuity for awareness, consciousness, experience, expression, transformation and transcendence, we are institutionalized with amusement, education, ideology, heredity, politics, religion and science.  In adulthood, our exodus from our soul is complete.  We get a degree, a job, a spouse, kids, houses and cars; then we socialize, work, vacation, retire, age and die. Inevitably, we lay on our death bed regretting all the things we have not achieved.  This is the vicious cycle of humanity.  Being a victim of social reality instead of an expression of universality.



Humanity Knows Best


We believe we know what is best for us.  Yet, our intentions are focused more on our comfortability and convenience rather than our evolution and fulfillment.  We are always endorsing our limitations to ourselves and others, instead of crossing the self-imposed boundaries of our fear, indifference, insecurity and self-righteousness.  We execute our ordinary lifestyles with apathy, dread and obligation; thus, invoking our existence with the gravity of our controlled, selective reality.  We live our fixed way of life with entitled defiance, proliferating our suffering like a badge of honor to anyone who will enable the vanity of our agony.


The Reality of Artificiality


Social reality is not excruciating to endure.  It is our individual interpretation of and relativity with its “realism” that provokes our deepest fears.  We are programmed, via our institutionalization, to adopt and enact filters of perception, based on external opinion, which establishes our personal deception.  We do not trust ourselves. Therefore, we do not trust others, our soul or the universe.  Many “profess” to be spiritual, yet few choose to fulfill their unique destiny as the embodiment of its expression.  The true watermark of this is how we empower ourselves with our soul, thus transforming our environment.  The reality in which we exist is an elaborate virtuality of artificiality.



“We are automatons in a projected simulation.”


The Slavery of Social Reality


The universal energy empowering us to evolve, transform and transcend is always leaving us.  We constantly sacrifice our universality when the focus of our attention is engaged in external circumstances and environments beyond our control.  Eventually, it becomes a daily ritual to surrender our personal power to others because we have adopted an erroneous understanding that personal accountability, integrity and vulnerability are equivalent to death.  The lie we live is not one imposed on us by authoritarian sociopaths, it is of our own device.  Only we have the power to sentence ourselves to enslavement in social reality.


The Social Vortex


Social reality is a simulation, a holographic film projected onto a three-dimensional screen.  Most of us are seated in the audience, watching the action, comedy, drama, horror, narratives, politics, opinions, science fiction and war transpire like a weekly documentary.  Often, we walk away from it as empty as the engineered storylines provoking our emotionality.  Then, we debate each other to prove our intelligence, priding ourselves on our proficiency in banter and banality.  We transmute ourselves from omnidimensional souls into social vortices, stealing artificial power from each other to bolster our selective oblivion with our egocentric vanity.



Reclamation Project


We all sacrifice our souls upon the social altars of accumulation, amusement, apathy, conflict, conformity, consumption, excess, ideology, materiality, oblivion, security, success and vanity.  We all acquiesce our personal power to authoritarian entities and organizations because we fail to evolve, transform and transcend.  Our engagement in our environment is our enslavement.  For most, our dependence on society is near absolute, tethering us to the vicious cycles of our individual oblivion.  Withdrawing our engagement from the projection of reality is essential in reclaiming our relativity with our soul and the universe.


An Age of Awakening


We all get lost in the expectations and possibilities of how our awakening may evolve.  Universality transcends the triviality of our virtuality.  Each person has their own unique experience and expression with their soul.  The articles I have written on this topic have been intentionally obscure and vague. I do not know or understand what your awakening will be.  This is something we all need to establish for ourselves.  I have expressed clever ways to empower creativity, consciousness, evolution, transformation, transcendence and universality.  Yet, as the last quote in the previous article declared, “WAKE UP!”




The Stand for Consciousness


Information is not consciousness.  Neither is life.  They are finite statistics that confirm or deny our human existence.  Consciousness is a profoundly intimate experience, empowered by our expression of being.  It flows through us as universality, creating our unique, energetic resonance.  Much as perception and truth, no two souls are the same.  When we are influenced and impacted by the malevolent imposition of social reality, we will never become an expression of universality.  In this hostile paradigm of endless toxicity, our stand for personal transcendence empowers our universal experience.


The Experience of Transcendence


We are not even present to reality, let alone our truth.  We exist within a fantasy, engineered to segregate us from our soul.  Our engagement in social reality severs our relativity with the universe.  Universality is the omnidimensional energy our soul conveys to empower our transcendence.  Our intuition receives and conducts it through the centers of our being, into the energetic torus of our heart.  The mind and body are merely instruments to express universality as our unique way of being.  When we align, balance and center within, this equilibrium creates the energetic resonance essential to experience transcendence.


“Transcendence is the pathway to universality.”