The Four Horseman – A Mystical View



Apocalypse: Conquest…War…Famine…Death


Origin Old English apocalipsin, via Old French and ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal’, from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover’.

The jig is up, guys. The masks are falling off. The final cards are being played on the game board we call life. On every continent, the seeds of fear, tribulation and retribution are being sown by the black end-time religions. We are told that the trumpets of revelation are being blown, and the four horseman of the apocalypse are riding out upon the earth to pass god’s judgement on a sinful world.


The Book of Revelations paints a brutal picture of conquest, war, famine and death as if it is something new!  It Is Not!


The four horseman are always present in the matrix of duality.


Part of a dualistic matrix


“All things in the world are two. In our minds we are two-good and evil. With our eyes we see two things- things that are fair and things that are ugly…We have the right hand that strikes and makes for evil, and the left hand full of kindness, near the heart. One foot may lead us to an evil way, the other foot may lead us to a good. So are all things two, all two.” Eagle Chief, Pawnee.


At any time, somewhere in the world there is war, there is conquest, there is famine, there is disease and death….just as there is peace, health, abundance and unity. All these aspects are fundamentals of duality. Dualism demands that there will be war and peace, abundance and scarcity, life and death. People talk of a world without hunger, war, disease etc, but it is a pipe dream, an impossibility in a dualistic reality.


Desire by any other name


In the machine mind of the matrix, one polarity always tries to dominate another. Someone always wants to be top dog, be alpha and in control, free to abuse, conquer and kill and take. Is this not the way of the world? The programme that runs the hive mind of humanity?


Metaphysically speaking


The word “Apocalypse” is not found anywhere in the bible. It is a Greek word meaning revelation….what is hidden will be revealed. It does not mean horror or violence of any kind. In fact metaphysically speaking it is the contrary.


If we can look at the four riders in the light of dualism, cause and effect, and energetically connect with ‘the time at hand,’ the Shift of Ages, the four riders of the apocalypse are indeed a revelation, a spiritual revelation about Self. While the terrified religious mind is battening down the hatches… waiting for the end, we are being allowed to see another view.




There are four horseman, four winds, four different colours of man on the planet, four quarters of the earth, and our four fold nature: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The Pythagoreans believed the number four, the Tetrad, was a perfect number. They taught that the Tetrad symbolized God and physical manifestation. The four horseman are symbolic of man’s spiritual battle against his animal nature.


The Red Horse of the Apocalypse


Red is the emotional nature. If the Red horse leads then we are at war with ourselves and there are emotional issues to deal with.


The Black Horse of the Apocalypse


The balances or scales = the principal of mind which evaluates. If the black horse leads our intellect is in control.


The Pale Horse of the Apocalypse


It is the body that dies first. Everything that’s physical dies. Our physical desires stop us from experiencing spirit. If the pale horse is in the lead we are separated from God because we are consumed by our physical existence.


The White Horse of the Apocalypse


White light is whole. It is not split. If the white horse of spirit, meditation and awareness leads then we are going to conquer the other three. Our decisions should be based on the power of the white horse of spirit and love, not reasoned with the intellect or coloured with emotion or fear of death.


Multi dimensional consciousness


“At this point, we can no longer speak of space or time, or even of manifest reality… We are in the realm of ‘The Unified Field’… I am one with all that is in the timeless domain of infinite complexity but utter simplicity.” Mary Schmitt


Many of us are feeling the quickening of the spirit, an energetic restlessness and expectation…an expansion of consciousness, a regeneration of intuition and imagination that reaches beyond the limitations of sense bound thinking. The teaching of the One Life and compassion for all beings implies that our real Self is one with the All…there is no separation, no duality. If we wish to transcend  separation, we must turn inwards and envision that we are a flower, a tree, a bird or another human spirit. To imagine and feel our way  deeply into all life. This is the goal and the way to serenity in the midst of chaos.


The understanding that there is only One Life and everything that exists partakes of it, is revolutionary in itself. Re-connection to the All is the spiritual goal of all seekers and is the way of the warrior priest.


Tests and more tests


Many of us have lived with major changes in our lives. It seems we have been undergoing training in preparation for times of greater stress. And some of us have developed a spiritual world view that will help us live through change and avoid any “Future Shock’. And, as we step out of intellectual materialism, let go of old thought forms, we can open ourselves up to the elemental, spiritual side of our life, the faerie worlds that have been ridiculed by sterile intellectualism, demonised  by control religions and buried in the trash can of civilisation. It is time we learn to work with and not against the unseen forces that flow through and around us.


So, let us listen to the inner voice of our intuition, and let awareness become our guide, our Ariadne’s thread that will lead us safely through the maze of Maya.


Much love to you.


Until next time. Stay in love with your life.


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Written by ethompson

Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia, and Book Three: Walking In Three Worlds. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @ amazon.com/author/heartstar




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