The Golden Opportunity on the Human Journey We Often Miss Out

By Jan Kasparec

October 28th 2019, Bahia, Puerto Rico

I am writing these lines listening to the sounds of tropical night in Puerto Rico, roaring break of the ocean completing the cacophony of insects and birds in the background. I arrived yesterday to spend 4 days of reflection, physical and mental training at my friend’s beach villa outside of San Juan. This is my alone time and my healing time. And I am incredibly grateful for it.

But before I tell you more about that, let me drop one last reminder of my November 8th show. Around 150 people already confirmed attendance so we’re gearing up to a lovely evening with lots of art that I will be showing for the first time and two original paintings that I will be giving to charity raffle. Details at the Facebook event page. Also the day before my show I will speak at Hacking Success an Artist’s Way in Yaletown –link to tickets and event infoLet me know if you are coming and I’ll provide you a 50% discount code!


Golden path traveler’s view, Puerto Rico.Golden path traveler’s view, Puerto Rico.

Last time I told you a lot about unconscious pain that we carry in us since childhood and the way it shapes our reality until we find enough determination, courage and finally clarity, to see it, face it, embrace and transcend it.

Since I stepped on the Golden Path (which is a tri-fold path of Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence and Pearl Sequence, find more about Golden Path here) and became a humble student of Gene Keys, I realized the surprising truth that escapes many of us (or is undiscovered until later in our lives): our suffering is a direct pathway to Grace. It is a blessing in disguise (if used consciously).

This might sound like not much, but it is a total game changer in the entire life experience. And particularly in our relationships.

We all suffer in one way or another, because we are not enlightened beings (at least temporarily not) so we react to the pain which is inevitable in this dense Earth realm, and make a story around it, which creates beliefs and subsequent drama and suffering. In reality pain is just uncomfortable energy passing through our system and our resistance to it determines how much of it will be stored in our subconscious mind and come to surface later, anytime when similar situation triggers it. That is not a mistake or downfall. It is part of the beauty of being human and learning how to walk with heart always open (remembering what our highest self already knows).

For me, the fundamental choice we have is how we react to our suffering rather than undertaking the same mission impossible which we are taught at a very young age = trying to shape our lives around the multitude of sensitive triggers that bring the pain back.

There is always going to be replacement for that “co-worker you can’t just stand”, that “boss who is so unfair” or that “traffic which just moves too slow”.  As far as you have a stored pain in you, the situation is just a trigger for activating it and experiencing it over and over again. New situations will come to remind you of what you need to address, not run from.   A true seeker always focuses on the inner state, not on the person or situation that “caused it”


The above study of “Lion at sunset” (available) is the only painting I was able to complete last week. Bigger projects are on the way, but they will take time. My heart is going through yet another mold of rebirth (remembering, healing) and this reflects to my work (and into everything else). I learned a long time ago that the only way is keeping my artistic expression the most authentic possible. I can’t paint what is not 100% aligned with my inner truth anymore. That sometimes means starting over projects that I have already spent weeks on. Such is the way of Surrender.

We can hardly change the outside world, we can only change our reactions to it. And miraculously, when we focus inside and take ownership of our inner turmoil, trust it and lean into it fully, we get a first real chance of transcending it altogether and release that trapped energy loop from our system. Suddenly, the outside world does seem to change, because the perception filter which was tainted by the pain was removed and so the our object of dislike changes with it.

Oh how many times have I come to love the people I used to dislike! What a generous gift to the world to tread the path of self-healing…

So for me, there is really only one choice as suffering is concerned: how am I going to react to it? As a victim or as a keen student/listener?

Way too often we automatically assume the stance of a victim, without even realizing it. But are we really ever victims of anything? Or are we just being shown a mirror?

Suffering is not happening to us as a punishment, it is simply a suppressed old pain asking for our attention, in order to be released. It is like a moth bouncing over and over again against the light bulb. It has no interest in self-destruction, it has all the interest in the light. And light is all there is on the other side of pain.

“Window to Paradise. Me and You”, oil on 72×60″ canvas, available. My representation of the divine gift of relationships, and their true meaning in our life, which is always to help us on journey back home, to our true self.

To say it in the words of Richard Rudd himself (quoting from his book Venus Sequence): “…this wisdom points your awareness right at the heart of the issue – namely, our desire to escape the pain. This very human trait of wanting to flee the pain is totally understandable. At a purely physical level, it is indeed a defense reflex inside us. However, there are deeper reasons for our pain than we usually realize. Few people have discovered the true secret of suffering – that is is a doorway to Grace. Our pain is always trying to tell us something important, and if we can summon the courage to lean into the pain and listen to its message, then we will always discover its hidden gift. Every shadow contains a gift… “

Suffering is here to remind us where we strayed from out truth and lead us to the other side of it, which is infinite love. Mind can never take us to the other side, in fact it keeps us away from it. It creates stories of blame, guilt, morality and victimhood. None of it is real. There is no fault in Universe, so how can there be something to blame or feel guilt for?

There is only temporary forgetting and lessons to be learned to remember something we already know, and coming back home which we never really left. We simply chose to forget for a while to taste this thick realm of seemingly “pre-determined” cause and effect (Newtonian model of reality), before we hack our way “through it” back to the Quantum model where we are causing the effect, as the sovereign, free, unlimited and immortal creators.

Me and my brother in August 1982. I was 3 years old, very innocent, yet already starting to seed pains in my unconscious mind that later became the story of my life. 

If my heart is broken, it is not because somebody betrayed me (even if they seemingly did), but because there was an attachment in me to that person and a particular belief/expectation about the way I should be treated. People are free to do whatever they want to do. It is our sole responsibility to take ownership of our emotions and our hearts, nobody can heal them for us if we don’t take full responsibility for ourselves, same as nobody can hurt us if we really heal.

Our hearts are instruments of infinite wisdom, love and power, nothing in this world can really break a human heart. We confuse our pain emotions with “heart” way too often anyways. All we can do is throw buckets of muddy conditioning on top of our hearts, and then believe that people in our lives are here in order to make us happy.What a childish (and rather selfish) view. People in our lives, and especially our intimate partners, are here to put a mirror in front of our ego (and soul) and so grant us an opportunity to grow faster, to remember faster. It is that or looking away from the sometimes painful truth, and choosing to play the victim instead, by blame and resentment.

As Mr. Rudd says again: …”When you embark upon this journey, you must cultivate exceptional patience. The more you are able to be patient, the quicker the process will seem to move. As you learn about the intricacies of your own emotional wounding, you are likely to come face to face with some harsh truths about yourself. You will therefore need to learn to be fiercely honest with yourself. It is also likely that you will go through difficult phases in which you may feel as though you are not getting anywhere, so you will also need a large dose of perseverance.

These three qualities of patience, honesty and perseverance will be vital allies for you. Above all however, you will need to learn the art of compassion – that elusive spring hidden in a secret glade somewhere deep inside your heart. Your compassion is paramount – the ability to parent yourself when wounded, to forgive yourself your perceived failures, and to look upon yourself with constant gentle wonder. “

“Stillness in motion”, oil on 72×48″ canvas, available


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Thank you for reading and being here,

Sending light for your journey within,


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