The Great Awakening


Are You Ready To Cross The Threshold

And Accept The Sacred Sacrifice?



By Bernhard Guenther



The process of Awakening, especially at the beginning – the “Initiation” – is not an experience of a “great enlightenment” with feelings of “oneness, love, and bliss.”


Yes, it may have aspects of a positive experience at first [for some], but ultimately, it is a Shamanic descent into the “underworld”, battling with demons within and without. It brings up everything that is not in alignment with Truth – anything within the seeker that stands in the way of realizing the true Self and embodying the Divine Force.


It is Law, and it is necessary; hence, as Sir Aurobindo said, metaphorically speaking: “None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell.”


In other words, a true impulse towards Awakening brings up EVERYTHING – our wounds, blindspots, traumas, shadow, and lower nature weaknesses, which we previously have suppressed, avoided or indulged in, justified, externalized and rationalized away – all of which the occult hostile forces target, feed of, tempt us with, and heighten for us to confront and transmute in the alchemical fire within – to help bring forth the psychic being (soul essence) within and to be reborn in one’s true Self.


Likewise, as our eyes and perceptions are cleansed through this initiation [and consecutive initiations] and ongoing internal work, facing the darkness within, we will see more and more evil in the world as the darkness is coming out of the shadows where it was lurking behind appearances.


Nothing is hidden anymore. All is revealed. Nothing can be unseen, and there is no turning back to the old self with all its conditioned desires and illusory separate independence from all that IS.


As Within, so Without, As Without, so Within.


It’s a widening on all levels. An Ascent and Decent at the same time. As Satprem noted: “The more Light the Seeker possesses, the more Darkness he uncovers.”


We then realize that nothing was hidden all along but that we were living in a dream world, dreaming to be awake.


This is the first step, symbolized in the film “The Matrix” when Neo first wakes up In the “real world,” unplugs his tubes, and sees fields of humans plugged into the Matrix in their dream state as the machines were “feeding off” of them, harvesting them for their energy/life force.


It’s a very accurate symbol of the state of consensus humanity and the sleeping masses.


Neo came face to face with what Gurdjieff called “the horror of the situation.” It is the first [necessary] shock for the seeker out of many more to come.


At the same time, the more we make the darkness conscious, expose and reveal ALL [within ourselves and without, in the world], and transmute it, the more Light and True Love we can access and anchor within ourselves and in the world – the more creative power, free will, and TRUE freedom we can access as well.


But this “Free Will” is not “our” own very limited egoic will anymore. It’s a higher level of Being in alignment with Divine Will – our higher/true Self, which acts as a transducer for Divine Will as the ego personality takes a backseat.


This is the call for the Sacred Sacrifice – as all esoteric traditions have conveyed in their own words. It means to give oneself to the Divine and surrender to your higher nature, which is the only state of Being that can transcend the Matrix and that the occult forces cannot touch – to be in this world but not of this world.


Once we tap into that infinite all-powerful Force in surrender to the Divine, we will have the most powerful effect on the world, guided by the Divine as his faithful servant through every battle and hardship in the ongoing work to spiritualize our Being and the World, transmuting Lead into Gold.


This is the Great Awakening we’re called to – the Great Adventure we’re currently embarking on, and many of us came here purposely to be part of it.


Right here. Right now.


But this journey is not a walk in the park. It’s a long journey. There are many traps, detours, pitfalls, and temptations steering the seeker away from his mission – nor is everyone ready for it until a future incarnation cycle when the soul is ripe enough to engage in the Great Work.


The inner call is the measure. Sincerity, integrity, surrender [to the Divine], and an unconditional sincere call and yearning for TRUTH, whatever it may turn out to be, are the Keys to the Kingdom of God [within]. The doors are shut to anyone else who does not pay with him/herself, for nothing is “free” in the entire universe.


Are you ready to cross the Threshold and accept the Sacrifice?


Bernhard Guenther





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