The Hard Knocks of Freedom

By Lorenzo




For me, some of the worst times have turned out to be my best times. It may have taken many years to see, even decades, but now when I look back on the ‘hard knocks of freedom’, it is with the fondness and gratitude of an experience that helped me grow up and grow strong.


My life is good now, even very good, and much of the magic has come from overcoming the stresses of what has not worked in the ways that, at the time, I wanted them to. In other words, even though my head was asking for a certain outcome, my heart would not allow my life to move further in directions which in the long run ‘lacked’ freedom from my life. Thus the ‘unhappy’ results, at the time transformed, eventually and with much personal study and hindsight, into a elixir of truth and helpful knowledge which I carry in my heart to this very day.


I am so grateful to know that my love has always been, and still is, smarter than my head which was so often in the past filled with fears. My body talks, my guts give advice, my thoughts say much, and it’s not always nice. But my sense of smell always knows, what’s attractive and what’s not. To this very moment I am still learning how to choose what’s best for me, for my personal desires to be free. We have many senses, even some undiscovered, best to put them all into play, I’ve found, for better results through life’s hard choices.



Perspective can come by looking at a challenge through these many lenses. Weighing the good and the bad, but especially defining for yourself what those ‘good’ and ‘bad’ points are. They are not the same for everyone, what’s soft for you could be sharp for me, and all of our lives may be seen as unique in their way. Only I can truly know what’s good for me. And, like all of us, I still make many so-called mistakes, in relation to wanting happy results and at times getting the very opposite. Happy to say I am still learning day by day how to do better.


In my opinion, we must all choose the correct paths for ourselves. And by accepting this responsibility in full, then well, Our Happy Destiny truly lays only in our very own hands.


This brings me back to how I always knew life should be. Free for allowing the dreams that are born in our imagination, to become life and for us to then live in them. In other words, we are all living in our own created dreams. All made by the choices and actions we decide to make real. No one is allowed to stop my free will from acting on my life., in fact, only I can do that.


I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, do no harm and be kind and always make sure you are looking after your heart. The best place to start…. Hard Knocks and ALL.


With much Love, and only my opinions, Lorenzo





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