The Higher Power is YOU!


By Patrick Herbert


Being told to look for something outside of yourself to save you is deception designed to make you give away your power and maintain you as a victim.

You have the power. You have all of the power. You have always had all of the power.

Never let anybody tell you otherwise.

Only you have the power to solve your troubles. Only you have the power to change your thinking. It has always been this way and it will always be this way.

Who has the power to be, or not be, offended? You do.

Who has the power to choose how you react to external catalyst? You do.

Who has the power to choose to think positively or negatively? You do.

Who has the power to embrace power or to be a victim? You do.

Who has the power to stop psychic/mental attacks by archons or other negative entities? You do!

Certainly, you can be inspired by others and their decisions; however, others can never decide for you.

You make the choices. You make the decisions. You are the boss. You have the power.

There are systems in this world that want to keep you a victim. These systems exploit victimhood for power and money. A church, for example, will tell you that you are a helpless victim that must delegate all of your authority over to an idol of some kind.

If anyone is paying attention, that is the same idol worship that some teachings from which these churches are derived say not to do. Yet, there it is.

Do you know who owns the rights to unconditional love and compassion? Certainly not some external force or deity – only you. You own the rights to unconditional love and compassion. Only you can practice unconditional love and compassion. Nobody else can do this for you.

Only you can save you. It begins with you making the decision that you want to be saved. Nobody else can do this for you.

A psychiatrist will tell you that you are helpless, and that only they can save you from your own thinking. There is simply no sustainable income for them if they actually heal you and fix the problem. They intend to keep you a victim to continue to make a profit off of you.

The message is the same: Follow, don’t lead. Surrender your authority and don’t think for yourself. Give away your power and be a victim. Be dependent, not self-sufficient.

It is your core beliefs that manifest into the reality you experience.

These beliefs belong to you, but they are not always from you. When we are born, everything and everybody is bombarding us with their own belief systems: from our parents and teachers, priests and doctors, all the way up to or our so-called “leaders”.

So, it is ultimately their beliefs that we end up manifesting into our own reality until we become aware of this fact and begin to think for ourselves.

They absolutely do not want you to think for yourself. Examine your own experience here on this plane of existence, and you will see this clearly.

If you believe you are a victim dependent on an institution of some kind to sustain or, potentially, save you, then you will always be a victim who is dependent on that institution. The institution then has total dominance over you and it is the will of the institution that is executed and reigns supreme, regardless of how it affects you individually.

This institution is anything from a government, a political party, a church, a school system, or other centralized forces imparting their will and desires on you, keeping you a dependent servant of the system.

They do not want critical thinking. They do not want empowerment. They want obedient system servants.

They do not want you to realize that the higher power is you, as then they can no longer dangle a higher power before you like a carrot on a stick.

The higher power is you, and this is the life changing revelation that only you can make. Nobody else can decide this for you.


Copyright – 2021