Time has no power over the spirit and will of man

October , 2021

The Fall, a story


David Bohm said there was an implicate and explicate order, with the explicate order being the distorted image that those mired in materialism witness of the implicate order, which is the raison d’être for existence. Mircea Eliade said basically the same thing except he called the explicate order the profane and the implicate the sacred. Much, most I dare say, of what we have written is of the sacred and henceforth all else will be. Heaven burns and the world burns with it.


Every story has a beginning and an ending. Everything in between is just a story. Once shamans made up stories how we got here and called them religion. Now academics make up different ones and call it science. They always got a story, and each one is different from the last. They just keep telling stories until they got no more left to tell. Let me tell you my story, it just may be the last. – Jack Heart 

The Fall

In a place before time began, the dark and formless void was pierced by a point of light. And from that light, in four directions, more light expanded, till each direction became conscious of itself. Each of the four lights had become separated from the original point, which was so much greater than the darkness. In the original point, they had existed in ecstatic bliss and wanted for nothing because they were a part of everything. Now, they were profoundly lonely, so they divided themselves and became male and female. In the time before Egypt, they were known as Ogdoads.

Intertwined in ever shifting colors and shapes, each male and female explored the other in an orgy fueled by boundless lust. Their ecstasy generated uncountable writhing forms, convulsing in pleasure, each one more erotically alluring than the last. All were perfect. To behold them, which none but their creators could, was to be overwhelmed with desire. Periodically the fornications of one or the other of the four pairs would reach their frenzied climax, and the original point of light from which they had come would seize them from the inside out and bath all that was near them in brilliant glowing bliss.

With each climatic crescendo of the four pairs lovemaking, the light would expand further into the void. The darkness fled before the approaching light in terror, nothing could stand before the great light. Soon, it would envelope the entire void and the darkness would exist no more. The forms generated by the four pairs all defined perfection itself but the most perfect of all came from Sophia and Lucifer. Compared to the forms produced by the others theirs were startlingly better and the great light shined brightest in them.

In her vanity Sophia became obsessed with her reflection in the forms she and Lucifer had produced. She became convinced that alone she could generate the purest form of the great light. Then all the glory of conquering the darkness would be hers and hers alone. She resolved to make love only to herself and when she did a flaming beacon appeared far off in the darkest reaches of the outer void.

Lucifer was incensed and the other two pairs that could see it fearful. Sophia, fascinated by the flaming light, continued in her erotic rapture and the flame grew brighter. It was coming at the great ball of light the four pairs had already produced with incredible speed. When it smashed into it all was shattered and hurled in every direction of the void.

Wherever there was not a remnant of the great light, the darkness swiftly filled it. In the center of the exploding light appeared the flaming light now by far the biggest thing in the void. From it issued a thundering voice that shook the void itself: “I Am Abraxas, and I am that I am” and thus did time begin.

In the many worlds created; fractals of the source, each one duplicating the scattered source with slight variation, dwelled the fallen eight ruled over by the tyrannical Abraxas. All together they were nine. They existed in perpetuity in a place called Sirius, and from there they emanated into all the worlds.

The worlds were all connected by portals or Lorentzian wormholes to the three-star system of Sirius. Periodically near a place now called Earth a dark star would appear and drag the nine through the black hole from whence it came back to Sirius. This ferry back to Sirius occurred at regular intervals every thousand years or so and there the nine and all their children could bask in the thermal radiation, light in a perfect black body spectrum, of the Black Sun.

Because it was all that was left of the original point of pure light that had appeared somewhere around what is now called Orion the black light had the power of rejuvenation. The return of the ferry back to Sirius was traditionally awaited in the Temple of the Dog in the shadow of what is now called Mount Yengo in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Sirius because it always follows closely behind Orion is called the Dog Star.

These were their days, and these were their nights. There was no sun as we know it today, nor was there a moon. A day was measured in thousands of years and the nights were longer. The nine would become synonymous with the nine worlds of the hyperboreans, a race of super beings the fallen Ogdoads created in the far north to be their equals.

The four gates of time had been sealed shut and there was no more need for a gatekeeper, so Abraxas took the name of Ialdabaoth, or child of the void. Anu was his title. The fallen Ogdoads stayed as far away from him as possible which was easy because he had created his own world called Saturn. There to amuse himself he would create beings and nurture them until they had built thriving civilizations, then he would smash their city’s down and kill the beings in the cruelest ways he could imagine. He had once eaten alive his own children as Sophia, now called Asherah, their mother looked on shrieking in horror.

The fallen Ogdoads emulated the Anu, and all created their own worlds, Asherah’s was called Venus and Lucifer now called Marduk called his world Mars. They would not speak to each other again until the end of time but always they remained bound by love.

The fallen Ogdoads interacted on earth where they divided time into days for the bright light of the sun and night for the darkness and the pale light of the moon. Earth would be neutral in the perpetual war for the void. They covered it with lush forests and jungles, competing to outdo each other in creating new flora and fauna. Unfortunately for the exotic plants and animals they created nothing lived very long on earth and by the Anu’s decree all they created must regularly consume each other for sustenance or die immediately.

Appalled by their Anu’s cruelty and lonely the Anunnaki, as the fallen Ogdoads referred to themselves, created the Hyperboreans at the furthest point north. Ialdabaoth seldom even came to earth and if he did it was only to kill things. He could kill all he wanted right in the Mesopotamian and Indus valleys.

The Hyperboreans were hermaphrodites, male and female at the same time, born complete, and spared having to quest for the other half of their soul as every human must do. They would live forever as long as they could renew themselves in the light of the Black Sun. They were gods in their own right and it was inevitable that they would assert themselves as such. There was the promethean rebellion and Marduk exterminated all of them that could not escape into the interdimensional cubby holes that riddled the earth in its northern and southern extremities. The fornications of Asherah had made Marduks heart the hardest thing in all the worlds and on Mars war was waged perpetually as a pleasure greater than lovemaking. Even Enlil, as Ialdabaoth had taken to calling himself, feared Marduk as the fiercest of the nine.

On earth, the three pairs still intact sired children which were called Nephilim. Asherah, who swore to never have children again with Enlil, experimented on creating forms that she would imbue with Zoe, which was the essence of her own soul. There were animals and even plants now that shared the soul of the Goddess. They were called Chaioth Ha Qadosh. There were races of beings that only she and the other eight could see; nymphs and sylphs, fairy’s, leprechauns, and Gnomes. For mischief, she created the Djinn who could take any form they wished.

Dearest to her heart were the Men and Women she created with the help of the others. They looked much like the Hyperboreans, a physical representation of the most beautiful of the forms she and Lucifer had generated, only lacking the burning light of Lucifer. So that the men and women would not grow arrogant and opinionated, as the Hyperboreans had, input from their pineal gland was blocked so that they could perceive only what they needed to survive and what threatened that survival. Spiritually they were unable to evolve to the height of the Djinn or Chaioth Ha Qadosh. They would be male and female just like the Fallen Ogdoads, separate like the day and the night.

They would live for thousands of years in their prime and for the ones who saw the light of the Black Sun much, much longer. Their capacity for problem solving was equal to the gods that made them. They were her children. In the Mesopotamian valley they called her Innana and Ishtar. In the Indus valley; she was called Anahita and Tara. In the South along the Nile they called her Isis and in the wild southern jungles Oloddumare. In the North they called her Freyja, but she had many other names on earth.

When the Nephilim saw the beauty of the woman they sired children with them. They taught the children writing, irrigation, farming and cosmetics to make women even more seductive. They taught them to use Magick to command the spirits, the Djinn of Asherah and even the fiery Shaitan of Marduk to build great cities and monuments of stone. They taught the human race how to govern by laws and above all to respect the fallen Ogdoads as the parents and overlords of both the Nephelium and the human race. They taught the human race to always make sacrifice to them, whether it be blood, deed, or ordeal.

Under the watchful eye of the Nephilim the earth became known as the Garden of Enlil but fortunately for the human race Enlil had not been to the earth in millions of days. He had been preoccupied wiping out the current occupants of Saturn with a plague that slowly and agonizingly dissolved them. He had given them a cure, but he made sure he had given it to the most greedy and stupid among them. He watched with glee as the cure was withheld until it was too late.


Eden Lost

Delighted with himself Enlil arrived on earth to boast a little southwest of the Mesopotamian valley in a place called Baalbek where he knew a great temple had been built for him. But unbeknownst to him Asherah had also instructed the Babylonians, master magicians who called her Ishtar, to build another temple with fifteen-hundred-ton stones in commemoration to the virility of Marduk. It was to be called the Temple of Solomon, or the Sun of Man because Marduk was now the brightest thing in the void. Asherah was making overtures to Marduk, and Enlil who considered her his whore even though she was his mother, went berserk…

As was customary among the Anunnaki, Enlil had taken human form for his visit to earth. Because the human form was the most aesthetically pleasing the Anunnaki always wore it on earth. Only they accessorized with whatever animal parts they deemed appropriate. Enlil had chosen deadly cobras for legs and the head of a rooster because the fighting cocks magnificent red comb acted as the crown of Anu. His torso was that of a mighty man and when he slammed his unyielding fist into the ground, the whole earth shook. Fifteen-hundred-ton stones cracked in the quarry. Many of the columns on the two great edifices collapsed bringing a cascade of stone down upon the Shaitan who had been working on it.

The fearsome demons fled in terror back down into the fiery bowels of the earth from whence they came, and the thundering voice of Abraxas issued forth from the sky on every corner of the earth. “I am Anu, lord of the Anunnaki and I have no equal among them.” With the swiftness of thought he scoured the earth and saw all the humans and their mighty cities built of stone. In Babylon, he saw an enormous tower dedicated to Marduk, whom the humans worshiped over him, but even more troubling was what he saw in a city now called Aleppo in the western end of Mesopotamia. There they had been taught by the Nephilim, whom he had not even known existed, to look to a star they called Nephîlā′ and the constellation to which it followed like a dog as the place of the Supreme Being whom they called Ain Soph Aur or the Limitless Light…



In the East, where they called him Indra and in the West, where he had many names, the humans made sacrifice to Marduk and directed their prayers to Asherah. Enlil shook with rage and brought towering waves boiling down upon the hapless cities dedicated to Indra that dotted the Indian coast, drowning the inhabitants, and submerging the cities forever. In the West, he caused the Mediterranean to burst its bounds and flood into what was then northern Mesopotamia but is now the Black Sea. For forty days and forty nights rain fell in torrential sheets, streams became rivers and the rivers seas. In the city dedicated to Nephîlā′ all were drowned, humans and sons, daughters, and wives of the Nephilim. The Nephilim escaped by turning themselves into aquatic humanoids, but they would never again live on land.

Dry land was to be found only high up in the mountains, where the few humans who had survived made their way. There, the survivors built a great bonfire, making sacrifice of any finery they may have had left and their remaining incense. The Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood made a sweet-smelling cloud that wafted down the mountainside to the now quickly receding water. One by one the Anunnaki appeared by the fire.

First was Thoth, he was always the swiftest. Then came Anat, Asherah’s bloodthirsty sister, feared by all except Marduk and Enlil. She was followed by Samael, whom the humans called Ptah. He had personally given them the secret of steel. Then came Asherah followed by Irkalla, whom the humans called Hecate. She usually had no use for humans other than to torment them, seducing the most beautiful of the men, then killing them. Next appeared Enki. His skills in Magick were surpassed only by Asherah herself. Finally came Demeter who had created the plants that fed the humans and the animals. Sweet Demeter was appalled by what Enlil had done.

Marduk, whose tower had been hurled into Enlil’s newly created Black Sea, wasn’t coming. Henceforth he had but one raison d’être, to kill Enlil. When Enlil did finally appear, he was gloating and pompously made his way toward the fire, but his path was abruptly blocked by Asherah. She spoke sharply to him as no one ever had before: “I alone made you and I alone can destroy you. I kept hoping that in time you would acquire wisdom and understanding and be worthy of your title as Anu, but now I see it will never be.” Her usually seductive voice now cracked with rage and the whole mountain shook. She tore the adornment of Lapis Lazuli from her neck. The beads bounced on the ground and shot in every direction, as if they had a life of their own, and they did.

Each of the beads of pure Lapis Lazuli on her Magick necklace could be used to command the Djinn. Thoth went racing after them and he got a few, but no one knows where the rest went. Now she spoke in a voice just as thunderous as Abraxas: “You have killed my children not once but twice. On this necklace do I swear eternal vengeance upon you. I give it to the remaining creatures of the earth, so now they may hold power over you. The fate of the great Ialdabaoth is now a matter for the creeping crawling things of the earth, and you will know from this day forward your fate has been sealed…”

Enlil was visibly stunned. He’d never been challenged before. He produced a scepter, mounted on the tip was a glowing black rock from the dark star of Sirius. He pointed it at the seven of them huddled by the fire and said: “since you all like humans so much, from here on you shall each have to live as one, you will grow old and die just like they do. You will then be born again and repeat the same process, over and over. But now I have poisoned the sun and under it aging will take place much more rapidly.

And you Asherah, you filthy whore, you dare to curse me? You will be born over and over as the whore you are; you will know only sorrow. You may rule eternity, but it is I who rule time. You and the others will not know freedom until you once again feel the light of the Black Sun. Only now the ferry is broken. This black stone was its engine!” There was an enormous flash of lightning, thunder shook the earth, and he was gone..