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Shedding is a term generally reserved for furry animals who lose their hair, creating a nuisance for their human caretakers. Tips and tricks to reduce excessive shedding from animals are widespread on the internet.


Move over Fido! In today’s dog-eat-dog world, the medical literature says that people also shed.


Consensus Science


The human shedding phenomenon began from Consensus Science. But is there more to the story?


[T]he work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science, consensus is irrelevant. What are relevant are reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.
– Michael Crichton, author, Harvard Medical School graduate


A consensus of Scientists blame human shedding on an invisible contagion that spreads disease. Since you cannot see the contagion (only scientists can), it is all the more fearsome. Thus, there is always the next dangerous contagion to promote in the news, such as “Dog flu ‘creeping’ towards being able to infect humans, study warns.


Once upon a time there was The Species Barrier. The ‘species barrier’ explains why certain species of animals are not affected by a given infectious agent or parasite. It also describes the phenomenon of natural genetic resistance to pathogens. In general, a pathogen may encounter three successive lines of defense in attempts to infect or parasitize a potential host:


  • first, the pathogen has to encounter the host animal;
  • next, the pathogen has to penetrate the body, overcoming mechanisms of nonspecific, natural, constitutional or innate resistance;
  • the pathogen may also face specific, adaptive or acquired resistance.


In other words, the species barrier makes animals, including humans, capable of resisting major infections. Such a concept explains the strength and power of an individual immune system. However, this would not apply when a substance breaks through the protective skin barrier, say, through an injection.


We don’t catch diseases, we create them by breaking down the natural defenses according to the way we eat, drink, think and live. – Dr. Constantine Hering, Father of American Homeopathy, Hering’s Law of Cure

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The medical industry likes to scare people into believing that external pathogens cause internal diseases (i.e., infectious disease). Thus, they become a gatekeeper to your health. They conveniently forget to mention your built-in protection called the innate immune system. Innate means “born with,” a natural part of the human map.


When medicalists do mention your internal defense system, it is to further confuse you. For instance, a 2019 article in Science News made the claim that, “Measles [virus] erases the immune systems’ memory.”


However, few scientists ever disclose that the decline of natural immunity is most often related to the consequence of breaking the skin barrier.


According to a 2010 study in the British Medical Journal, infants of vaccinated mothers are shown to have a gap in their protection against measles from around two to three months old until they are vaccinated at 12 months of age.:


Vaccinated women had significantly fewer antibodies than did naturally immune women. Similarly, infants of vaccinated women had significantly lower antibody levels than infants of naturally immune women.


Shedders As Emitters


This study represents evidence that vaccination (not an invisible virus), erases the immune system’s memory. Read more about lost immunity in Vaccines: The Death of Natural Immunity.  Yet, do mRNA injections do more than erase memory? Does mRNA technology also modify our beneficial bacteria by changing their genetic code?  Does mRNA made Shedders into Emitters?  Do Shedders emit a new frequency through their skin cells, as evidenced by a 2008 study in Physical Review Letters, titled, “Human Skin as Arrays of Helical Antennas in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Range?”


It is a concept worth investigating, knowing that DNA is more than physical database of genetic code. DNA is also a biological internet that acts as a receiver, transmitter, and translator of information. Humans are more than meets the eye. We are frequency beings; biophysical and metaphysical.


Unfortunately, today, the shaming of non-vaxxed people is a common practice in the media, and by politicians. In reality, non-vaxxed people just prefer to preserve their innate immune system to preserve their health. The official narrative blames non-vaccinated people for spreading disease, without evidence or scientific merit. This is Consensus Science.


Note: you cannot spread a disease you do not have. To further investigate this concept, read, Say Goodbye to the Germ Theory and Questioning the Terrain Theory.


As long as the media and medical community fail to point to reproducible medical science, showing that shedding is an artifact of vaccination, the misinformation about real health and healing continues.  At the same time, any science that would question the Trojan Horse of vaccination is ignored, such as the study titled: DNA contamination with SV40 (from monkeys) found in some mRNA vaccines.


Shedding Defined in Literature


Image by <a href="">Tumisu</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>The medical literature clearly demonstrates that human shedding corresponds to the transmission of disease from vaccinated people. For instance, the 1995 Journal of Clinical Microbiology published, “Detection of Measles Virus RNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine Recipients.” The CDC also published its March, 2013 MMWR on the “Secondary and Tertiary Transmission of Vaccinia Virus After Sexual Contact with a Smallpox Vaccinee — San Diego, California, 2012.”


The FDA discloses evidence of vaccine shedding in its ZOSTAVAX package insert information:


Transmission of vaccine virus may occur between vaccinees and susceptible contacts.


The problems of human shedding to “high risk” people, or people without an immune system, are described in the VARIVAX vaccine package insert…… that no one reads.:


Post-marketing experience suggests that transmission of vaccine virus may occur rarely between healthy vaccinees who develop a varicella-like rash and healthy susceptible contacts. Transmission of vaccine virus from a mother who did not develop a varicella-like rash to her newborn infant has been reported. Due to the concern for transmission of vaccine virus, vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid whenever possible close association with susceptible high-risk individuals for up to six weeks following vaccination with VARIVAX.

Study: Man Sheds Polio Virus For 30 Years


The title description of a man shedding Polio virus for 30 years is misleading in this 2015 study in PLOS.  Details of the study show a British man continued to shed the polio virus for thirty years after being injected. Researchers claimed the vaccine virus mutated into a form that caused paralysis.  In other words, the vaccine failed; it did exactly what it is advertised not to do.


Human vaccine shedding is described in published medical journals and news articles under outbreaks in highly or fully vaccinated populations. However, these shedders are not emitting wild virus, which is something only produced inside cells. They are emitting some artifact from the vaccine. What exactly they emit is up for investigation.


Image by Roland Steinmann from PixabayMumps


In December 2014, 10% of the Minnesota NHL team contracted mumps. The fact that outbreaks are consistently occurring in highly vaccinated, means either of the following are true: 1) “Community Immunity” fails, 2) vaccines fail, 3) viruses are exosomes, created by a cell to remove toxins, or 4) all of the above. None of the common mild childhood diseases (mumps, measles, etc) are dangerous to adults unless they fail to contract these diseases, naturally, as children. The consequence of bypassing natural infections as children shows up as outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, from people with weakened immune systems, over and over again:


Mumps outbreak in a highly vaccinated population, 1991
Mumps Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated School Population,  1995
Mumps in a highly vaccinated Marshallese community in Arkansas, 2019
A Mumps Outbreak among Fully Vaccinated People, 2020
Majority of mumps cases are among the vaccinated, CDC finds, 2021



A measles epidemic threshold in a highly vaccinated population, 2005
Measles vaccine efficacy during an outbreak in a highly vaccinated population, 2009
Measles outbreak in a highly vaccinated population, San Diego, 2008, 2010
Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time , 2014
Measles Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Population — Israel, July–August 2017


No consensus of experts can be an argument in scientific discussion. – Psychologist Daniel Kahneman, Interests, Bias, and Consensus in Science and Regulation, Apr-June 2019, Dose Response



Image by <a href="">Jan Felix Christiansen</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>In February 2022, Naturopathic doctor, Colleen Huber, NMD reported secondary vaccine shedding among patients in her naturopathic medical practice, as experienced by them throughout 2021. Dr. Huber describes tertiary exposure to people injected with mRNA vaccination:


… a patient came in regarding the secondary vaccine reactions she still gets from proximity to COVID-vaccinated people. She had been included among the 26 I had earlier counted. After such exposures, she suffered menorrhagia, malaise, rashes, itching, fatigue and headaches for some time after returning home, with symptoms resolving within about a day.


Her husband suffered the malaise, fatigue, headache and itchy rash symptoms too, at the same time, although he had not been directly exposed to COVID-vaccinated people at the same time. With each incident of the wife’s exposure, the husband began to have symptoms on her return home, and for both of them, symptoms resolved within about a day. This happened to him multiple times. This was the first I had heard of any likely tertiary exposure to COVID-vaccinated people causing symptoms.


The more the evidence documented from the latent effects of mRNA injections, the more people will connect the dots just waiting to be connected.


To begin your own investigation, search the Pubmed online database using the words, “mRNA vaccine and “adverse events.” You will find some 40 studies. A search using “COVID 19 vaccine” and “adverse events” nets hundreds of studies. A search of the words, “vaccines” and “adverse events” nets over one thousands studies.  Be creative in your search. Further, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program both track vaccine adverse events, vaccine deaths, and allow compensation for documented harms from vaccinations. Note: adverse event reporting is done by medical doctors, of which only 1% of of adverse events (vaccine injuries) are ever reported. The truth is that vaccine authorities don’t really want to know about adverse effects, and the VAERS website is inaccessible to most users.


The Distraction


In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. – Galileo Galilei

Consensus Science is propaganda reported in the mainstream media as a distraction from truth. What is the truth on human shedding?


Do humans become emitters of some toxin or frequency that may result in symptoms in immunocompromised people?  That is a question for an expanded investigation.


True science is found by following the tried-and-true scientific process and connecting valid dots where they appear.


The scientific process always asks a question based on an observation. Science 101 says: from observation, a theory or hypothesis is developed. The scientist then designs an experiment and/or collects data to test the hypothesis. If the hypothesis is correct (not falsified), the scientist will retain it. If it is reproduced by others, the theory my be incorporated into a larger theory to better explain or expand her observations.  Extrapolation of data based on Consensus is false information.


Human shedding, like dog shedding, should not be a danger to people with a strong immune system, unless a toxic substance breaches the skin barrier. If, on the other hand, you have an autoimmune disease or another indication of a weakened immune system, take precautions, to avoid human shedders since they are emitters.


Solution? Protect and strengthen your innate immune system and live without fear. The real dangers to human health are weaponized toxins, toxins injected into the food, water, air (4G, 5G), and the body.


The real danger of human shedding is erasing the innate immune system off the human map.