The life and death of language in the circus of data where minds are turning into processing monoliths


My advice to writers


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The fungus of decay is taking down live language and turning it into UNITS. Just like the people who can’t break out of sluggish dreams are also turning into units. These people find solace in gobbling juiceless words—sunset with no sun, power with no electric JOLT, and even jokes with no laughter, as if we’ve all been down this road before and here it comes again, except this time they have ads for curing the death of the psyche that doesn’t even know it’s wandering in the labyrinth of a bad town wrecked by failed promises.

I keep blowing away these towns, but more show up. As they would. As they do.

A writer WRITES. That’s what I do. No matter what. My advice to all writers: look to the open spaces, to the territory not yet inhabited, and stake your claim. Open up your language and let it rip. Take on all comers. Outside The Reality Machine is where you belong. If you keep on going, outside, people will show up and read you. They’ll be drawn to you. It’s magnetics. Their subconscious, which is still alive, will be alerted that you exist and you aren’t holding back. That’s what the subconscious wants to know. That’s the assurance it needs.

The reality mongers will feel the impact. On levels they don’t understand, they’ll feel their traps springing but catching fewer minds, less meat. The only thing they can sell is What Already Is. You have everything that Isn’t. Which means you have no limit.

Sometimes, your writing resembles dreams.

For example, I had a dream in which a horse was warning people to stay away from COVID tests.

He was sought by the police, but it turned out he had friends in high places.

Yes, this is unlikely, but it’s a dream, and therefore, so what?

The horse was quite well educated. In a court trial, which only lasted a few seconds, he confounded virologists and drove them to admit their phony science was just a con.

Having been exonerated, the horse went about his business, roaming the streets, eating patches of grass growing up through cracks in the sidewalks, and warning people the test was the gateway into the System, which would destroy them in short order.

If a few readers object to dreams, remind them that they’re more sustaining than facts, in the long run. Dreams give them other worlds.

You see, this is the problem; the lack of faith in other worlds.

When people lose this faith, they don’t like to be reminded of it. So remind them, until they’re forced to start a new path of thinking. A long crooked path, not a straight line.

I’ve walked through many blooming gardens. I never take a straight line. I go where my eye leads me, like the painters.

Speaking of which, some of your best friends, as a writer, are painters. They know what you’re doing. Visit the painters in museums. Search for the way they think. Renoir, Van Gogh, Velasquez. To achieve their effects, they’re quite willing to take the long way around. It’s how they solve their unhappiness.

They’re not ashamed of all-out beauty. Nor do they reject ugliness.

As a writer, you’re quite willing to take a few thousand words to say what you could say in 50. And when you do, you discover you’re saying things you never imagined or knew before. That’s the magic.

The magic will always show up, if you go on long enough.



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