The Only Door Out – Part Two Video Chat – Recapitulation


‘Exiting the Cave’ with Howdie Mickowski and Lorenzo


What is the Cave?   If we say it’s a prison, then what is this prison made of?


Maybe it’s simply limitations we make of our own thoughts. In other words, the cave is constructed of ‘energy bars’ powered by our very own ‘delusional thought patterns’.


If this is true, we are both the jailer and jailed. How horrific!


I am not saying there is not a way out, a door out. My explorations have found one. It could even be the only door out. If you’re familiar with the books of Carlos Castaneda, and his opinions, they would say recapitulation is essential for finding this way out, this door to freedom.


Join Howdie and I today as we continue our conversations on ‘Exiting the Cave…..The Only Door OUT’.  Part 2 – Recapitulation.




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