The Outer Limits and Inner Reaches of UAP: Extra Terrestrial, Extra-Dimensional or Something Extra?


– By JP Hague –


I recently had the privilege of attending and speaking at the highly successful UFO Mega Conference in Laughlin, Nevada, and was impressed by the sheer diversity and quality of speakers and their content. Tribute must be paid to the organisers and support team for resurrecting this event and allowing attendees to receive an unprejudiced and full spectrum of views and information to transit their hearts and minds. It was during this event that I began to more deeply consider the shortfalls of how we humans, here on Earth, are organised and structured while facing the very real prospect of interacting with multiple intelligences of varying origins.

The title of this article is inspired from UFO coverage from the FOX News (yes, you read correctly), Carlson Tucker Tonight show of 19th December 2019. The segment “Why Is The Government So Secretive About UFOS?” showcased a compelling albeit short exchange between the host with Washington Examiner political commentator, Tom Rogan, on the appearance of intelligently controlled UFOs effortlessly performing death defying manoeuvres while being pursued by Russian fighter pilots who, in some four cases, were said to have lost their lives by engaging (i.e., attempting to shoot down) the objects.

This discussion and an underlying contemporaneous press article by Rogan rightly assumed UFO technological capabilities beyond conventional physics, at least within the public sphere of knowledge, that are likely well beyond the reach of foreign governments and their militaries, such as China and Russia. Mention was also made of UFO activity connected to the shut-down of sites harbouring nuclear materials with implied reference to what has become a classical point of reference in UFOlogy, “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites”, by author Robert Hastings (2008).

The carpet of facts beneath the furniture of recent coverage was laid in December of 2017 in the New York Times whereby the public were starkly informed that the Pentagon had spent $22 million  on a secretive UFO monitoring and research project generically named the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme (AATIP), that is said to have been set-up by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2007 and shut down in 2012. Parts of AATIP remain classified to this day. To no surprise, the relatively conservative ‘declared’ AATIP budget appeared within an obfuscated wider budget. AATIP is reported to have been run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, who claims to have resigned in disgust due the programme’s excessively opaque nature and internal opposition. Nonetheless, while the Pentagon may have ended funding for the enterprise at that time, the program is reported to have remained in existence whereby officials have continued to investigate cases brought to them by service members. Again, no surprises here.

We now know that AATIP was largely funded at the request of Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the majority leader at the time, who harbours a keen interest in space phenomena. Most of the funding is said to have been initially funnelled to an aerospace research company, Bigelow Aerospace, which hired subcontractors and solicited research for the program and was run by the billionaire entrepreneur and close friend of Mr. Reid, Robert Bigelow. While Bigelow formerly owned and conducted research at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah he is currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space and has openly admitted that he is “absolutely convinced” that extraterrestrials exist and that UFOs have visited Earth.

Sections of the public are now familiar with this important episode largely thanks to the nebulous of the To The Stars Academy movement spearheaded by Blink-182 musician, Tom DeLonge, and the associated TV Series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. We are now living in an era of benignly controlled quasi-official disclosure sponsored by members of the intelligence community and military-industrial complex, whether we like it or not.

We are entitled to and should ask ourselves: is this form of disclosure good enough and can we do better?

My view is that we can and must always seek to improve. Not least because the visible military structure may not have a sufficient grip on the issue in terms of the “three-C’s”: comprehension, communication and control. The origins of AATIP and its funding and the thrust of the Unidentified series is predicated on a conventional mindset of identifying and understanding threats within an intelligence led and defence context. The vastly superior displays of the phenomena clearly suggest that conceptual dominance over conventional military technologies is a given. However, as naïve as the following may appear to some, in order for our civilisation to effectively grow, learn from and evolve harmoniously with our own planet and fellow mankind, we must first transparently attempt to understand the depths and implications of the phenomena.

The fact that the UFO presence is now being readily seeded into the mainstream narrative infers that ignorance and/or scepticism needn’t regressively bog us down in the “if” they exist and are they here. Instead, we are being invited to consider the “who”, “why” and “what” the presence means for us. Playing on words, it is not so much about the verticality of lights in the sky than our horizontal behaviour and collective response on the ground. Matters become increasingly complex according to the empirical research of UFO and contactee cases, since this would suggest that our response should not be limited to liaising with physical visitors from other regions of the known Universe contained within three-dimensional space and linear time. The body of evidence also invites us to fathom, accommodate and attempt to interact with intelligences that inhabit worlds beyond spacetime – other dimensions.

Such a proposition necessarily also includes visitors, such as other humans, from other timelines. The human genome most likely does not simply exist across and within our universe. Factions of humanity may be communing with us, as other aspects of one another, across the dimensions. Physicists from the Perimeter Institute in Canada have come up with an apparent solution to time-travel related paradoxes that requires a very large number of parallel universes. Their November 2019 paper describes a model in which a person could theoretically travel from one timeline to another by stepping through a hole in space-time, or wormhole, in a way that they claim is “mathematically possible”. Another relevant theory that supports the hypothesis is “M-Theory”, which is a theory in physics that unites various types of what is called superstring theory. M-Theory is an attempt at a unified theory and proposes up to eleven dimensions. In addition to the three dimensions that we are familiar with there are also notions of compact dimensions. Such theories are built upon the mind-bending idea of “many worlds” originating from Hugh Everett, a Princeton graduate student who wrote just one paper in the 1950s. Everett’s theory describes the universe as “a changing set of numbers, known as the wave function, that evolves according to a single equation.” According to the many worlds theory, the universe continually splits into new branches, to produce multiple versions of ourselves. One might argue that, so far, this interpretation is the simplest possible explanation of quantum mechanics.

Whatever the ultimate origins and truths of the phenomena, growing collective awareness is the precursor to positive change and intelligent adaptation. Simply put, the veil of secrecy can no longer be justified on political grounds of not wishing to scare the public and overturning social norms absent a solution. The military and intelligence mindset are also equally rendered obsolete when faced with an ecosystem of superior intelligences with capabilities that are light-years ahead of our own often with reported accompanying advanced ethics and spiritual systems of belief and applied living. If the ecosystem is sufficiently infused with both advanced intelligence and wisdom, in truth, there is no better alternative than moving the UFO study into a genuinely independent and transparent world of scientific and social studies and education with an equally well-considered diplomatic relations effort closely working alongside the same. Logically, from almost any perspective, our mundane and deep attachment to conventional defence and intelligence considerations is obsolete following any reasonable assessment method conducted in good faith.

There are films about this and life may need to imitate art.

The evidence abundantly tells us that UAP is very real. Appearances, interactions and even ‘abductions’ are becoming a more conscious part of the human story on Earth. Cultural and ideological limitations are slowly eroding as we inexorably move towards collective awareness, acceptance and, self-determination regardless of human (and potentially non-human) tendencies to suppress information. We are at a stage of controlled disclosure fuelled by a narrow vision of self-preservation and the perception of military threats. The ultimate outcome must progress to the educational sphere and wider communities regardless of attempts to control the narrative regardless of the intent.

Each step towards a full-spectrum open study of the phenomena furthers our self-realisation and reveals the role that we are to play. The dimensions need not be infinite in number and little understood laws may firewall, order and limit the intelligence(s) in their number and interactions with humanity. Moreover, we have been trained in childhood to atrophy some of the senses that may tap into seeing those beings. The values of socialisation and social conditioning may just prove themselves to be the enemies of consciousness and conscience in the great theatre of existence.




JP Hague is a practising English financial services lawyer who has experienced unusual and extra-sensory phenomena throughout his life.

He is National Director of MUFON Mauritius and runs UFOlogy Mauritius & Indian Ocean.

Upon moving from London, England, to the tropical island of Mauritius, he began to consistently experience and interact with, in particular, unidentified aerial phenomena.

JP actively advocates and writes about the subject and its intrinsic connection to the mysteries through a balanced approach and mindset.

He considers esoterism, spirituality and science to all be the right tools and lenses for a better understanding of the layers of reality that surround and interact with us: worlds within worlds.


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