The Pathetic Want of Rule, Authority,


& Collectivism, Has Led to


The Tortured Enslavement of Man



By: Gary D. Barnett


“Authority allows two roles: the torturer and the tortured. Twists people into joyless mannequins that fear and hate, while culture plunges into the abyss.”

Alan Moore, V for Vendetta


Every aspect of government, every moronic vote for any master, every atrocity, every war, every form of censorship, every genocide, every economic disaster, and every form of totalitarianism, is fully dependent on the lack of self-ownership by any and all in the collective herd of those who voluntarily allow themselves to be enslaved by any ruling State. Any acceptance of rule, any rule, is the antithesis of freedom. The very idea of rule runs counter to any sanity, and no one who accepts rule without active and forceful dissent, deserves his lot in life as a slave.


This is the actual problem, this is the bottom line, this is the big picture. All else is but a consequence of the allowance of rule. Concentrating on hate, every singular event, every form of tyranny, every isolated evil perpetrated or allowed by the State, every psychotic ‘election,’ and every pitiful falsely-claimed victim; all while ignoring, chastising, negating, and abandoning the individual and independent self-rule, is cause for great alarm. When this attitude is broad-based and taken up by the masses, which happened a long time ago, collective ignorance and universal stupidity becomes the norm. This causes division and constant blame where it should not exist, for the real problem lies with the fact that the people individually and collectively have accepted authoritative governance as their god.


This of course seems to this doltish society of fools, as the easy way out; so as not to have to be responsible for themselves or their own subsistence. What a society like this breeds is exactly what we have today in this country, and most of the rest of the world, especially in the West; a pathetic, weak, and controlled proletariat class, dependent on their chosen master’s whims, restrictions, and regulations. They wallow in complacency, while choosing to exist as submissive addicts of rule. The incessant nature of this total societal  laziness, irresponsibility, and cowardice, is cloaked in ignorance, fear, and hate for one another; all solicited by the governing slime, and all unwarranted.


The end product that arises from this societal mindset, especially in the U.S., is eye-opening to say the least. Most of the people here actually believe they are free and live in a free country. They are fat and happy, regardless of the tyranny they face, and able to eat all the poison that fast food chains and processed manufacturing can dish out; soon (already are)  to be in the form of genetically-modified organisms, fake meat, worms and bugs, chemicals, metals, and unknown biological and technological nano-particulate matter. This is happening while the vast majority have no concept of their fate due to their blind obedience to the State, and its agendas.


Hypocrisy and contradiction are rampant among this complicit population, and it is seemingly never-ending. Much of this behavior is based on the concept of duality of standards, this a common theme, especially concerning Americans. They tend to take on an air of sympathy, mostly false I might add, for the plight of others around them, whether locally, nationally, or internationally; not because it is legitimate, but because of arrogance, superiority complex, or the need to pretend to care so as to please their particular group-think role. This conjures up images of race-baiting, red against blue, right against left, forced inclusion, diversity nonsense, the idiocy of transgender policies, so-called anti-war attitudes, which rarely actually exist from either ‘side,’ and the incredibly ludicrous notion of “spreading democracy,” as if that is not pure aggression in any form.


Most Americans support war, regardless of the level of slaughter and death, so long as it is pretended to be for the ‘right reasons,’ and is being waged to suit deceitful manufactured State narratives, usually based on illegitimate fear, and promoted by the scum in government, military, and media. Since spoiled Americans do not have brutal war in country, it is easy to feign false empathy and fake concern for others, while getting fat watching fake television news, and supporting this country’s foreign policies, which are the most brutal in the history of man. Currently, approximately half the country are pretending to support the evil Zionists in Israel, and about half are pretending to support Palestine. The U.S. government is claiming both sides at once, and the lowly masses are falling right in line. The U.S. is up to its neck using the tax revenue and all the fake money it can create to fund every war, whether in Israel, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, or elsewhere, and the population here has only to decide which party ‘supports’ which side in order to choose their team. It is not war they are upset with, but which party benefits from which particular war.


If they actually wanted to stop war, they would eliminate the single cause of war, which is the State and its governing monsters, instead of taking sides akin to a sporting event. When the U.S. attacked Vietnam, killing millions of innocent civilians, there were again two sides of the same coin, and both at the time also supported the government who aggressively prosecuted that heinous war. When the U.S. aggressively attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, again killing millions, including 500,000 children under the age of 5, most in this country were watching this evil on television, and applauding the bombings, sanctions, and total destruction of countries and people. It has been the same from both sides for every conflict, every war of aggression; for the entirety of history. This is hypocrisy at its highest level, but then, contradiction lives and breathes in the ‘good ole USSA.’


The actual murderers who are the assassins for the State are the military, but most all in this country still cheer them on in their slaughter of innocents. They act on orders alone, and not moral behavior, killing without conscience.  The military industrial complex is the fascist partner of government, and only acts in the interest of the State, never the people. Throw away the flag of death, refuse to utter any allegiance to the bloodied flag, and withhold any support for the anthem of war.


It seems, no, it is almost certain, that people everywhere support the very evil they claim to abhor. Every country on earth has a government, and every government is pure evil; only seeking money, power, and control over their subjects. In WWII, the German people supported German government, the Americans supported the U.S. government, the British supported the government in England, and on and on, and all supported war. Any who shun rule, any who loathe war, any who want to be free, have to stop all State authority; they have to abolish the perpetrator of war, which is the State. This has never happened, so why do so many think things will improve by their continued support for any State or Nation? Why do any believe that authority of any kind is the answer, when in fact. that authority is the entire problem?


In order to be truly free, all rule must be abandoned in favor of natural law and self-rule. So long as government and authority are present, slavery will remain universal, and mass obedience to that authority will be the way of life. Instead of concentrating on each and every incident of economic destruction, carnage, rape, theft, torture, murder, killing and perversion of children, and war, forcefully challenge the cause of all this horror, which is the government you alone allow to exist. The big picture will not ever change so long as the masses concentrate on the results of rule, as opposed to the fact that rule itself is the problem, and cause of all the terror inflicted on the bulk of humanity.


You are a huge part of the problem. All those who seek or allow rule, allow government, and willingly obey a master are the problem. All those who voluntarily choose (vote) to select a new master with expectations of ending tyranny, are the problem. All those who cower and hide from responsibility in the face of totalitarian rule, are the problem. All those who ‘respect’ authority are the problem.


The only way any government or State can rule, the only way it can demand compliance of its criminal arbitrary ‘laws,’ the only way it can advance any war, is with the voluntary consent of the people. Withhold that consent, negate all authority, and defend at all costs your own liberty.  It is time to eliminate the State, once and forever, and sent it to the depths of hell where it belongs.


“You might think that there’s some authority you could look to for answers, but all of the authorities you can think of are fake.”

~ Jean-Paul Sartre


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