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Often in our lives, we touch upon periods where we feel that we are on the outside of the field of synchronicity. In such times, we feel that we lack those positive “coincidences” – that make us feel we are in the right flow and we feel that everything is Status Qua

I put parentheses around coincidences, since there is a major difference between coincidences and the dynamics of synchronicity. I heard a district attorney say: “I am a district attorney and there are no coincidences.”
On a certain level, he is right and on another level, he is not. Coincidences in a court room are not valid proof of anything. It can’t be proved; it can’t be put into the evidence locker and is in the System: Not valid.

It all depends on consciousness.

For the spiritually engaged, we know – there is no such thing as coincidences, but there indeed is such a thing as: Synchronicity. Carl Jung was very interested in such matter, as he would talk to and analyze his clients and as his theory evolved, he became quite passionate about it. Let me leave that for now.

When we feel, or fail to see the synchronicity in our lives, as mentioned, we feel we are at a Status Qua . “What am I doing wrong?” people ask. We see life as stalling….

I am not a subscriber to the phrase “What am I doing wrong?” since it fills up the storage space we all have inside of our so-called wrong doings, unless we wrong somebody or something consciously. Then Karma steps in and can put a halt to our lives.

There is also the principle of: “There are seasons for growth and seasons for rest,” which I see as valid, but usually we would know that. It is up to each of us to see if that is a rhythm we can manage. If not, we risk going against the tide and that makes it very exhorting to keep on swimming. If so – Take a rest, Pilgrim.

Here is a basic technique you can use if you want to see where the synchronicity is in your life and the reason why you might not see it.

The lake:

Imagine that you are sitting by a lake. Your hand is full of pebbles. Throw one pebble at a time into the lake and see the ripple effect on the water.
No ripples? Try another one in. And eventually the rings will spread.

The Lake is The Field of Synchronicity. The pebbles are what you would like to manifest.

We are very much programmed to throw one very big stone in with the effect that it will mess up the tranquility of The Lake in its metaphysical calm. Often when we do that, the water will splash back at us and we walk home wet.

We have to bypass this spiritual belief:
I tried to throw a stone in, all I did was get myself disappointed. Which equals: If it doesn’t work the first time = Not meant to be! This is a false belief.

If we want to play the guitar, we do not become rock stars overnight. It’s a long walk. If we want to have a child and it is not immediate bingo, well – carry on, soldier.

So why have this false belief of “If it isn’t working the first time, it’s not meant to be” sneak itself into spirituality. That deception has many layers. One is: “It’s not my karma” = false. Again, Karma is confused with Dharma (Purpose-Life Path).
Another one is Spiritual laziness. A third is a rigid conception of the Celestial as an online store where we can just order the goodies we want in our lives without any hard work. It’s a kind of spiritual entitlement in all examples.

There is a Tao that says: In times of confusion, lower your ambitions.
That could sound as if ambitions, whatever they might be, are a bad thing. That is not a correct interpretation.

This is what it means:

If we are on a bicycle on a country road and we suddenly meet a roundabout with several roads to choose from but they forgot to put the road signs up, we don’t want to go down a road at full pace since it could be unfruitful. If we go too fast and lose our strength, we would have to walk back to it and choose a different road.

On the other hand, it could mean: You are on the right road, even though you think it’s the wrong one. You just have to figure out if you have the strength for it.
Tricky. Tricky and proof that life indeed is a mystery.

And that is where I am going with this on a very practical note:

You are bored in your job and would like another, maybe in a whole other field.

One single try to search and apply for another job just isn’t going to cut it and provide if you feel outside of synchronicity.

Pebbles in the Water: Throw how many as you like. The more the better and see how the lake reacts. It will produce results and that is a sign. Nothing in this life is rarely: This or that. Life is very creative.
Maybe the ripples came when you left your job seeking comfort zone and applied for something completely different.

It could be: A silent wish floating around in our subconsciousness that we more or less unaware threw into the lake.
Silent wishes are so much more powerful than expectations, since what would disappoint us the most is if our expectations weren’t met.

My advice, should you need it: Step out of expectation, which often are walls, and step into almost stealth silent wishes that you would really like to manifest.

Finding a new sweetheart. Do the same. If the lover you have in your scope doesn’t want you – step out of expectations, which are often very specific, and make a silent one that says: I would just like someone to love on a deep level.
I would avoid: I want someone who can love me at a very deep level as the main pebble for that synchronicity, since that would be embedded in the first one anyway but is less needy.

Needy is often loud, entitled, and self victimizing.

If you use: I would like someone to love at a deep level, you´re telling the lake that you have that capability. It is a wish from the heart and not like the other one – a wish from the mind (brain).

If the lake says: Yes, I respond to that and we still say: Nope, then all is blocked, since synchronicity often will lure us out of our Status Quo, and how demanding are we to deny its suggestions. If we do: We build that Status Quo of discontent, not life itself and yet we still complain about the lack of synchronicity.

It just answered us…

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