The Re-Wilding Movement:

Calling All to Reclaim Their Wildness

-By Aila Goldynfyr

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Mass destruction of wilderness and through warfare on fellow human- beings prevails on Earth, yet I believe that a world wide shift in consciousness is also upon collective human-kind; I believe that each and every one of us has a response-ability to be a social-ecological-political activist through the channel of integrating our spiritual self with our ecological self. What do I mean by this statement? To me, this means acknowledging how our primal sensual aspect of self is interwoven with our divine spiritual aspect of self. To me, this means reclaiming the wild, primal aspects of our being- our connection with Nature, and devoting ourselves in our daily lives to actions that are creative- spiritual expressions of reverence, honour and celebration for the great web of life in which we are linked together. Cultivating and becoming fully accountable for our own spiritual health and integrity is a necessary foundation to lay in order to develop our ecological awareness and sense of guardianship for Earth and all beings. I believe that when, as individuals, we awaken to our innate connection with nature, cosmos, and the great web of life, we begin to heal the spiritual disparities caused by the continual grind to survive in a social-political system dominated by the corporate -industrial- fascist regime and the resulting exploitation of natural and human “resources”.

As it stands in mainstream society, most find themselves trapped in an economic and social reality that robs them of precious energy as they are forced into competition to meet materialistic societal norms and expectations. Being a “slave to the system” fragments the spirit, making it very difficult to cultivate a healthy relationship with the spiritual-ecological self. Profit, at the expense of others, through harm, exploitation and loss, is a spiritual violation and perpetuates more violence. Being a part of the “machine” strips one of humanity and personal sovereignty.

How do we liberate ourselves from the systems which exploits human-kind, and the whole of Gaia (the bio-diversity of Earth)? How do we integrate the sensual ecological self with the spiritual self so that we can experience ourselves as balanced, whole, lucid individuals cooperating in harmony and unity with others? How do we reclaim our wildness as sovereign masters of our own energy (physical, sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual)? How do we make the shift from being fearful of all that is “wild”, and the resultant need to control it, to being curious about and even reverent of “wildness”?

It all begins with unplugging from the harmful aspects of societal conditioning by questioning the status quo and learning the essential skill of “thinking, feeling and experiencing” for yourself. The truth is, society programs humans from birth to death with ideas, behaviours, attitudes, habits, addictions and beliefs that are dis-empowering. We are trained from infancy to: obey the rules and dogmas set out by society, not question the prevailing status quo, seek out external sources of authority for direction, and to depend on the political, institutional and policing bodies for governance, protection, and security. In modern times, we are conditioned to be plugged into a virtual reality 24/7 and live out our existence behind computers, cell phones and television screens. Behind the “screen” we are a captive audience, bombarded with propaganda and hypnotic messages designed to either numb and sedate us into apathy or fear-monger us into a state of anxiety and paranoia. We are told what to think, feel, do and consume. We are told that we are not “enough” as we are; that we need to buy things to make our lives more comfortable or to be prestigious, look a certain way to be attractive, and “improve” ourselves with this or that program. We are conditioned to estrange ourselves from Nature. Why? Because estrangement from Nature makes us controllable, predictable consumers…and that feeds the economic system and keeps the corporate- agenda-parasite alive.

We are not separate from or above Nature; we ARE Nature. How do we unplug from societal conditioning? We disconnect from all that is artificial and “re-program” ourselves by re-connecting with our natural self; we “RE-WILD” ourselves. We shift our perspective from human-centrism to eco-centrism. Making the shift is actually quite simple to do: you start off by gradually giving yourself space away from all things that are technological and artificially manufactured such as: the T.V., computer, cell phone, vehicles, etc.; you start turning off all of the external technological stimulation designed to distract you from being natural; you go outdoors into a place that is not polluted with machines and their noises; you begin tuning into the rhythms of a natural place; and finally, you tune into your own vibration. Then you start with noticing and watching your breath. Just notice it, without trying to change it. Your breath will naturally become deeper and slower. What are you experiencing in your physical body? Slowly and consciously scan your body from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head and just notice the sensations. Pay attention particularly to what arises in the hips/ pelvic area, the heart center and the head/neck area. Just witness without judgment or interpretation.

Create a regular personal practice: 1) Remove yourself from artificial stimulation 2) Go to a private space in a natural setting where you will not be disturbed 3) Notice the Nature surrounding you 4) Watch your natural breathing rhythm 5) Tune inwardly by scanning your body from toes to crown and witness the sensations 6) Experience the Nature that you ARE

How might disconnecting from artificial sources of stimulation and products, and instead choosing to practice the observance of lunar, sun, oceanic, seasonal and other natural cycles affect your personal bio-rhythms? How might noticing your natural bio-rhythms influence your choices in activities and how you direct and invest your precious energy? Imagine if each of us committed to regularly going “within” for inner witnessing, guidance and self-renewal? How might noticing your sensual self change your relationship with your spiritual self, and your relationship with the ecological systems you are intimately involved with? If we were to tune into the inner voice of wisdom we are inherently guided by, and actively responded to it with our outward actions, how might that change how we relate with our environment, with others- our family, friends, co-workers, community, and larger spheres of influence? How might re-programming ourselves by Re-Wilding ourselves help us to reclaim our wildness, which is the foundation of our personal sovereignty?

I believe that the global shift we are experiencing, into an evolved state of collective consciousness, is re-affirmed and supported through personal action; by simply choosing to unplug from what is artificial and designed to enslave humanity, tuning into inner guidance, and reclaiming the wholeness of the inter-connected and natural sensual-spiritual-self through Re-Wilding.

Re-Wilding has become a powerful movement for helping humans to remember and return to an eco-centric way of life that is in harmony with the laws of Nature. This article is a basic introduction to the movement. Please stay tuned for future articles written by Aila Goldynfyre, which will continue to offer Re-Wilding ideas and practices for a lucid, higher quality of life.

Note about the Author: Aila Goldynfyre is a creative writer and dancer, and an eco-social activist based in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. She lives in voluntary simplicity, “off-the-grid”, in a remote mountain village. She is active in helping to build community resiliency, local economic stability and long-term sustainability through local food security (small-scale organic farming), the revival of cottage industries, renewable energy systems, forest stewardship, and permaculture. She offers educational workshops such as: “Live-Fermentation of Foods and Beverages”, “Mindfulness Practices for Body-Heart-Spirit Awareness”, and “Re-Wilding for Reclaiming Personal Sovereignty”.



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