The Secret is Falling in Love With Yourself. ~ Ram Giri


You are made to fall in love, because in your innermost core that’s what you are: pure, unconditional love.

We are all made to fall in love and we do. We fall in love with humans and with divine beings—and while the essence of love is the same, the outcome is usually quite different.

Human love tends to get entangled with attachment and need. As soon as it does, we lose the pristine purity of the moment, the breathless awakening to the brilliant wonder of our innermost Heart. Then personality habits take over and personalities don’t love, they want stuff.

That’s a downgrade of our experience; we lose the moment and inadvertently plant the seeds of disappointments, rejection and pain. After a while we are afraid to open. We build walls of protection around our heart and they become our prison. Love, the way you know it, too often turns into a frustrating struggle. How can you get it right?

Sacred LoveThe great scripture of India, the Ramayana, advises us: “Take all the strings of your desires and wind them together into a rope. Then, with that rope, tie yourself to the feet of the Lord.

These are potent instructions for divine love, and they guide us to the secret how this divine love can transform our human love. Instead of giving up your desires, find that which can truly fulfil you. The Lord, in whatever form, is the one Source of true love. The place to find Him or Her is within our own Heart.

There is the Source of the love that will never abandon you.

If you have a relationship with a divine beloved, with Jesus, Krishna, the Goddess, a guru or enlightened sage, then you already know the taste of the sweet nectar of your own Heart. If not, then HeartSourcing can open you to that love.

As potent and wonderful as devotion to an external form is, in the end we must find the beloved in us. Perhaps one morning you get up and are shocked to see the one you’ve been waiting for, looking at you right from your bathroom mirror.

How could you have missed it?

It’s easy, just listen to your usual morning mantras: “Oh, those wrinkles! Not so young anymore! Life is a struggle. I made too many mistakes. Perhaps I don’t deserve real love. And enlightenment? That’s too much to ask for.” Those morning conversations, half conscious, but filled with a sense of less, a quiet sort of giving up. Like a barbed wire fence such beliefs keep us out of our Heart.

But beyond the pain and the disappointments, there is still—and always—that brilliant lover, that enchanting beloved, in the sacred core of our soul, beckoning. It is our true Self in the Cave of the Heart, what we really are, non-dual and blissful, not just loving something, but love itself.

You may have forgotten it for quite a while. But once remembered, this vibrant and vivacious love will be as ready for you as it ever was. This is HeartSourcing Yoga, the path to enlightenment through the love of the Self. It makes use of the secret of secrets: that in your center you are always whole. From here, from the deepest core of your being, from the presence of the divine in you, this love can nurture and heal your wounded self.

It eliminates fear of love. It quiets the mind. It infuses your entire being with an irresistible, brilliant love that begins to radiate from you effortlessly. It is immensely attractive. But it doesn’t come cheap.

The price for this happiness is your negative mind. It will cost you your emotional pain, all the hurts and fears you hold on to. You have to surrender your habits of self-sabotage. It will cost you your struggle.

Are you willing to pay? If you are, begin to focus the mind in your innermost core. Install it there with the help of a mantra. See in the center of your chest a brilliant light, an effortlessly radiant sun that shines its light and warmth into all the parts of your being. Receive it deeply, until you can feel it in every cell of your body, until it dissolves the places of emotional pain, until it illuminates your entire mind.

This is the genuine taste of the Heart. It is the river tasting the sea, realizing that its true nature is none other than ocean.