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My Interview on L.A. Marzulli’s Channel – Lorenzo





Sorry to put my tongue ‘between my cheeks’ here….as in, well, a rhetorical question at best, in that, who can even say what’s honest or true or of ‘spiritual value’ from the past by simply reading some words, even some so-called, ‘holy words, words full of holes/wholes to fall through, and take them as direct directions for our lives. Which could be ok, but to say, only these are right and correct and all others are ‘doomed for destruction’…well….plenty of questions come up for me, and perhaps for any who are consciously considering a life lived in ‘loving kindness’.

I am laughing all the way home as I know from my limited language studies that words and their meanings change over time. Even in my short time here on this planet many words have either lost their original meanings altogether or have been drastically altered in ‘accepted definition’. I am hardly an expert, but have seen enough to know that even translations from one person to another can vary widely, and to say, from one hand to another, from one language to another…especially through one eon to the next, when the meanings of words, again, even in my lifetime have switched and changed directions, well. Some drastic examples:  ‘Sick’ and ‘Junk’ come to mind, ‘Gay’ and ‘Rainbow’, and ‘Trans-formations’, You can take what you will from these to see, if you spend an intelligent moment considering that to follow a path, built solely/soul-ly on words from the past, no matter how ‘biblical’. well, asking for what you get that way….some missed directions, perhaps, spiced liberally with outright confusion.

For me, put simply, it’s kindness and intelligence that shines, and also personal experience. I’m certainly not saying that certain ways of life don’t work for certain peeps. All good, in that if they’re happy and having a ‘good go of it’, why not?!  Be and say how you wish and your life will build as it does and I have nothing to say or add to that….especially in the vein of ‘being right to your wrong’…..or the reverse.

With all of the above now said, may I suggest you enjoy this chat I had with L.A. Marzulli on the ‘Gatekeeper’s of Ascension’. Hmm, half a chat really, as I had expected a longer one. But, no worries, we may do another. I feel, if you face your shadows,  your monsters, your ‘not so nice’ side, and go the other way, you could be on your path of ascension. In that, by going away from ‘not loving’, you may enter your ‘kingdom of heaven’ by becoming a loving being and seeing where that takes you. Seems to me that was always the ‘spirit’ of any religious teaching. Lorenzo





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