The Splitting of The Worlds


by Marien Amaylia

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“Your mission, should you decide to accept it …”.  Some of us remember the old tv show ‘Mission Impossible’, wherein this was the opening line of every episode, after which the team would go off to prove it possible after all. Before they leapt into the fray, of course, the ‘voice’ would outline their mission of the moment.

Let’s outline ours, shall we?

There’s a lot coming down the pike right now, and many of you, I know, agree that those words are an extreme understatement. We know that a mission has a particular purpose, and most definitely has a major antagonist to address. We here find ourselves with a plethora to choose from, yes? For the sake of this story, let’s choose the economy, the money-matters of our 3D personal and global existence. This story, however, is not about the failing economy per se but I’ve chosen it for two reasons:

1) if it changes on a large scale and in a short time, every person on the planet will be affected in profoundly vital ways, and 2) so that I can offer you a link that delineates well and wisely today’s facts about this aspect of our reality. I believe it’s also wise to listen to this:


Nope, not fear tactics; I leave that up to the global elite and their minions. Recognition is liberation and empowerment. And the big recognition available in this story is not that the economy is on its knees, it’s that … well … read on.

We are, now, indeed at Choice Point. And the way I perceive it, my POV about this magnificent and sacred time, is that we can decide to either carry on down deeper into the proffered learnings of the darkness, into an increasing absence of Light by staying attached to the 3D reality, or say no, I’m heading back home to the Light now.

This decision can be either/and conscious, or unconscious to us but chosen at the inception of this life by our Soul. I do believe, however, that those of us who choose consciously are in the further empowered position of being the aware Co-Creators of the new world, the new Consciousness … and with all of this being in holy communion, if you will, with the Earth Mother Herself. She who has made ready her new body’s infrastructure right beneath our feet; She who has been expanding and refining Her own frequencies.  As Lucia Rene ( expresses it, Mother Earth has been constantly cycling up and up, moving energetically into more and more of a fluidic state, moving towards formlessness.

And we will do well to remember here that our own human bodies are Earthen Bodies, our physicalities made completely of the Earth. As Her changes make manifest within Herself, so too are they made in our body. Higher dimensional DNA coming back on-line, the changings from carbon-based beings to crystalline-based. No wonder life in a body right now is very challenging! These things may be too hard to get one’s mind around, perhaps. However, I believe that this is truly a mystical event of an exquisite magnitude. As someone recently said regarding the axiom that says may you live in interesting times: “This is waaay beyond interesting!” I behold it as actually being within the realm of the phrase ‘the continuation of divine revelation’, no matter what choice each of us makes in this sacred place and time.

So what is our mission, should we decide to accept it?

Entertain, if you will, the very possible context of the splitting of the worlds. And precisely these two worlds: the current, old, and getting older by the minute timeline of this corrupted, manipulated, and poisoned 3D reality we’ve called home for eons … and the one quivering with eagerness about to be born. The one that’s been identified by an increasing number of increasingly aware people as our 5D reality; the Ascension Timeline. Truly the continuation of divine revelation, our home-coming to so very much more of who we really are. Soul-actualized, multi-dimensional Creator Beings on the path back to Light after a very long, very arduous, and ultimately very rewarding adventure!

So … how do these two worlds come to split? They are, in truth, two very different timelines that have merged for a while perhaps. As an individual, my timeline is basically my life path. And as we know, we continually create our life by the choices we make. Tom Kenyon channels the Hathor Consciousness, who are, in their own words, “a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected with ancient Egypt”. Here is an excerpt from their message to us regarding “The Art of Jumping Timelines”:

“Although it may seem paradoxical to some, your timeline—your life—is only one of many simultaneous possibilities. And it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life … Whenever there is an increase of chaotic events, there is a convergence of multiple timelines.

Your planet is poised on the brink of utter transformation. The form of this transformation has multiple expressions, and it is you—the collective—that will affect these outcomes to a greater or lesser degree … Some of these outcomes, these possibilities, fulfill the prophecies of planetary destruction and purification. Other timelines, other expressions, reveal a different outcome. A sudden unexpected shift in human consciousness could bring the Controllers, who have so negatively affected your destiny, to their knees.

But you have, within your nature, the ability to change timelines and probabilities at the last moment of any event—whether it be personal or collective. For the moment we wish to turn our attention to you, the individual human and how you can jump from a disastrous timeline—from an outcome you do not wish—to something more benevolent, life-friendly, and full of evolutionary potential …”  Intrigued?

Once more, we have a tandem focus here: choose the timeline of destruction, or the one of Ascension, because they’re both available to us, here and now. If the timeline of your own Soul’s chosen possibility is the Ascension timeline, and in the increasing chaos of our world there is a “convergence of multiple timelines” possible to you … your mission is simply to choose, and then to honour your choice by acting and speaking and believing congruently with the timeline that you want … and thus help to create the splitting of these two worlds.

Do you accept this Mission?


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