The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults


By Stephers



If you haven’t already, kindly remove your face diaper before proceeding.  


“Nearly one century ago, Lewis Mumford observed in his magnum opus, Technics in Civilization, that great advances in technology and society come from the intersection of complementary and mainly technological revolutions. Mumford assigned a label . . . to each of history’s modern eras. The first, with its ‘collection of inventions and ideas introduced from about AD 1000 into the eighteenth century,’  Mumford labeled the ‘ecotechnic phase’ . . . The second era, the Industrial Revolution, characterized by advances in ‘materials and power sources,’ he termed the ‘paleotechnic phase’ . . . His own time, the 1930s, which witnessed a flowering of innovation from ‘new alloys, electricity, and improved means of communication,’ he labeled the ‘neotechnic phase,’ (neo, of course for new).


To extend that taxonomy, we propose ‘neurotechnic phase,’ (the Greek root neuron meaning nerves) for the coming long era of growth. 


We now enter humanity’s first era of a networked, ubiquitous, and intelligent infrastructure. We do in fact live in time of a ‘new normal.’ But instead of our future being one of perennial slow growth and technological stagnation, it will be just the opposite. The reality is that we, and our children, and grandchildren, live at the beginning of the long neurotechnic phase of civilization, the most exciting and promising time in history.” (p. 327-328)


~ Mark P. Mills, The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s

Writer’s Note: As I wrote this essay, I felt the need to “borrow” language from other writers and thinkers who have come before me, with remarkably greater insights and poetic lingo. Thus, I have repeatedly incorporated their original thoughts, and to simply credit them, rather than clutter the piece with long quotes. I chose to place their initials in parentheses where appropriate. Further, in most instances, as I was jumping from quote to quote, page to page, chapter to chapter, and post to post, I had trouble retroactively identifying their origins. So many of their insights blended seamlessly and synchronously with my own, that at times I found it challenging to distinguish where their thoughts ended, and mine began. Therefore, in my best effort to acknowledge these critical voices, I make every attempt to delineate them. I apologize in advance if they (or the reader) encounter any questionable overlap that went unaccounted for. Accordingly, following is the legend I utilized to denote these individuals:

Alison McDowell (AM) of wrenchinthegears.com

Michael Hoffman (MH) of revisionisthistory.org and author of Twilight Language and Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Goro (G) of supertorchritual.com (most of his work at STR is behind a paywall — see Endnote 1)

Herein, I go beneath the masonic symbolism most often apparent and mirroring the occult. We are going deep — equipped with a Cryptocracylens — into an abyss replete with Twilight Language (MH) and public psychodrama . . . into a land of disenchantment (MH), where we may see some uncanny coincidences that possibly serve as a reflection of a larger, yet hidden, gestalt out in the open.

How is that for a paradoxical and cryptic lead-in?

Readers may recognize this phenomenon as Revelation of the Method, a term ostensibly coined by symbolism science extraordinaire James Shelby Downard, to describe the subliminal alchemical processing of society by its self-selected Cryptocratic controllers, through orchestrated open-air rituals (MH).

My aim is to break any trance state that has been imposed on us. But how does one become lucid and mentally agile amidst all the noise spewed out by the Machine? Perhaps some kung fu pattern detection is in order . . .

What is that terrible smell in the air? Do you sense it? Perhaps not. So please allow me to point it out.

There is digital dung (MH) floating around in the ether these days, defined and applied (by me; see Final Writer’s Note) as: symbolic, subliminal clues placed in open sight by the sorcerous system through public rituals, which unconsciously mirror the digitized infrastructure being built inside and around us — byhumans, yet not for humans, as it ultimately serves the technological non-human master (the “AI beast”). Accordingly, we do not beneficially reap what we sow, as we increasingly become digitized, remotely-programmable serfs indentured to the Singularity.

Unless you have been living under a rock, undoubtedly, you have heard of one iteration of digital dung. It’s called Omicron. You may have thought it was only the name of a deviant (cough cough, I mean, variant), or an anagram of moronic or oncomir. Word play seems to have had a renaisssance since this mischievous deviant appeared on the scene. I suppose that’s a good sign. Some of us have been playing with words for many years, and it is kind of nice to see others joining in on the decoding amusement. Funny thing, though, there is one underhanded and unremitting thread that I have noticed, which seems to have been omitted from public awareness, and thus, deserves unraveling. Once you see it, I suspect you may not unsee it. Further, you may start to detect the curious pattern elsewhere. Let’s dip our toes into de-occulting this, shall we?

If readers recall, my first POM contribution (in April 2020) fully detailed the concept of a virtual simulation of a virus, and its relation to the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). Without elaborating, I will briefly mention that I had proposed that a computer-generated virus was being propagated autonomously as an independent agent that was learning as it “spread” through the digital ether. Accordingly, humans were serving as machine learning input. I have since modified my view of COVID, giving credence to its existence (based on accrued anecdotal evidence), yet hold steady that if there is any infectious virus, it lives and breathes solely in the digital realm. It has no dangerous hold in our physical reality — except, of course, in the hearts and minds of those who still do not grasp its fallacious nature.

While a virus may not be self-spreading, nor infectious, do you know what is? The answer . . . blockchain. Notably, the “virus” has an inordinate amount of defenders and protectors — those who simply can’t let go of belief in its starring role. In a similar fashion, the blockchain has its share of defenders and protectors (which is growing in breath and depth each day that passes).

So, let’s look at one digitally decentralized network — Omicron. Its motto is “bringing blockchain into everyday life.” Omicron’s white paper (April 2021) explains that it is a “multi-algorithm enabled proof-of-work based cryptocurrency” that “operates on a publicly facing blockchain.”

Forbes reported on November 28, 2021 that another cryptocurrency called Omicron DAO saw the price of its coins “suddenly soaring” immediately following the announcement of a “variant” by its same name. Incidentally, the tiny cryptocurrency — built on an Ethereum scaling technology (this tidbit will become increasingly important as you continue reading) — was launched only weeks prior to the debut of the Omicron variant.

Is this starting to get interesting? Let’s dig in more . . .

There is an AI developer named Omicron Solutions, which typically refers to itself as simply, Omicron. Based in London (also with an office in the U.S. state of Delaware), Omicron specializes in blockchain and smart contract development — servicing the healthcare industry, among other industries. Ethereum is one of several frameworks used by Omicron to build out their blockchain network (again, keep this in mind).

I would like to add one occult meaning of the word Omicron that I have not yet seen revealed. If you take the “O” in Omicron, and make it a zero, you see “0” micron (Note that all three logos of the aforementioned Omicron companies seem to denote a “0”, as opposed to the letter “o”). Do you know what describes 0 microns? That’s correct — nano, as it is submicron. As we allow ever more nanotechnology into our lives, there is no telling if any microns will be left to fill this habitable world. So I say . . . bring on the microns, not the 0-microns or O-microns. No more nano!

Lastly, on the term Omicron and it’s occulted roots . . . The next iteration of “The Matrix” film series, “The Matrix Resurrections,” is slated to be released on the winter solstice, December 22, 2021 (G). And as most readers know, “Neo” is the main character. If you recall, on November 26, the new “scariant” was announced. It was preliminarily named “Nu.” In less than 24 hours, its “new” official name was published on November 27 (see Editor’s note), and a mainstream rationale was offered by CNN. Take a look at the Greek alphabet here. What do you see in the short string of Greek letters Nu to Omicron (with Xi in between)? By chance, do you see “NEO?” (G) Was there a coded tell in the rapid leap from Nu to Omicron? Is Omicron whispering, “Neo” (G)? Did this convey a quickening of the already rapidly expanding infrastructure of the digital matrix — the Spatial Web (encompassing cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts, impact finance, gamification, tokenization, AI, and all that digital jazz)?

If you have had enough of submicron virtual variants, let’s continue on to a couple other recent events that may possibly hint at some unconscious blockchain underpinnings . . .

November 2021 was a busy month of additional psyops and psychodrama playing out on the screen. In a concerted effort to drill down to what seemed most revealing, though, we work our way to a trigger event (multiple puns intended) on November 30. The subliminal framework in this instance may be more obscure for readers. I hope you will indulge me once again . . .

Most of you may have already heard about the reported mass shooting at a suburban high school in Oxford, Michigan (30 miles outside of Detroit). The suspected shooter was 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley. Placing most details aside for the purpose of this essay, I would like to highlight the profession of Ethan’s father, James Crumbley. Unfortunately, his LinkedIn profile was immediately scrubbed, but some information remained public. James Crumbley was purportedly employed by Autonomous Inc. — which is known for selling smart-enabled office products, but is also recorded on LinkedIn as specializing in AI, robotics, machine learning, IoT, Ethereum and blockchain technology.

Geoffrey Handley, who is reported at LinkedIn to be “Advisor” at Autonomous Inc. is also listed there as a board member of Palantir — which utilizes AI topredict violence on school campuses, and notably, is a central player in the crypto space. Prior to that, Crumbley appears to have worked at San Francisco-based Monarch. Incidentally, Monarch specializes in AI/sensor technology applied to school shootings (and also COVID). No joke. You can read their promotional material  on “Connected Schools” here and here. We may see further cryptocratic coding with the “monarch” language, as in subliminal mind control (where we also confront triggers.)

Do we see the pesky petulance of the blockchain peering through any other recent events? Any additional stench of digital dung? You bet your bottom crypto coin we do.

Going backwards in linear time to October 21, we encounter an October surprise, and a literal trigger event. It was a doozy, and one with which nearly all POM readers will be familiar — the “Rust” film shooting incident.

Have you heard of Rust Language (AM)? Apparently, it is a programming language that was initially developed by Mozilla, and notable for its memory safety guarantees.

It was reported by ZDNet in April 2021 that Facebook had adopted the use of Rust, and joined the Rust Foundation (established in February 2021), uniting with other members, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Huawei, Microsoft, and Mozilla. The Rust Foundation was established to “steward the Rust programming language and ecosystem.”

While I will not pretend to understand the nitty gritty of Rust language, such as toolchains, syntax, and back-end systems, I have caught onto its key role in building blockchain infrastructure, with one such blockchain being called Substrate (See here and here). I also learned that Ether (Ethereum currency) transactions can be accomplished utilizing Rust coding.

One unique aspect of Rust is its self-proclaimed, tight-knit (yet global) community of “Rustaceans.” These Rustaceans may be akin to the QAnon techno-cult of yesteryear — inching humanity closer and closer to the technological Singularity via self-organizing collective intelligences (SOCI) that feed the AI beast until it becomes fully self-sustainable. The growing Cryptosphere teaches the emerging AI god with each and every digitized transaction, thereby weaving an integrated (yet seemingly decentralized) collective digital fabric.

The blockchain technology platform, Ethereum 2.0, is slated to come online in February 2022 (G). This long-awaited upgrade aims to “make Ethereum more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable.” It claims to be faster and more robust than its current version.

Relatedly, COVID-19 vaccine passports are built on the backbone of Ethereum, and “represent the first large-scale deployment of the [blockchain] technology in an app that is used by millions, potentially billions of people around the world.” Do vaccine passports imply the “way forward” and planned entrance into Society 5.0 — presumably the “imaginative” bedrock of the new digitalized normal ?

Do you know what else is situated on the Ethereum blockchain? I doubt anyone will know the answer. So, here it is — SmartGuns. Listen to this five-minute explanation of “Triggers & BlockSafe” — a crypto project placing sensor-based, “smart” guns on the blockchain, and incorporating functions such as “Trigger” (TRIG) tokens. [Note: It is unclear if this project is still viable. If not, it is possible it went underground as a classified defense project.]

Are your wheels turning yet? If not, here is a digital comic created by Adam Egypt Mortimer, who was a close colleague of Halyna Hutchins (the reported “Rust” shooting victim). The linked video (see Endnote 2) depicts Mortimer’s 2013 comic, Ballistic, featuring a genetically engineered, cybernetic prosthetic gun. (Spoiler alert: look for the bat and Pfizer cameos).

The official name of Ethereum 2.0 is Serenity. Do you know what the name Halyna means in Ukrainian? It means Serenity (G). Imagine that. Who (or what) is writing this script?

Are you familiar with what Halyna’s husband, Matt Hutchins, reportedly does for a living? Harvard Law graduate Hutchins is an attorney employed by Latham & Watkins. It just so happens that Latham & Watkins concentrates on tokenization and blockchain technology. According to its website, Latham “regularly serves emerging and blockchain-enabled technology companies, investors, crypto exchanges, broker-dealers, and leading global financial institutions that are revolutionizing the delivery of financial services.” Latham even has a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Task Force — “a dedicated global team of more than 80 lawyers [that] focuses on tracking and analyzing developments affecting the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry . . .” 

A fundamental crypto player is eToro — the world’s largest social investment network, co-founded in 2006 by Tel Aviv-based brothers Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia. Ronen is also a Managing Partner at Team8 — an AI/cyber spin-out of elite intelligence and tech units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Israeli cryptocurrency trading platform is inextricably intertwined with Ethereum, and the company is eagerly awaiting Ethereum’s upcoming Serenity (2.0) debut. As noted on eToro’s website: “eToro plans to be among the first to offer this possibility to our customers and are currently following all the required developments as well as the security implications for our clients.” 

Guess who is the celebrity spokesman for eToro? Did I hear someone say Alec Baldwin? Yes, Alec Baldwin for the win. See Baldwin here and here promoting eToro.

So, what we may have observed (or smelled) is the Cryptosphere emerging out of its cocoon, culminating in an alchemical marriage with the Cryptocracy. I suggest it was always hidden out in the open (despite the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto), yet was revelation we simply were not yet keen to detect or determine. As budding sleuths, perhaps now we can begin to perceive its method and crack its code. In noticing the pattern of its movement, it may be possible to dispel its Wetiko tentacles.

So, may I ask you now . . . Do you smell the digital dung?

As I was nearing completion of drafting this essay, I received an email from POM commenter, Alan (inspired by an online conversation which he had heard), asking the following: ‘Omicron’ appears, to me, to be a hypnotic keyword intended to activate specific behaviors in the large numbers of people who have been subjected to standardized hypnotic programming scripts. I’d appreciate hearing details on what this specific script is likely to be activating. This intuitive inquiry hit the nail on the stinky head — although with a vastly different implication than was most likely anticipated (given the context of the online conversation that propelled Alan’s inquiry). Yes, this script (not only entailing Omicron, but many other current events) is litteredwith hypnotic-inducing Twilight Language, and is activating the Metaverse (AKA SWS, Spatial Web, Web 3.0, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0) for full-spectrum dominanceof all real life, down to the nanoscale.

I surmise this emerging blockchain — which may be on its way to becoming an increasingly living and self-organizing organism (albeit counterfeit) — is wellpast its pupal stage and evolving toward omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality.

One key feature of blockchain — the decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) — is what breathes life into this artificial neural network. Apparently, the most notable DAO is the Ethereum Virtual Machine — reputed to exhibit performance that far exceeds conventional supercomputers. That’s quite some power — especially if it were left to its own self-organizing devices.

That said, one who has felt the pulling gravity of the Cryptosphere’s enchantment can still make it out intact, before it sinks its fangs into one’s body, mind, and spirit — turning oneself into digital dust. All it takes is full awareness and the admittance that one has been fooled and taken for a ride on the slippery slopeof blockchain. Ridding oneself of crypto wallets and smart contracts can feel very freeing, and can help one regain one’s human identity — which was being reshaped by the blockchain (AM). At least, I can imagine so. I liken it to when I deleted my Facebook account, and subsequently got booted indefinitely from Twitter. Sure, it took me about a week to detox from the withdrawal symptoms, but I have never felt so liberated, and dare I say, free.

By casting off the chained shackles of crypto-slavery, one can embrace real life — fully touchable and pulsing with vibrance. It is our only possible way out of this digital enslavement. Just say no to being baited into a hallucinatory, disabling, and dispossessed existence.

People best wise up real soon to the blockchain’s occult entrance and development before it transforms into a gargantuan winged insectoid. I am speaking metaphorically, yet I can not emphasize enough how insidious and pervasive this slithery blockchain is. It has been simmering in the noosphere — waiting for the consummate impact and trigger events (G) to jump start its manifestation. It is the foundation of Web 3.0. It has been described as the “secret sauce” (G), not only of the Spatial Web, but also for Smart Cities. Do not give it life. Do not give it power. Do not give it your pulse. Do not give it your breath. Release its hold. Preserve your spirit for your human self, and what is still naturallife.

By now, you may be thinking the old axiom, “Whoever smelt it, dealt it.” I can assure you, I have not had any wheelings, nor dealings, in this Cryptosphere territory. So my hands are relatively clean (see Endnote 3). Are yours? If not, it is not too late. There still remains a way out of the digital toilet. But — and I mean butt — you will have to work that much harder to resist the temptation sucking you ever so slowly and insidiously down the blockchain. Oops. Did I say, blockchain? I actually meant to say drain. All that digital dung strewn about must be clouding my head.

Now, there may be some coincidence theorists reading this, and asking, “Can’t we simply chalk all this up to synchronicities that manifest in this reality? After all, this reality may be some type of simulation, right? This may be a possibility, and all of the uncanny connections could be occurring through what Michael Hoffman refers to as CCC — Cosmic Coincidence Control. On the contrary, you may ask, “Is all of what is being presented to us only the NWO controllers intentionally manipulating the masses via dark sorcery? Well, I suppose I would assert it can be ALL of it simultaneously. I intend to explore this conundrum in greater detail in a follow-up post. Either way — we live inside a theatre (MH).

I would like to leave you with two poignant excerpts from Michael Hoffman’s Twilight Language: “The majority of Americans have been processed as initiates. They are ‘Masons on sight,’ i.e. members of the secret society without knowing it . . . The alchemical processing of humanity is ahead of schedule. People are becoming less human and far more numb and easily misdirected, as the Reign of Dead Matter appears on the horizon.” For Hoffman, Dead Matter = Machines. Hoffman continued, “Digitalization has taken command . . . It signifies what John Dee dreamed in the Elizabethan Age, the hegemony of dead matter . . . The scientific dictatorship is here. Skynet is here.”

At this juncture, I remind readers that Facebook’s new name, Meta (Metaverse), means “dead” in Hebrew (among other meanings). Is this another tell-tale touchpoint? Its announcement on the heels of the “Rust” film incident may signify as such.

Despite his solemn warning and observation that dead matter supremacy — commanded by autonomous AI — may be imminent (as it has literally and figuratively been programmed through publicized ritual acts of psychodrama), Hoffman considers this may not be an inevitable trajectory, in which we all get sucked into the digitally-generated illusion (MH). There may still be time to change course; but, most important, the unseen conjurers do not want us to believe this is possible. They want us to be complacent; to feel like scattered, helpless spectators; and to believe that resistance is futile (MH). Curiously, the sorcerers have also strategically scripted some pied pipers to play the role of verybelievable and trustworthy opposition. As long as consensus narrative dissidents blindly follow pseudo-resistance (some of whom publicly ridicule dissidents for taking the story too far out on the fringe of truth), then genuine resistance may very well be futile.

Humanity (and all of life) is being processed, digitized, and blockchained. Frontier materials (i.e. graphene, fullerenes, and quantum dots) and frontier networks (i.e. blockchain and programmable smart contracts) are being activated by digital masons building their digital cathedrals — with little to no regulation — as the public is still completely asleep at the wheel. We are being immersed in a cryptoboros (my term), an endlessly looping digital prison in which these counterfeit materials and corresponding networks wreak havoc and devolution among the living. We have officially entered the Twilight Zone, and the spellcasters’ script needs to be squashed.

Come on, friends. Let’s get clear on what this AI beast system is building, so that when we grow older and grayer, and potentially urinary- and fecal-incontinent, we are not forced to wear IoT adult diapers, extracting our bodily data. And that is only the tip of the digitally encased iceberg.

Final Writer’s Note: As clarification, contrary to my instincts, it is my understanding that both Michael Hoffman and Goro consider psychodrama events to be very real. So while I credit their magnificent capabilities to detect and depict occult patterns, we differ in matters of discernment when it comes to simulated realities. Also, I feel it is crucial for me to emphasize that my use of the term “digital dung” (although borrowed from Hoffman) is my own interpretation. I will leave it at that for now.


Inspired by Alison McDowell



1) I would like to delineate the timeline that occurred in determining this blockchain/Spatial Web emblematic programming. My main reason for doing so is because Goro at STR (whom I appreciate as a pattern recognition savant) seems sensitive about others borrowing his work without proper crediting. That is understandable. Thus, in advance of any confusion that could arise — in addition to denoting his references above — this timeline may help to provide clarity. It is important to show credit due (if and where it is due). As a matter of simplification, there were three nodes, if you will, that Goro hit upon that I may not have detected on my own — Halyna = Serenity, the Matrix/Neo connections, and the February 2022 debut of Ethereum 2.0.

10/24 – I emailed this to myself:

“How Bitcoin is Like A Giant Cybernetic Meta-Brain.”


10/25 – Alison emailed me this:

https://twitter.com/informalinc/status/1294312577288359943 (RE: Rust Language to build the InterBlockchain Communication (IBC) protocol)

10/25 – I emailed Alison:

. . . she [Halyna] worked on a project related to the Singularity, and then there is the Rust programming language and significance of Rust in blockchain. This story has everything to do with blockchain/singularity.

10/25 – I read this (which gave me more clues):

“The world’s first blockchain game version of ‘Squid Game’ will be launched in October” (October 19, 2021) https://apnews.com/press-release/prodigy-news/technology-blockchain-british-virgin-islands-road-town-052f5e5b703bd4f390abdbe8704ea4fa

10/26 – I emailed Alison:

https://foundation.rust-lang.org/board/ (RE: Board of Directors of Rust Foundation)

Seems crazy — but I can’t help but consider this “Rust” incident a “blockchain ritual” in reverence to their AI god (giving the appearance of a sacrifice). It’s deeply esoteric stuff if you dig in. 

10/26 – I read this (offering, once again, more clues — especially given Facebook’s new name change in October 2021):

“Rust programming language: We want to take it into the mainstream, says Facebook”


10/31 – I emailed Matt of Quantum of Conscience (QoC):

That brings us back to the film, “Rust.” Rust is a computer programming language used for blockchain, and is utilized by the top 3 — Google, Amazon/AWS, and Facebook (which is now called “Meta” for “Metaverse” — circling us back to my research and writing on the Metaverse/Spatial Web). The film “shooting” incident may be a ritual to signal the Metaverse/Web 3.0 transition (kicked off symbolically with the Zuckerberg announcement), featuring their beloved blockchain dedicated to their AI god.

11/4 – Following a long lapse, I re-instituted my subscription to Super Torch Ritual (STR) — as nearly all the material is behind a paywall. I saw Goro was covering the blockchain angle, and was very pleased to see a kindred connection. (From what I can see, his first mention of blockchain/Ethereum/Serenity was on 10/26).

To succinctly state (and as evidenced above), Goro and I have been simpatico on the blockchain/Web 3.0 pattern recognition, as reflected in multiple current phenomena, which he aptly refers to as impact and trigger events.

2) An anagram of “Rust” is “UTRs” —  in reference to mRNA technology — which circles back to COVID as well as the digital comic by Halyna Hutchins’ close colleague, Adam Egypt Mortimer — featuring a genetically modified prosthetic cyber-firearm. Relatedly, in his second “Ballistic” clip (tubecomic episode 1.2), at around the 5 minute timestamp, he talks about a parasite that was used for genetic engineering. Lastly, Mortimer’s short biopunk film was produced by Black Mask Studios, which also has its hands in nanopunk (big hat tip to Steve K!).

3) Let’s face it. We are all Cloud beings on some level now. My digital footprint — mostly in the form of family photos — “lives” in the Cloud. Heck, I even submitted a saliva sample to 23andMe years ago when it came into popularity. Is my genomic data being served up on a platter in the Cloud, creating my digital twin? All of my tweets, texts, and emails — all of it — is digital food for the ravenous crypto connoisseurs. So my hands are not entirely clean. But I am mindfully breaking free little by little — feeding the AI beast less and less these days. All it takes is stepping away from digital and fungible existence — which is truly a gateway drug heading straight into augmented and mixed reality — and back into fully biological and tangible life. Your physical body will thank you in ways you never imagined; your progeny will be grateful you modeled this right action; and your spirit will remain intact and tethered to the real world. We need all physical hands on deck. So get to detangling and detaching those digital and crypto coin chords . . . May the Mother Nature force be with you.

For further exploration:

1) h/t POM commenter OregonMatt

Debunking Bossche and Bigtree” (December 5, 2021)

2) h/t Matt of Quantum of Conscience

“Out of the Unknown” (#2): The Machine Stops

3) h/t Raul Diego of siliconicarus.org

Privacy and the Connected Mind: Understanding the Data Flows and Privacy Risks of Brain-Computer Interfaces” (IBM, November 21)

*Note: I added #3 seven hours after publishing this piece on 12/14 (as I first saw it early this morning 12/15). I noticed that IBM used nearly the same graphic (see p. 4 of their report) that I utilized above (now that is synchronicity!).