My name is Meghan Rose. I am a former Infectious Disease RN (Registered Nurse). I have six beautiful children, two fully-vaccinated, two partially-vaccinated, and two not vaccinated. When I learned the truth about the fraudulent vaccine program, it was an absolute no-brainer for me to speak up about it. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you.

Questions and Answers

Trung Nguyen
April 2019

You have several children. Some are vaccinated and others are not. What has been your observation between your vaccinated children and non-vaccinated ones?

I have six children. My two oldest are fully vaccinated and were frequently ill as babies. Both had multiple bouts of strep throat and tonsils swollen to the point of not being able to get anything down, and were subsequently hospitalized for dehydration. My oldest son had horrible gut issues as well, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Anxiety, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). My second oldest also had horrible psoriasis as an infant and well into his childhood along with the other issues.

My third son is the least of my vaccine injured children—and he was partially vaccinated up until he was three years old. He had gut issues for the first year of life.

My fourth son was vaccinated up until he was 18 months. He had frequent Hand, Foot, Mouth sores and began head banging around 12 months.

My daughter (my fifth child) had the Vitamin K shot at birth and no vaccines.

My sixth child, my son Elijah had neither the Vitamin K or any vaccines.

My daughter (1 vaccine) and my youngest son (no vaccine) are by FAR and away the healthiest of all of my children.

As a nurse, how many years did you attend medical school? During that time, what were you taught about vaccines?

During my time in Nursing School (four years), we weren’t taught anything other than the vaccine schedule.

Just to clarify, as a nurse who attended medical school for four years, you weren’t taught about vaccine ingredients and side effects? Why do you think medical schools don’t teach nurses and doctors about vaccine ingredients and side effects (adverse reactions) ?

No, we weren’t taught about vaccine ingredients and side effects. Only the schedule that vaccines are given. And as far as I know from the many other medical professionals I’ve spoken with—they are ALL only taught the schedule. Education all leads to the same place as far as medical education—there is a money trail there.

When your first four children were vaccinated and had constant health complications, what did you attribute the cause to?

At the time, I didn’t have any idea why we had the issues we had. I did not at all connect them to the vaccines, only because I never in a million years would think something unsafe would be allowed to be given to children. I was young and naive.

Did you take them to the doctors? If yes, what did they say?

I did on some occasions if they were very sick, but vaccines were never brought up.

For example, both of my sons had chronic swollen tonsils. Sometimes they would become so bad that they literally couldn’t get anything down and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. I would have to get their old medical records to see if they coincided with vaccines.

At that time, did you, your nurse colleagues or doctors, ever thought that vaccines were the cause?


What changed your mind about vaccines?

I had always been very PRO-Vaccine. I worked in Infectious Diseases as an RN for two years, and as an Elementary school RN for six months. While I was working in the elementary school, we had two children who had vaccine exemptions, one was a philosophical exemption (which has since been removed from that state), and the second was a medical exemption because the child’s brother had passed away from his six-month vaccines. Before that time I had NO idea vaccines could even cause harm. I thought this incident was one-in-a-million.

In 2016, there was a big stink made about the movie Vaxxed. When it got pulled from the Tribeca film festival, it piqued my curiosity as to why they were trying so hard to keep it from being seen…so I watched it. It tore my heart up. Of course, this movie is just about the CDC-Autism cover-up. So I went out in search of the actual numbers and facts. I went to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) websites. I looked up death rates before and after diseases.

—What was the likelihood of contracting the disease?
—How was it contracted?
—How frequent did complications occur if you DID contract it?
—Was it treatable? If yes, how so?
—What were the death rates?

Then I went to the FDA website and pulled up the vaccine inserts, looked at adverse events from the vaccines. I looked up all ingredients and researched what they did to the body.

I was STUNNED to say the least. We have been lied to for a century and our children have paid the price with their health, and some with their lives. It is absolutely disgusting.

You wrote that you were “very PRO-vaccine”. During the time you were pro-vaccine, what did you think about the anti-vaxxers or ex-vaxxers?

I thought they were conspiracy theorists, or crazy.

What did your nurse and doctor colleagues think when you became anti-vaccination?

I didn’t realize the truth of vaccines until after I’d retired, so I was only in touch through Facebook. They have either not said anything to me—or have come forward and said they have learned a lot from my education and now are no longer supportive of vaccines.

If an expected mother were to ask you, “Should I vaccinate my baby?” What would your reply be? And why?

I would say, “Absolutely not.” There has never been safety testing of vaccines on pregnant women or the developing baby in utero. In fact, epidemiological studies have shown women are at significantly increased risk of miscarriage or stillbirth if they vaccinate.



Vaccine ingredients and the Vitamin K shot

Some of the most poisonous substances to the human body are in vaccines. Yet, they’re being injected into newborns and toddlers.

Here is a partial list of ingredients (as primary ingredients, adjuvants, or contaminants) found in most vaccines:

-Heavy metals, which are known to cause all types of diseases.
-Carcinogens (substances that cause cancer).
-*Neurotoxins (things that cause brain damage).
-Animal DNA and animal blood.
-Human DNA, includes female and male DNA from aborted fetal parts. Human DNA in vaccines have been linked to the rise in gender confusion.
-Glass shards (yes, glass contaminants),
-Formaldehyde (used to laminate wood floors),
-Unknown substances. Due to “trade secret” laws, many ingredients don’t have to be listed. It’s been found that peanut oil (implicated in nut allergies) was one of these trade secret vaccine ingredients. In addition, Italian scientists and American Dr. James Bradstreet have also found that NAGALASE was found in many vaccines. Dr. Bradstreet found that Nagalase was in the brains of autistic children.

*The side effect of many neurotoxins is DELAYED TRANSMISSION to the brain resulting in: fluctuations in vision, brain disorders, anxiety, pain, and lethargy. It presents itself in conditions known as fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, autism, Alzheimers, ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), MS (multiple sclerosis), and more.

If you aren’t a meat-eater, you may want to avoid vaccines with animal cells derived from Golden Retrievers, monkeys, pigs, cows, rabbits, and more. If you aren’t a cannibal, you may want to avoid vaccines made from human cells that come from aborted fetuses.

“I was taught in medical school that vaccines are safe and effective. I had no reason to believe otherwise. About 10 years ago a mother came up to me and said, ‘Hey, Doc, did you know there’s mercury in vaccines?’ I had no clue. My question was, ‘Well, if mercury is in the vaccines, then what else is in the vaccines?’ So I open up the package inserts and I see mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, and preservatives like polysorbate 80. I ask the pediatric resident, ‘Tell me, how does the body process those substances?’ She could not answer me. And no one in science can because no one has looked.” —Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, MD, board certified pediatrician

“Undetermined parasite eggs, skin material, lyme rod material, algae, fungus, and encapsulated toxic formations were seen under the microscope from a tetanus vaccine.” —Robin Goffe, medical historian

The vaccine ingredients (primary ingredients, adjuvants, contaminants, and unknown ingredients due to trade secret laws) are literally poisons and vaccine makers claim that vaccines are “safe and effective”.


Vaccine ingredients are literally poisons. There are ICD-10 codes that medical professionals use to report vaccine poisoning. However, these codes are rarely used because medical professionals aren’t educated on vaccine ingredients and side effects.

What we have in vaccines is a medical oxymoron: Vaccines are “safe and effective poisons”. In order to fight infections and diseases, your body, specifically the immune system, has to be healthy. Do heavy metals, carcinogens, animal DNA, and neurotoxins make you healthy? Now, make the connection between the vaccine ingredients above and the side effects below.

Below is a partial list of vaccine side effects (aka adverse reactions) of most vaccines:

-paralysis (reclassified as polio, GBS—Guillain–Barré Syndrome),
-death (specifically SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome),
-brain damage (brain swelling, autism, developmental delays, non-verbal, avoiding eye contact, dementia),
-chronic ear infection (Otitis Media),
–high grade fevers,
-uncontrolled seizures,
-nerve control disorders (uneven eye levels, crossed-eyes, esotropia),
-sleeping disorders,
-autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, chronic inflammation, psoriasis, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, myasthenia gravis, vasculitis, CFS—Chronic Fatigue Syndrome),
-mental disorders, and
-SHEDDING (spreading diseases—recently vaccinated people are contagious because they’ve been injected with viruses and diseases).
-most importantly, vaccines cause the diseases they’re supposed to prevent (measles, mumps, flu, polio, cervical cancer, etc.)

Childhood vaccines are untested medical products that have zero liability. When you vaccinate, you ARE the experiment.

It doesn’t require a scientist to make the connection between the vaccine ingredients and side effects. Common sense says that if you inject poisons, viruses, and diseases into the body, bad things happen. Take autism for example. The heavy metals in vaccines cause brain damage. Autism is a form of brain damage. The package inserts of the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines list autism as an adverse reaction.The special vaccine court has ruled, through rewarding money, that vaccines cause autism (Hannah Poling case as one example). Saying vaccines don’t cause autism is akin to saying cigarettes don’t cause lung cancer.

Vaccines cause autism.

Now that it’s becoming common knowledge that vaccines cause autism, the drug companies are marketing autism as “a gift” or the next level of evolution. You’ll see this theme portrayed in certain movies and books—it’s a form of embedded advertising by the drug companies. Autism isn’t a gift, it’s a severe form of brain damage that causes children to head-bang and autistic adults to wear diapers. They have even insinuated that some of the smartest people in history were autistic, even when autism didn’t exist for that period. How autism is portrayed in TV and movies and how it is in real life are completely different. There are also marketing campaigns trying to convince people that vaccines make children smarter and extend the lives of adults. According to the drug companies, brain damage makes children smarter and death increases the life expectancy of adults. And it gets better! Vaccine makers are claiming that future vaccines will have artificial intelligence! Wait! There’s more. If you’re wondering how “peer review” works in the drug industry:

-Drug company A scientist: My research has concluded that vaccines are safe and effective.

-Drug company B doctor: The trials I’ve conducted are proof that vaccines are safe and effective.

-Drug company C scientist: I agree with my colleagues that vaccines are safe and effective.

-Media: Scientists and doctors agree that vaccines are safe and effective! Vaccinate your damn kids!

Autism is a severe form of brain damage, not a gift from the corrupt drug companies.

“When I started in medicine, the autism rate was about 1 in 10,000. Now, the autism rate is 1 in 36 [in 2018]. There is no way that could be a genetic problem. It has to be an environmental problem. What has happened over the last 25 years to cause this autism epidemic? The only thing that has changed is the number of vaccines given to children. What exactly are in those vaccines? If you look at the vaccine ingredients, you’ll find mercury and aluminum. These vaccines are contaminated with viruses and sometimes grown on human tissues. These vaccines are neurotoxic or have substances that cause autoimmune reactions…We’re not educating doctors to think , we’re training doctors to do a job!” —Dr. Nancy Banks, MD

The drug industry, particularly vaccines, is based on fraud and corruption. You can surmise why the drug industry is the most corrupt in the world: $35 billion in fines from 2009 – 2019. Imagine how many laws you’d have to break to be fined $35 billion in 10 years. Seriously, take a moment to imagine it. UPDATE: As of August 5, 2019, the drug companies that make prescription opioids have offered to settle class action lawsuits for $10 billion. If the offer is accepted, that’s $45 billion in fines in 10 years for the drug industry. No other industry comes close. However, some states are refusing to accept the $10 billion settlement because it’s too low for the injuries and deaths opioids have inflicted. This is the same industry that makes vaccines.

“Big Pharma Sinks to the Bottom of U.S. Industry Rankings…The pharmaceutical industry is now the most poorly regarded industry in Americans’ eyes, ranking last on a list of 25 industries that Gallup tests annually.” —Justin McCarthy, Gallup poll, Sep. 3, 2019

If you’re unfortunate enough to contract one of the more than 150 side effects of vaccines, you may be told by your physician that, “It’s all in your head” or, “The condition is genetics in nature.” According to the medical community, vaccines are the biggest cause of coincidences of injuries and deaths.


Vaccines Cause Diseases in All Body Parts

Vaccines cause diseases from toe-to-head because of the toxic ingredients that are injected indirectly into the bloodstream. Vaccine ingredients are not injected directly into the bloodstream—they are injected indirectly into the bloodstream.

The vaccine ingredients are injected into the muscles (intramuscular injection/intramuscularly). Then the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream. Through the muscular system and bloodstream (circulatory system), the toxins in vaccines reach every part of the body.

The bloodstream is part of the circulatory system. When vaccine ingredients are injected into the muscles and absorbed into the bloodstream, the toxins are capable of reaching every part of the body through the muscular and circulatory systems.

–Through the bloodstream (part of the circulatory system), the toxins can pollute the blood cells (blood poisoning), causing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

–Through the muscular system, the toxins can cause paralysis (Guillain-Barré syndrome, GBS) and other muscular abnormalities.

–Through the bloodstream, the toxins can travel to the brain and cross the blood-brain-barrier, causing brain damage.

These are the mechanisms in which vaccines cause various diseases throughout the body. Vaccine ingredients have constantly changed since 1796. The only constant is the theory of vaccination: inject poisons, viruses, and diseases into the body to prevent disease. Basically, to prevent diseases, you inject diseases into the body.

As bizarre and unbelievable as it sounds, the theory of vaccination is to inject poisons, viruses, diseases into the body in order to prevent disease. How can something that causes a long list of diseases be used to prevent disease? Something intended to prevent disease shouldn’t cause more diseases than it’s supposed to prevent. It defies common sense and logic.

Vaccines cause nerve control disorders, which may include crooked/uneven smiles and uneven/crossed eyes. The heavy metals in vaccines may be the culprits. Know the consequences of vaccines before you vaccinate.

If you’re healthy, you don’t need vaccines. Why would a healthy person need poisons injected into them?

If you’re sick or diseased, you don’t need vaccines because vaccines are meant to “prevent” diseases. You’re already sick, so the toxins in vaccines aren’t going to prevent anything or lessen/alleviate the symptoms.

Vaccination is useless, no matter how you look at it.


The Vitamin K Shot Is a Vaccine

“The Vitamin K shot has been linked to leukaemia, including acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which is characterized by an increased number of white corpuscles in the blood, and accounts for about 85 percent of childhood leukaemia. It is not possible, on the basis of currently published evidence, to refute the suggestion that neonatal IM vitamin K administration increases the risk of early childhood leukemia.” —Dr. Louise Parker, MD, British Medical Journal

The Vitamin K shot is a vaccine and not a vitamin. It contains aluminum and polysorbate 80. It is one of the most dangerous vaccines available and only a few that comes with a Black Box Warning, meaning that it can cause death. Also, babies are deficient in vitamin K for a reason. When a baby is born, its blood is thin to facilitate the transfer of nutrients and stem cells from the umbilical cord (connected to the mother’s placenta). The baby starts producing its own vitamin K in the 7-8th day. It’s one reason to avoid the vitamin K vaccine (a typical adverse reaction of the shot is jaundice). It’s also a reason for delayed cord clamping.

“At the moment a baby’s born, 1/3 of their blood is still outside their body. If you delay cord clamping 90 seconds, they get 60% more blood cells. They get enough iron to last them through their first year. They get white blood cells to fight infection. They get antibodies. They get stem cells to help repair their body.” —Dr. Alan Greene, MD

The vitamin K vaccine contains SYNTHETIC vitamin K. Synthetic vitamin K’s molecular structure is different than natural vitamin K. For example, processed sugar (monosaccharide) is unhealthy, whereas natural sugars (polysaccharides) in fruits and vegetables are healthy. Synthetic vitamins are isolated and created in labs. Synthetic (manmade) vitamins are biologically different than their natural counterparts. So why don’t drug companies use natural vitamin K? Because there’s no money in it for them.

Also, antibiotic eye drops for infants afterbirth are useless and dangerous. They should never be used. If you’re an expected parent, you must research afterbirth medical procedures. Nearly every single afterbirth medical procedure is unnecessary and useless, intended to enrich the drug companies and hospitals. Many of them put your infant in harm’s way, creating repeat business for the hospitals and drug companies.


No liability: The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA)

Despite what you’ve heard about vaccines, online or in the mainstream media, when you drill down to the facts and data, the truth is hard to digest.

1) No safety study. There has never been a standardized study (using inert placebo) showing vaccines are safe. Vaccines are not safe (they are dangerous). Vaccines are tested against other vaccines or sometimes against adjuvants (aluminum, mercury). For example, in order to know that vaccines work, there has to be a study of 10,000 (or more) of the vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated. The controlled group is the non-vaccinated (aka unvaccinated, never received a vaccine). This should be a simple test to perform, but the drug companies and government have never performed this study. Why? Because the study will show that vaccinated people have higher injury and death rates related to vaccines. The drug companies cite ethical reasons for not performing studies comparing the vaccinated vs. the non-vaccinated.

2) No efficacy study. There is never been a standardized study (double-blind inert placebo controlled group) showing vaccines are effective. Vaccines are not effective (they don’t work). Again, no study comparing the vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated to show that vaccines work.

3) No liability. You cannot directly sue the drug companies (vaccine makers) if you or your children are injured or killed by CHILDHOOD vaccines. In the US, you must make claim in a special administrative vaccine court. The reward is capped at $250,000. Claims can take 8 years. About 66% of the claims are rejected due to budget constraints. About $0.75 of every vaccine sold goes into a special fund to compensate vaccine victims. As of May 2019, over US$4.1 billion have been paid out by this special court to victims of vaccine injuries and deaths. Only about 1% of vaccine injuries are reported.

4) No safety study on multiple vaccines. There has never been a safety study on the effects of administering multiple vaccines at the same time. Your child is being injected with a cocktail of poisons.

Because the vaccine makers and others who profit from vaccines have legal immunity, they can make false claims or parrot outright lies in their marketing and advertising campaigns. They know they can’t be sued, because of a 1986 law passed by the US Congress and signed into law by then-President Ronald Reagan.

Automobile companies can be sued for defective products causing injuries and deaths. Food companies can be sued for defective products causing injuries and deaths. For example, McDonald’s was sued and lost $640,000 for serving scalding hot coffee (Liebeck v. McDonald’s). Every company can be sued for defective products causing injuries and deaths, except the vaccines made by the drug companies. Again, because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that protects the vaccine makers from liability. The special vaccine court has established, through monetary compensation, that vaccines cause autism, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and various types of brain damages.

Anti-vaccine protest in 1986 at CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In 1986, the CDC estimated that 17,000 victims would experience seizures and shocks from the DTP (DTaP, TDap) vaccine. DTaP is a combo vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough).

Note that as of June 2019, there have been several unique circumstances in which the vaccine court has awarded over $1 million for vaccine injuries and deaths. The highest to date is a $20 million lifetime reward for a single case—this was a special case because the father (Dr. Jon Poling) of the autistic child (Hannah Poling) was a neurologist and mostly likely proved to the administrative vaccine court the mechanism in which the vaccine ingredients caused autism in his daughter. These special $1+ million reward cases are the exceptions, not the rule. Because in the U.S. administrative vaccine court, you cannot obtain lawyers and experts to represent you or present your case for you.

Now, the law is very complicated, especially commercial law, and particularly vaccine law because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that protects vaccine makers from PRODUCT liability. In July 2018, a family of a child known only as “O.R.” on public record was rewarded $101 million lifetime for vaccine injuries. The court ruled that the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine caused O.R. to have “seizures and cardiac arrest left O.R. with a severe brain injury, encephalopathy, cortical vision impairment, truncal hypotonia (low muscle tone), and kidney failure”. O.R.’s family was represented by MCT Law attorneys. Similarly, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is looking to sue vaccine makers, not for product liability (because vaccine makers have legal immunity from product liability). Mr. Kennedy is looking to sue vaccine makers for FRAUD. For example, Merck scientists have admitted that they used rabbit blood or rabbit blood mixed with human blood to obtain favorable lab results for Merck’s MMR vaccine. Furthermore, the drug companies have exaggerated the effectiveness of their vaccines and fabricated vaccine safety information when they never performed standardized safety and efficacy studies.

It’s obvious that vaccines cause injuries and deaths. All you have to do is study the vaccine side effects and look at the people you know: Someone you know is vaccine injured. Since you cannot directly sue the vaccine makers for product liability (injuries and deaths caused by vaccines), attorneys are now finding ways to sue the government organizations that promote and administer vaccines but haven’t performed their own safety and efficacy studies. In the US, several cases have been won against the Secretary of Health and Human Services for vaccine injuries and deaths. For childhood vaccines, if you intend to file with the vaccine court, you must do it within 3 years.


Doctors should know (but many do not) that giving Tylenol before or after a vaccination may cause the vaccine adverse reaction to get worse. Tylenol (Panadol in New Zealand and Australia) depletes glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is needed to help the natural detoxification process—getting rid of foreign substances which vaccines contain. Without glutathione, the potential for serious longterm vaccine injury is increased.

So why did the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) pass in 1986? At the time, the vaccine makers (drug companies) were facing massive lawsuits for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. They were facing up to 12, 000 lawsuits nationwide and several class action lawsuits at the same time. The vaccine industry was at risk of being bankrupted by the lawsuits. The drug companies got together and wrote the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), lobbied and bribed politicians, and the act was eventually passed by the US Congress and signed into law by then-President Ronald Reagan. The name of this act alone (Childhood Vaccine Injury) should tell people that vaccines are dangerous and not safe.

Now, the vaccine law gets a bit more complicated. The 1986 NCVIA act only covers CHILDHOOD vaccines that are “recommended for routine administration to children by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”. However, adult vaccines (flu, shingles, cervical) aren’t covered under the act. As of June 2019, Merck is being sued for its Gardasil, Zostavax (shingles adult vaccine), and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines. Those lawsuits state that Merck committed fraud by lying about the safety and efficacy of those vaccines. Basically, Merck hasn’t done a safety or efficacy study using a double-blind placebo controlled group with its vaccines. Since adult vaccines aren’t covered under the 1986 NCVIA law, vaccine injured adults are beginning to sue the vaccine manufacturers.


In summary,

The vaccine courts established that vaccines cause autism through the Hannah Poling case (over $20 million lifetime) rewarded. There are about 83 other related cases in which the courts ruled that vaccines cause brain damage.

The vaccine court has also established that vaccines cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) through the “BOATMAN & CUPID v. SECRETARY OR HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES” case. Over $1 million was rewarded to the family.

The courts have established that Merck’s Gardasil vaccine causes death, via the Tarsell Family vs. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Nearly every illness and disease listed on the package inserts as adverse reactions are caused by the vaccines. The vaccine courts have established causation with the vaccine ingredients and adverse reactions. Therefore, “adverse reactions” and “side effects” can be used interchangeably where vaccines are concerned.

There has never been a standardized study that shows vaccines are safe.
There has never been a standardized study that shows vaccines work.

How did the public come to the belief that “vaccines are safe and effective”? Through the drug companies’ deceptive marketing and advertising. For example, Nike’s marketing slogan is “Just Do It”. The drug companies have crafted several marketing slogans for their useless vaccines: Vaccines are safe and effective, vaccine preventable diseases, and vaccines saved millions of lives. They are all lies. The truth is that vaccines are dangerous and useless. Vaccines never saved a single life. Vaccines never prevented a single disease. These statements are all backed by historical data and court documents. Here are several vaccine marketing slogans:

-Vaccines are safe and effective
-The science is settled
-Vaccines saved millions of lives
-Vaccine injuries are 1 in a million
-Vaccine preventable diseases

People who watch the mainstream media parrot these marketing slogans as if they’re true without researching the drug companies. The slogan “vaccines are safe and effective” was created by the drug industry to cover the fact that there has never been a standardized study to show that vaccines work nor one to show they’re effective.

If vaccines are safe, why are there millions of vaccine injured people?
If vaccines are effective, why are vaccinated people getting the diseases they’re vaccinated for?

“Anyone who tells you ‘vaccines are safe and effective’ is lying. The clinical science does not support that.” —Dr. James Meehan, MD, medical journal editor (The Journal of Ocular Immunology and Inflammation), June 2019

No safety study.
No efficacy study.
No liability (for childhood vaccines).

Consider the absurdity that is mandatory vaccination: children with HIV, Hepatitis A, and other diseases are allowed to attend school, ride on school buses, and share food with others. Due to privacy laws, you won’t know which ones have diseases that are in your children’s environment. However, HEALTHY, unvaccinated children or children injured by vaccines with no disease are banned from those same places and activities. These measures aren’t about health; they’re about forcing unsafe and unneeded pharmaceutical products unto healthy people. These policies profit the doctors, hospitals, corrupt politicians, and particularly the drug companies that make the vaccines. If vaccines work, vaccinated children are protected, so why the fear of healthy non-vaccinated children? The fear is created by the drug companies to hide the facts that vaccines don’t work and the vaccinated are the ones spreading diseases.

Vaccines are the biggest medical fraud in history.