The War Against Christianity and… Calling Babylon to the Rainbow Dis-Courtesy Phone.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

There has been a war going on, mostly in a surreptitious fashion, until somewhere in the general area of the turn of the last century; that period of the Industrial Revolution running up to the First World War. It is not coincidental that this gave a major push to materialism, with the invention of so many objects of convenience; not to mention the car and the airplane, which led to shrinking geography and brought all kinds of different cultures into automatic clashes and then fusions and way down the line, cries of ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’, which then led further down the line to ‘living my own truth’ and feeling female in the morning, male in the afternoon, somewhere in between in the evening. “Babylon? Babylon to the rainbow discourtesy phone!”

Now we have calls for all men being penetrated, to Carlos Maza calling for assassination. He’s been gifted with tens of millions of dollars to attack Normal and Conservatism and Christianity, however obliquely for the latter and coming round and round by circumlocution to going direct.

The war I am talking about is the War on Christianity and this is the motive and the scheme of diversity, which led to perversity and inclusion, which led to the marginalization of anyone who criticizes the agenda of those who are out to create CHAOS and spread Fear and Apprehension. This is the objective of Satanism, which is the product of Materialism, whose offspring is Insanity and whose religion is Atheism. The tactics of the assailants is to accuse you of what they themselves are doing. There is an old Polish proverb that says, “They cry out in pain when they strike you.”

The enemy of humanity is the same cabals of puppet-masters in the shadows that have always been and their primary weapon is MONEY. They gain control of a nation’s money supply (printing the money) and then they control the politicians who make the laws. It is very simple, people. They then move to lies, which they broadcast through the national media, which they purchased for this purpose. In fact, every industry that deals with the proliferation of information or entertainment were also purchased for the same reasons. This is to shape the perceptions of the people experiencing any portion of it.

It is a war and it is rapidly accelerating. For a long time it was a war of ideas and words. Now has come Antifa and other footsoldiers and heralds who are calling for violence. It’s incremental. This is how they work. In the sexual theater it was first, homosexual congress, morphed into Gay and then mainstreamed through legislation. Next came fluidity of genders and transsexualism. What is next? Look for the fashion industries sexualization of children and you’ll get it. Netflix has now homogenized Pedophilia, calling it Age Gap Love. Of course, the presentation, I presume, is about more acceptable ages but the implication is the foot in the door and then… everything else.

The same people were behind the Bolshevik Revolution and the murders of many tens of millions of people. There is now a concentrated push to materialize a similar revolution here in America. It is all about Christianity and one of their programs is to instigate conflict between the Muslim and Christian religion.

FIND the light within you NOW!!! It is there. You could not breathe and your heart could not beat if it were not there within you. You could not think. You could not speak. You could not feel. You could not act if it were not within you. The light is an ineffable, incomprehensible force which expresses through your personality the way that light passes through a stained glass window. In times of material darkness, many of the panels in each stained glass personality are opaque and light does not pass through that area.. This causes an incompleteness in the character. If can be said that if darkness is in you then darkness influences you.

Materialism is calling the tune you dance to. Those who manipulate the power of enforced conformity, have at their command, your job, which controls your living space and ability to feed yourself if you don’t have one. They can make you an outcast with false accusations. So long as you fear them they have a degree of control over you and when they can take your job, your income and by that, ratchet up your Fear of them to an even greater degree… wow! Then… if you have a family that depends on you for support, you have given hostages to fortune. Yikes!

Find the light within you. ALL FORCE comes from a single source. I will not attempt to describe this source but I know this force by its primary manifest expression which is Love. This implies it is in favor of Unity. This further implies that it is in favor of anyone who serves or expresses Love and Unity. I know this source of all force to an even greater degree through its qualities; some of which are mercy, compassion, benevolence, peacefulness, integrity and there are more.

Because I KNOW that this source of all force exists, I have made it the driving passion of my life to make contact with it and I have achieved this. I communicate with it daily. It has humanized and personalized itself in order to interact with me. I have experienced this and I do experience it every day so I know that it is true.

As one builds a relationship with this force one gains a level of strength that can’t be accurately described. It has to be felt and it is there for ANYONE who will take the trouble, who will endure the testing and suffering that comes in the process of one proving their sincerity to this source. No one gets to avoid this because all petitioners MUST prove themselves. Very quickly, or soon enough, the majority of people depart, muttering to themselves, “Oh… there must be an easier way.” There isn’t.

I was personally told by this source, “Visible, I threw everything at you but you kept coming. Time and again, I decided to leave you be but… I couldn’t accept that you would not be dissuaded if I just persisted so, I kept at it. It didn’t matter. Congratulations.” This isn’t verbatim but it is close enough.

I am living proof that it can happen to anyone who persists. I made so many mistakes. I failed again and again. I behaved badly but… I never gave up and I never will. The format has changed now and I don’t know what waits around the corner but here in the quietude of my soul, all is well and nothing outside of that can have any meaningful impact on me because everyone and everything that acts, borrows the force to do so from the source of all force. Nothing can happen to me that is not permitted by the source of all force and here I must state emphatically that anything which is permitted will result in a positive end.

We are all actors in the movie of our life. We can act as a deluded separate mind that believes itself to be separate and is in competition with every other separate mind, who believes itself to be separate and will come up against the truth of existence, as all of us will at some point, no matter what OR… we can exist as an expression of the one mind (and there is ONLY one mind) and allow the source of all force to express through us without hindrance. This is an art in progress and as one proceeds, one’s art becomes ever more refined as the source of all force, wears away every rough edge and previously ungoverned impulse.

It is simple; hold love in your heart in EVERY moment and let it be both your objective and your guide. Hold to it! No matter what the challenge is, hold to it!! Hold to it!!! Let it be the primary expression of your being and carry it with you into every situation and circumstance you encounter or experience. Do not relent. Do not turn aside. Let it become more important than anything else. At THE MOMENT when this happens, a fundamental change will occur within you and your life will be changed FOREVER! You will find yourself in a previously undiscovered and previously unknown world and you will be able to bring everyone willing, into that world with you.

As with anything, as you practice or perform it, it gets easier and you become more accomplished and capable at it. Love will eventually take command of everything in your life. Never forget that love is a living thing and at a certain point it becomes conscious, as opposed to sleeping and then dreaming and then lucidly dreaming and then the levels of being awake. Oh yes, my friends… there is a world of marvels and wonders that awaits which the mind is not gifted enough to describe.

“  , thereby enabling us to love as thou lovest, to see as thou seest, to hear as thou hearest; lifting the consciousness of our human minds into complete oneness with our Christ Consciousness- Thy consciousness; so that henceforth we can consciously, at will, be with thee, commune with thee, face to face, at all times and on all planes, when the need is in the Father’s service; and may know with thy understanding all things we seek and need to know.”


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