The War On Authenticity

There can be no doubt that there is a war on authenticity at the moment. Look around you and everything seems to be fake.


We have fake food with GMO Frankenstein food invented in a lab somewhere, people acting fake to try and impress other folk and others leading fake lives on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This war on authenticity is also essentially a war on the truth.



See the people who benefit most from this inherent fakeness that is spreading through humanity like a cancer are those at the top of the pile. If you buy into their fake media who will sell you fake reasons to go to war, their advertising that will sell you fake food like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King and the fake idea that you can only survive in this World by getting a 9-5 job and becoming rats in the rat race we call ‘life’ then it keeps us sick and them at the top of the tree.

The biggest irony is that if you ask anyone then they will say that they always ‘want the truth’ yet this is a complete oxymoron when you observe the World around us. The reason that this is a lie is that when you try to broach them with any kind of truth they literally don’t want to know! They absolutely LOVE fakeness and falsehoods because this is what this whole reality is based upon.



People don’t want to know the truth about the World around them or even themselves because suddenly that might mean changing their Worldviews and ultimately taking some kind of responsibility and changing their habits. It’s much easier to keep bLIEving the lies so you don’t have to change or do anything. This, in turn, empowers those that pull the strings of humanity. The sad consequence of ignoring reality is that the children and grandchildren suffer or will suffer as the World descends into yet more chaos.

The biggest lies we tell are to ourselves, we do it daily. If we cannot even be honest to ourselves then how on Earth do we have a society based in truth and justice? Don’t get me wrong nobody is perfect, myself very much included, but just how often do we bullshit ourselves over things we know we need to change or that just aren’t true?

We run away and avoid our own selves by plastering over the cracks with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or food. We rarely face our own truth’s let alone the collective truths which affect us all and our experience as a human family here. When I ask is truth and authenticity going to become sexy? When are we going to step into TRUE moral beings to show great examples to future generations? What are they seeing right now? Fake relationships on Tinder, fake celebrities telling them that to be happy all you need to do is buy crap you don’t need,  and fake politicians who apparently ‘run the World’?



In the video below I explain more about what THE biggest lie of all is and how this lie is the one these powerbrokers desperately want us to keep beLIEving.  It’s a cosmic joke really because humans have so much more potential than what we are showing.  If we all expressed our individuality instead of acting like clones then this World would be more diverse and interesting than it already is.

We have become soulless borgs who think the same, dress the same and police each other into submitting to the herd-like mentality. This isn’t us, this isn’t you. You are powerful beyond measure its just that you have forgotten it. Be authentic and express your magic onto the World as only you can. Free yourself of the bondage of what others think about you and rediscover who you TRULY are.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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