The Trap Of Externalization:
There Is No Place “Out There” To Escape To
Something Much Bigger Is Happening


Costa Rica is now requiring the K0vit vaxx and is starting to implement the vaxx passport. In the words of President Carlos Alvarado: “We have to give time for the people who remain to get their two vaccines. As of December 1, there will be no excuse.” Costa Rica’s form will be similar to the European Union’s Digital K0vit Certificate. See the article HERE.

This is no surprise to me. As I mentioned already over a year ago (and even 5 years ago); what is happening right now on planet earth will affect everyone. There is nowhere to escape to/from. I’m not just referring to the totalitarian globalist NWO agenda which will all affect all countries eventually to varying degrees.

There is something much bigger happening and if you only focus on the 3D Matrix, only focused externally, stuck in pure physical survival instinct, trying to run away to be somewhere “safe” and “secure” you will be greatly disappointed in the long run and you’ll miss a much bigger opportunity during the Time of Transition which was prophesied by various esoteric teachings.

Even “paradise escape/retirement” places like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, Mexico, and others are affected by it and essentially in the hands of the NWO. They will be pressured to follow along as it’s already happening (Bali requires the vaxx certificate to enter).

Interestingly, we had quite a few people from Bali and Costa Rica apply to the next round of our group coaching program “Time of Transition: Embodied Soul Awakening” recently. A few of them shared how things are not as easy and “paradise and peaceful”-like as they thought it was going to be when they escaped from Europe, the US, or Canada. Living costs in these places are starting to get higher than even in Europe or the US [used cars are way more expensive than in the US.] Keep in mind that smaller countries will also be potentially more affected by supply chain issues. These places are also starting to get overrun by desperate “first world” folks.

Also, living in places where you don’t speak the native language fluently can be very challenging. Yes, growing your own food and being self-sustainable is also a great idea that I fully support but many people easily romanticize this lifestyle and don’t know how much work and time it actually requires. But also that alone won’t help you in the long run from what is really happening.

I’m not implying that location doesn’t matter. Laura and I talked about this topic in-depth in one of our podcasts and even we “escaped” LA last year, moving to Arizona and it was an excellent decision, but we are not deluded believing that we are even fully “safe” here. “Safety” is not the point. The point is to be where you NEED to be according to your soul drive, lessons, and purpose and not according to the conditioned desires/preferences of your ego-personality.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to tune into your inner guidance, intuition, and divine guidance to know where you truly need to be and where to go. For some people, it actually means staying where they are. Hence, I’m also not a fan of telling anyone what they should do or where they should go or even have to go at all since it’s a HIGHLY individual choice based on many factors in light of the evolution of consciousness and individual soul lessons/growth.

But “trusting intuition” or “trusting yourself” is very tricky for we can easily mistake all kinds of impressions and feelings for intuition which are not intuition. “Trusting oneself” can also easily be mistaken for the wounded/conditioned ego-personality stuck in hope/fear and not coming from the true undivided Self.

Hence, wherever you are, NOW is the time to engage in the Great Work for the only way out is in and through. The opportunity I’m speaking of is a complete transmutation of your Being and alignment with Divine Will which is essentially your true divine Essence and deeper soul purpose for being here.

But accessing essence and your true soul being is easier said than done, and again, we can mistake all kinds of impressions, desires, and feelings for our soul – the fake desire-soul as Sri Aurobindo called it.

However, know this: “Alignment with Divine Will and your soul essence” will interfere with the desires, preferences, attachments of your [unconscious] conditioned/wounded ego-personality which most people mistake for their real “I”, hence many people travel or move but really unconsciously try to escape from themselves.

Moreover, to truly trust your intuition and inner guidance you need to be connected that real part in yourself, and this can only be accessed by engaging in the Great Work, the continuing inner work which also implies deep shadow work which is far from comfortable for you will have to face a lot of stuff you avoided your whole life (and lifetimes) and also facing the lies you tell yourself. It requires sincerity, commitment, and self-responsibility.

But the more you do this work, the more you make decisions and actions based on your true Self in alignment with Divine Will which, in turn, will create positive change in the world as well and it will be exactly where God needs you to be and do His work. It may be big or small from your ego perspective, but it doesn’t matter. You will also receive more guidance and support in unexpected ways as you are in the flow of the Tao.

The “worst” thing you can do right now is making decisions out of fear and desperation and only focused externally. The matrix forces want you to stay externally focused to act out of fear to feed their negative timeline, so be very honest and aware of how you make your decisions and why.

The Divine Light is also anchoring itself during this Time of Transition and it will bring everything out of the shadows, be it in the world or within yourself, regardless of where you are or want to be.

But in order to truly anchor and carry the Divine Light within you, you need to remove all of that is in the way to embody and integrate your true soul being as a transducer for Divine Will. Any conditioning, programming, blindspots, shadow aspects, wounds, and traumas will be used by the occult matrix forces to align with their negative timeline regardless of where you are.

No one can do this work for you and as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink from it. It’s time to answer the call of your true soul/essence and not the fears and desperation of your personality. Stop fearing the world or any doom & gloom scenarios and start living from Within. That will be your trusted guide.

This work and these times require a warrior attitude for the real battle is within and through you. A battle for your soul.

As it is said, the Kingdom of Heaven/God is only to be found within. That is the ONLY safe place and once you are connected to that real part, all your decisions and actions are aligned with that as you become a transducer of Divine Will…wherever it may lead you to be in the world in whatever location or right where you are now..and this is also how we defeat the anti-divine forces and create a world based on Truth. We still have a long way to go.

I say it again, we are at a decisive moment in human history that goes way beyond trying to find a location “away from the craziness” or a “safe place”. Much more is at stake and more is needed from you. There is a way up or a way down as the Hopi said. Your choices affect the whole world so be aware of where your choices are coming from: Fear [Matrix] or Love [Divine]

Godspeed. 🔥💜🔥
Bernhard Guenther



“At the moment we are at a decisive turning-point in the history of the earth, once again. From every side, I am asked, “What is going to happen?” Everywhere there is anguish, expectation, fear. “What is going to happen?”

There is only one reply: “If only man could consent to be spiritualized.”

And perhaps it would be enough if some individuals became pure gold, for this would be enough to change the course of events. We are faced with this necessity in a very urgent way.

This courage, this heroism which the Divine wants of us, why not use it to fight against one’s own difficulties, one’s own imperfections, one’s own obscurities?

Why not heroically face the furnace of inner purification so that it does not become necessary to pass once more through one of those terrible, gigantic destructions which plunge an entire civilization into darkness?

This is the problem before us. It is for each one to solve it in his own way.”

– The Mother Mirra Alfassa


“With the approach of the era of the Holy Spirit, everything must be gradually brought to the light of day, not only the secrets of the laboratory but the deepest meanings of esotericism. The same must happen with illusions, errors, and lies, which must also be revealed so that they can later be rectified.

The world is suffering from a lack of harmony which gets deeper on every plane, and this is a serious danger to the moral and spiritual recovery of humanity. It also involves a serious risk of failure in the last stage of this Time of Transition that we are now entering, If this risk is not overcome, the Deluge of Fire awaits us. We will have to make an immense effort to ward off this fate, and we have very little time in which to do it.

Man has only himself to blame for the greatness of the effort needed: this is a result of his obstinate refusal to heed the warnings that have been addressed to him time and again by the Divine Voice, just as he continues today to blind himself to the fact that the Deluge of Fire is being made ready.”

– Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis





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