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Jan 2022



When I think about how much effort was made by this false world to shut me down, to assimilate me, to turn off the light in me, I imagine how spiritually evolved I must have been before I traveled the phantom tunnel to be here at this particular time.  My desire to join the Ground Crew to help humans remember their origins, to help them escape this prison planet, was deep.  I was confident the plan would succeed.  But I must have underestimated the scheme and technology of the fallen ones.

From the moment I got here, the attacks began and the idea of who I was eventually vanished.

I mean, I got thought-adjusted to the point that I believed anyone who thought spirits were real must have a mental problem.  My poor sister… That’s what I thought about her the first time she spoke of the spiritual world as though it was real.  By then, we were in our 20s.  I didn’t say anything to her about the mental impairment part, but I did tell her it was nonsense to believe spirits were real.  I’d forgotten about our time at the Catholic orphanage where everyone had to believe in the spirit of God, or else.  Yep, they shut me down, and I didn’t know it.

Thinking back, I guess I sort of did know it, but as a child, there was nothing I could do about it.  Even at the age of three, I knew something was up.  I remember sitting on my bedroom floor after enduring a full-night session with my father, having to sit still in a wooden chair while he read something about mathematics.  By all accounts, I should have been dog-tired after 3-4 hours of this.  Instead, when he finished reading and sent me to bed, I sat on the floor, the only light came from the moon, and I whispered in my 3-year voice, “I don’t want to do this life again.

Somehow I knew my inner light was being tortured but I was too young to articulate what that knowing meant.  As I grew older, I pondered the idea that maybe I was being sought out and punished for a mistake I made in a previous life.  Then one day many years later, I encountered a person who said she knew how take others on a spiritual journey.  I was game so we sat on the living room floor on a large throw rug (completely sober), feet and hands touching, eyes closed.  She said, “Ready?”  I said, “Sure.”

Instantly, she said, “What do you see?”  What I saw was a long brick wall pretty close to me.  It looked so real!  “What else?” she said.  I looked around and saw a little girl walking down a countryside road.  Then she said, “Is that wall stopping you from doing something?  If so, what are you going to do about that?”

“Well,” I said, “F this Sh*t!” and I punched the wall full-force, knowing full well my hand would probably break.  But when my fist reached the wall, the structure turned into grey smoke, and then it faded away.

And just like that, we were back in the living room and the session was over.  I was surprised to find that we hadn’t really gone anywhere.  It was all in my mind – made easier to program, à la dark side entities – but I digress.

I thought about the implications of what just happened and what smashing that wall meant to me.  I was willing to bust my hand and wrist to demonstrate my contempt.  The journey showed me what I needed to know about the power of being tenacious about freeing my soul from the illusion of being pinned in, stuck, helpless.

After that experience, I pondered about what would happen if she could work her magic to see if there was anything to this big question I’d put on the back burner for a long time: “how big of a past life mistake did I make, for heaven sake?”  Eventually, I shared those thoughts with this remarkable woman who had taken me on my first journey.

The second journey was amazing.  I cried, laughed, and was horrified to see a glimpse of that past life – the most vital glimpse that answered my question.

In this Matrix, it seems that thousands, maybe millions of years ago, for all I know, I was responsible for thousands of deaths when the earthquake hit that eventually destroyed the planet where I lived.  My crime was telling the people to go into the caves for safety.  That was a huge mistake!  The caves crumbled, and there was nothing anyone could do.  Now, if all the stuff that went wrong in my life – I mean the start-all-over-life-changing things – were connected to this event, then I figured those things were “payback”, spirit-style.

It was my fault for sending them in the wrong direction.  The caves crumbled because of the earthquake though if you asked my mother, she would tell you the caves crumbling was my fault as everything in her life was my fault.  She was the queen of guilt trips. 🙂

It took me a while to calm down after the second journey.  Whether this scenario was accurate or a matrix projection, I cared not.  At least it answered my “why” question.  If the present-day attackers were of spirit, they knew how I felt at the time.  I was as crushed in my heart as they were in theirs.

We all lost loved ones then we all died shortly afterward.  Now here we were playing this “get even” game?  Are you kidding me?

I remember one night I yelled to the heavens and said, “Have you seen enough pain yet?  Are you happy now?  I’ve had to start from scratch for the last time.  If you’re getting off on cruelty, God help you.  This payback nonsense is over.”  And in a short time, it was.  Things began to get better, and there were no more what I would call property attacks.

Little did I know at the time that I was speaking to the fallen ones who invented this Matrix.  They can make reality be whatever you want, within reason for you ordinary folks who obey.  Not so much for you freedom lovers.  You have to remember the power within you and put your foot down, not violently, but with confidence that no matter what they throw at you, you are a free man or woman who is following the path to ascension versus following the path to destruction.

We see your matrix, and we do not concur.  We know how you block us from spiritual growth.  We know it’s because you fear that.  Please be on notice: the Ground Crew sees you on a spiritual level.  The Ground Crew is everywhere, and we are growing exponentially spiritual these days.  You can’t stop the Great Awakening process.

We will bust this Matrix with our goodness.  We love the world intended for us, not the one your lawless, fraudulent, megalomaniac, schizophrenic Matrix offers.  For thousands of years, you have worked to destroy this world.  You think we have all but failed in this battle for our souls.

I think your calculations are wrong.  We’ll see…


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