October, 2021

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We’ve seen how well top down systems work.  The top down pyramid scheme is the only one we know here on Earth.  Is there another way?  Could we, as a human race, function with horizontal independence?

Funny how all we know (i.e., hierarchical rule) is the opposite of Nature’s horizontal, symbiotic, and very successful system.

We are so powerful that if we decided to, we could learn to live in a horizontal system.  No bosses, no kings, no authoritarians barking out orders while they rake in the profits of our labor.  The opposite would be that we rake in the profits of our own labor.  Mind you, not all profits consist of money.  If your labor benefits you, your family and your community, and every capable person is doing this, money is rarely needed.  Trade and mutual benefit happen naturally in a horizontal independent system.  It’s called loving thy neighbor as you love yourself.

By “labor” I don’t mean breaking your back with a pickaxe in the fields unless this is what you like to do.  Labor is an all-encompassing term used for whatever you put your energy into.

Since we as a whole, have not made such a decision, others are making decisions for us.

Under the auspice of controlling the supply chain, apparently big corporations have top down orders to plan for horizontal integration (not horizontal independence) as yet another way to control humans.  They call it collective intelligence from an integrated network of networks.


INTRODUCING OPUS (click on image to watch video)


The human brain is designed with countless neurotransmitters that connect to one another as we live our lives and learn new things.  Each neurotransmitter creates a pathway and if we think the same thoughts over and over again, that pathway becomes a groove.  The more the same thoughts are repeated, the deeper the groove and the stronger the connection becomes.  These brain pathways and grooves are thought of as networks.

The material world owners want to capitalize on this by integrating the brain network into their network of controlling everything on this planet.  They say it is to improve the supply chain but don’t believe it.  There is more to this than shown to the public. The message and the correlating images in the video above tell us quite a lot about how these folks view our future.  It puts chills down my spine to see a visualization of our complete takeover.



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Transhumanism is the goal.  What is transhumanism?

“Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values. – Max More (1990)

“We are on the threshold of the quantum world, folks.  This is a spiritual revolution versus the machine,” – Freeman at Freeman TV in his interview with Elana Freeland.  Elana has a new book coming out, titled “Geoengineered Transhumanism”.  When Freeman says we are wired to create robots, Elana returns that thought by saying that Rudolf Steiner even wrote that one of humanity’s greatest challenges will be to deal with its machines.  She clarifies by saying this seems to be the first time we have developed nanobots to be transmitted into the human body.  These nanobots are so tiny, we breathe them from the chemical trails sprayed in our skies, and we receive them directly from inoculations.



Materialists think of us as biological machines.  The funny thing is we are not material beings.  The human body may be considered material but is it really?  On a subatomic level, it is not solid.  Nothing is solid.  In fact, quantum physics says we flash in and out of existence 1044 times per second.

We are under attack.  So is planet Earth.  The goal is to destroy the human being.  Changing us into non-human, or transhuman, alleviates us from all spirituality.  It relieves us of our soul.  They fear our spirituality greatly.  They know what powerful beings we are beneath the brainwashing.  They know a lot of us have overcome the mind-control and we see that our great potential is at hand.

Some of us know what the elite (aka parasite group) have in store for us.  We have the intention of circumventing this plan.  We see through the veil of trickery.  Our job is to inspire others to follow suit.  We do this by example, not preaching.


The innate desire is always within each to progress toward the goal of transcending this entrapment within the 3rd dimension and now religion offers no way to continue the journey. The aspiration of each soul extension as it incarnates on Earth is to assist in bringing this situation back into balance. Each desires to become part of the pivotal pebble in the pond, but instead is caught in the entrapment of the heavy oppressive pattern of energies and become part of the chorus calling out for assistance.

The assistance can not come from without; it must come from within through self-empowerment, not for the purpose of placing the self over and above others, but in the genuine desire to inspire others to follow suit. In this way, these individuals come into harmony with the creative flow and with the focused conscious desire of those who are dedicated to this purpose [who] have accomplished this transcendence before.

Unfortunately, the situation has reached such a sad state that dedicated ones of higher dimensions have now volunteered to incarnate and act on behalf of the inhabitants and set into motion a wave of self-empowerment on the planet. These volunteers are numerous and await the triggers planted within their awareness to remember their roles. The time has come for this to begin! – Handbook for a New Paradigm, pages 143-144.


Top down systems have no concept of feelings of the heart and soul.  They care not about suffering and pain.  They hate the human race and its planet, Mother Earth.  Their intention is to destroy both.  They have to be right.

But no matter how they have played the Game so far, they see the chessboard on the table is set and that checkmate is only a few moves away.  They can only hope their opponent (us) makes a mistake.  “The addition of other minds grasping the basic idea and focusing their intention of participating has continued opening the window to allow for the continuing inclusion of additional participants. The expansiveness of this movement allows the process to come into harmony with the expression of divine order, which is expansive in its very nature. The momentum of the outward movement of this information forms the basis for continuing this harmonious flow and ensures the divine participation that is essential to success… Here again, you are reminded that thought thinks within and upon itself when it is in divine harmony.”



When I was working in construction, my boss would say, “There are no problems, just opportunities.”  That simple change in perspective made the projects go more smoothly.  If you are part of a ground crew, you probably know it or at least suspect something is up.

Give yourself permission to think about what that means.  If not now, then when?  The window of opportunity for humans is getting narrower by the day.

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