Two Earths

by Nowick Gray

Coronavirus Journal, part 7


A few years back, a popular psychic, Dolores Cannon, advanced a theory that the Earth would split into two Earths. It was easy then to dismiss her vision as metaphysical fantasy, yet now its symbolism speaks to our present circumstance: a world divided.

There are the believers, and the nonbelievers. The latter by definition are heretics, and as such they are figuratively burned at the stake whenever they dare challenge or even question the dominant narrative, the manufactured false consensus.





True or false, the question turns now only in two dimensions: right or wrong, good or evil. George W. Bush said it best, after the first Crime of the Century, 9/11: “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.”

And it’s more than just a moral stance. It’s an entire worldview (what the German philosophers so eloquently call Weltanschauung). Where each camp looks out from their cave and sees “a separate reality” (to borrow from Carlos Castaneda). The renegade seer learned that rare ability, “perceiving energy directly as it flows through the universe.” The rest of us, most days in our battling avatars down on planet Earth, are faced with existential choices, matters of life and death brought as if by fate to our front and back doorsteps. Do we open the door to the goons in the masks—and whose side are they on, anyway?

So glad we have science and liberal journalism to solve our dilemmas. Dispassionate rationality. The gifts of the Enlightenment, of objectivity, neutrality, removed by intellect or spirit to the separate reality we posit with our meditations. In practice, the would-be scientist and journalist is bribed and blackmailed, coached and corrupted, censored and banished, to do or not to do the bidding of the highest bidder. And because real science and real journalism are all about questioning, they are by nature heretical, until they are co-opted.



While free inquiry is silenced, fake science is bought and sold to fuel the creation of reality by the Ministry of Truth. The only truths that count are that money pays the bills, and the most money wins the game of truth, as it buys more words and numbers and emotive imagery to weave its spell of reality creation. Vandana Shiva reminds usthat five hedge-fund managers personally own as much wealth as half of Earth’s population. That’s a whole lot of reality real estate to purchase on the open market, let alone in more unsavory schemes.

We might as well pause there and contemplate that vision of two (half) earths: one (Earth A) populated by five rich lonely men, and half the rest of us banished to Earth B. That leaves an unhealthy deficit of around four billion souls, which is a good start toward UN Agendas 21 and 2030, and that of the Georgia Guidestones: to reduce this population of “useless eaters” to a manageable herd of 500 million, to be sequestered in safe zones apart from the recaptured natural world, now under exclusive gated estate status for perpetuity. That’s a helluva way to cut down on fossil fuel consumption. But hey, the private jets will have credits to ride all day.

Which brings us back to the locking away, for perpetuity, of the world’s economic life, to protect us from the putative “virus.”

“The” virus? See how language and science are inextricably entwined in this double universe I’m speaking of? What virus, if it hasn’t even been conclusively identified as such?

Maybe “it,” if it exists, is not a virus, but an exosome, or a toxic release, or a symptom of toxicity, or an existential fear, or an engineered bioweapon, or a frequency disturbance…

Such questions (well, not the last two, strictly verboten) are refreshingly entertained in the most evenhanded treatment I’ve seen yet (alongside that of Charles Eisenstein, who peer-reviewed it)—Dr. Lissa Rankin’s comprehensive list of unanswered questions about “the virus” and its world-splitting polarization: “17 Things We Don’t Know—and Shouldn’t Pretend to Know—about COVID-19.”

Much as I admire the motivation, intelligence and care with which Dr. Rankin seeks to revive real scientific (and journalistic) inquiry amid this most divisive of issues, I fear the equation she posits—between  two “inner child” figures acting out compliance or rebellion—is too imbalanced to stand. By daring to ask questions, however legitimate for scientific understanding, her plea for neutrality will be dismissed in this political climate like everything else that doesn’t blindly conform to the official line: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” The compliant child has the most funds, the bigger guns… and this compulsion to make his recalcitrant little brother bow to his will, to join the only consensus allowed in this dysfunctional human family.

Along with the inherent imbalance between the dualism of “Truth” and “Heresy” is the emotional vehemence which weighs so disproportionately on the side dishing out policy for all. In this asymmetrical dynamic, the side of authority is consistently more fundamentalist, aggressive, vindictive, mean-spirited and personal in its attacks on nonbelievers–perhaps reflecting more powerful forces of projection and deep-seated fear, blame, shame, guilt… or perhaps just LARPing the persona of an angry and jealous Jehovah. Worship me or die by the sword, kind of thing.

Yeah, I think I’ll take that other Earth, thank you. I hear she’s ruled by a more ancient law, and has an inexhaustible source of pure, life-giving energy. I think the food will taste better there, the sky will be bluer, and the waters sweet to drink. If there is any choice to be had, it’s no-brainer… in a good way.


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