Unseen Entities



by Mark Carter  (Ascension Intention)


Throughout so many of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions, various entities are described and named. Programmed by modern traditions, many people now dismiss such claims about entities as primitive superstition. But are they in fact fanciful?


Our everyday senses, functioning within a certain density or frequency band, perceive data within their home range. We know this scientifically: for instance, taking into account the spectrum of light our physical eyes can see, and sound our physical ears can hear. So, are there sights and sounds beyond the perception of our body’s regular physical senses, that we may be interacting with in more subtle ways? I believe most people would agree that yes, there are indeed.


In fact, many people claim to have encountered various entities directly, while in heightened or altered states of perception. Accounts of angelic and demonic beings populate worldwide cultures, beyond what one might call coincidence. Despite some regional differences, there’s a high degree of general agreement on the nature, habits, and qualities of various entities or groups of entities.


“Positive” entities could be viewed as those who provide benevolent energy to people, while “negative” entities feed parasitically on people’s bodily energy supply – an energy supply that some commentators have called “loosh”. Our bodies’ force fields are constantly shifting in quantity and quality of energy, based on our thoughts, feelings, and actions; and based on both internal and external stimuli.


If our vibration at any given moment is resonating magnetically with that of various other beings, depending on our immediate frequency state we may be attracting certain entities while repelling others. Taking this phenomenon into consideration: by consciously identifying and choosing which states one wants to cultivate, one can develop increasingly harmonious relationships with benevolent beings whose home frequency may be beyond that of our everyday physical senses.


Similarly, when one happens to be resonating at a diminished energy frequency, one may notice or come in contact with various shadowy entities that have their own characteristics and energy agendas. Observing our own feelings and perhaps external cues, we can gain greater awareness of how we function – our patterns – when our energy level is somewhat depleted. This can provide us with valuable insights that we can use to make more informed choices in future.


I wish for you deeper awareness of your body’s energy field and your feelings, so that you can connect more profoundly and continuously with WHAT IS SO in the present moment of your Greater Life!


Ascension Intention-From Shadow to Light