Watch What You Say!



Speaking has a powerful presence!  If you have ever been in an exceptionally great mood and someone comes along in an exceptionally bad mood and starts speaking so negatively that you begin to feel like you’re in a vise-grip having the life squeezed out of you.  There is something to us being our own master and holding our shape even in the presence of anyone, and there is energy, everything is energy, especially words!!!  Words affect us.  Our mind which is made up of words communicating to us all the time has profound effect.  We all know how our own minds can determine how we are going to feel in any given moment.  Why is someone else sharing what’s in their mind any different?  It’s not!

I think it’s time we all go on a word diet!  What is a word diet?  First it’s becoming aware of what we’re thinking a lot about in our day-to-day life.  Second, begin noticing how you feel about what you’re thinking.  If you have a rich vocabulary in negative thinking you’re going to notice that you feel tired, worn-out, depressed, sad, angry and upset a lot of the time.  Third, if you are thinking negatively to yourself I can guarantee that you’re speaking negatively out loud to others.  Fourth, as you become conscious of the words that you’re thinking, you’ll become more aware of the language that you’re sharing with those around you.  If you are not present to what you are thinking and how that’s making you feel then you will spread that into other people’s reality.

There is nothing worse then being conscientious and aware of my own thinking, working so hard to maintain a positive and uplifting field within me through my words and then someone coming along and dumping their negativity into my consciousness without thought as to how that might affect me.  I have been noticing a few people in my life that this has been going on with and the agitation I feel in their presence as soon as they come around and start speaking to me.  I have become agitated and angry with them inside not sharing that and walking away just feeling absolutely anxious and drained.  This has been a very troubling situation for me with these people.  I have decided that I will not spend time around these people very often anymore because they are not aware of the negativity that they’re spreading in their words.  I don’t have to know all the shitty things that have happened to people in our meetings.  I get there is shitty stuff happening all over the world and far worse than what these people are sharing with me.

I believe that we have to be more aware and conscientious of what we’re thinking and what we’re sharing with other people around us.  Start becoming aware of your negative thinking, start a word diet today and work hard to change the negative mantra of your reality to a more positive, uplifting, inspiring and happy story.

Your thoughts are energy and affect you and others! Your words have energy and affect you and others.

Before you say something negative stop yourself and ask is this going to lift, inspire, create a positive experience or is it going to bring it down? If it’s the latter, maybe keep it to yourself and find a way to change that within your own mind!!  And find something positive to share with this person you will also notice you feel better.  Happy word dieting!


The Dharmacy
Dana Lynn


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