When Up and Down are no Longer Up and Down,

Everything Goes Sideways.


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The language is getting coarser and it is being abbreviated, such as; c u latr. We used to call them, “privates”, at least I did. Now we call them ‘junk’, or at least I don’t. Women and Ladies are now called ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’s’. There is a certain negative intensity between men and women these days. Women are disturbed by the way they are being seen and treated; not to mention, identified as. Has there been any outrage about the rappers and what they call them? A very little, here and there. Mostly it is about privileged white men; forgetting that most of us are not, ‘privileged white men’. Of course, the point to keep in mind; the argument is… exactly what the people creating it intended it to be. I notice that a good number of the radical chosen, the ones making all the noise, for some reason, do not recognize themselves as ‘white’. Interesting… I also notice that plenty of people are complaining about rapper defined females but ‘the press’ is not interested in bringing that to anyone’s attention and… if you do bring it to their attention; quite likely you will have attention brought to you but not in that context.

Now and again, over the course of history, it can be dangerous to be inclined to see things as they are. There come times when the safe move- guided by appearances- is to go along with the program(ing). In some ways, I am a handicapped person. I am not capable of going along with the program. I’ve tried, dear god I have tried. I just can’t seem to do it.

What passes, presently, for music, is not music. It is not only garbage, it is intentionally offensive to one’s sense of humanity. It is entirely focused on appetites and appearances and the appearances are distorted in their appearance, as if to look like characters in a painting by Bosch. There is a war on against human dignity and against all positive evolution. We are being shaped, like it or not and… if they can’t shape you, if there is something wrong with the composition of your clay, or another potter has already got his hands on you… there could be problems. Like I said, I’m handicapped but in a way I like and though I may not rate a parking place, I have a place to park, even if you can’t see it.

The desire objectives of the sex force are being created by twisted mandarins; the focus of the sex force and the definitions of natural expressions of the sex force are being changed. We are in general agreement about the directions of, ‘up’ and ‘down’, for the moment. However… if the schools make changes in the way we understand and commonly identify, ‘up’ and ‘down’, if it is relentlessly hammered into unformed minds that up is no longer up and down is no longer down; both of them are now ‘sideways’, eventually, if only through peer pressure, a great many of us are going to see sideways and are going to be going sideways.

In times of material darkness, one of the things that begins to happen, because darkness seems to be in the drivers seat, is that the most unintelligent, the most deluded and the most abnormal among us, somehow wind up setting the parameters of acceptable behavior for everyone else. There is an old saying, it has probably been around as long as the item mentioned has been around. That phrase is, “follow the money”. If you want to know why things are the way they are at any point in time, find out who has the money. Find out who is in control of the money and especially, who prints the money.

The sex force is the most powerful force in manifest life. One might ask, “what about the survival instinct?” or “what about the thirst for power?” “What about the hunger for wealth? Isn’t that what money confers on you? Wealth?” Sex is the most powerful force and the main attractive force in life because the sex drive is linked with what too many of us think is Love. It is not Love. It is a means and a vehicle through which many of us believe we are expressing Love. These days it is described as ‘hooking up.’

When you change the meaning of things, you automatically change the ways that people understand them. When you are unsure of the deeper meanings of right and wrong and when you lack the proper mathematical understanding of harmonious life… when for you, two and two no longer add up to four, you’re in trouble. You are in trouble because the way everything actually is, is no longer the way you see it. You wind up out of balance. Harmony goes ‘sideways’. The bow repents of the pull. The band has been stretched to the point that your personal strength can no longer hold it… and yourself …in place. Any moment you are going to be snapped back to where you started going off the reservation from.

A large portion of our technologies are designed according to the normal sexual equation. Listen to what this person is saying in the video.

Source video and article on this page.

Study the argument being made and the reasons given for the condition this person is in and do not overlook the stated motivation of the whole affair. This is one more example of someone living their own truth.

Here is a place where you can see all manner of strange things, including Catman, if you go looking.

In the meantime and below the radar, a technological revolution is taking place, the likes of which we have never seen before and at a speed beyond the control of our moral sense to contain the possibilities. Still… there are amazing things coming up. How amazing is that?

Also, news is breaking through in some of the worst cesspools of sewer journalism. Have you ever seen an article like this in a place like this?

Stride for stride, the Satanically confused and self abused, are willing to go to any lengths to get their pictures in the paper.

Then comes the most blatant example of fame seeking obsession. State your cause and wait for the applause. It’s clear as daylight and backed by hard data that these new vaccines are really bad for you. The statistics on autism and other similar ailments, resulting from vaccines, are conclusive. Similar actions and articles are suddenly coming up in our collective windshield because- I’m guessing here… vaccine enrollment is way down. The challenges have gotten too much publicity. You can’t go to a super market, or anywhere with a pharmacy, where you aren’t hit up in bold type to get your vaccinations. I’m seeing large adverts where you return your shopping carts, in the parking lots that say, “Free Vaccine shots!” Then in tiny print underneath, it says, “covered by most insurance plans.”

I gave you that flurry of links to showcase the ‘racing down the highway’ side by side, counterparts of opposites, that seem to say that the fabric of fabricated existence is tearing apart. Some powerful force of light is pressing on the long darkened awareness of the many. On the one hand it is driving the bat shit crazy front and center, for the collective focus of awareness in transition. On the other hand, there are glimmers of long awaited change on the way. Back behind the fire door that leads into the inferno, the planners of dark fantasy are feeling another kind of heat. This is the heat of Mr. Apocalypse.

Apocalypses are a form of cosmic spring cleaning. The travesties of life can only go so far before mysterious and invisible hands begin to pull existence back into balance. There’s no guarantee that many will not perish and suffer, simply because a mini golden age is on the doorstep; for those who can more clearly see what is and what is not. If ever there were a time to get a clue, that time is now.

We can see ourselves in as many ways as there are to be seen. Usually this is controlled by what we hunger for. We adjust our self understanding to accommodate, to legitimizing (in our minds) that which we desire. In many cases at present, there is a power acting on the consciousness that is demanding an awakening. Resist at your peril. It is absolutely true that when you turn in the right direction, forces of good rush to your side to help you on your way.

Beyond this shadow show, beyond this temporary dance of frenetic disorder, good and evil lose all meaning. It’s something to shoot for, if you are thinking of doing something useful for yourself and those around you. If you are enraged, if you are angry, it is because you are confined. It is because your freedom of being is restricted. Many might not know how true this is but the drive for liberty is one of the strongest forces within us. At present we are learning, or should be learning that doing everything that feels good is not in one’s best interest and results in the opposite of freedom across the board.

The reason it states in the Bible that, “At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow,” is because Jesus the Christ was the living evidence of everlasting freedom. What greater statement of freedom is there than that one should conquer death?

I am not a Christian in any conventional sense but I am a respecter of greatness, when that greatness is an expression of the highest love that can be known or experienced. I would rather follow the master in my every moment, than to set aside appointed times of worship, when it should be a continuous affair. I have far less interest in the letter of the law than I do in the spirit of the law. That force which was Jesus the Christ, still is Jesus the Christ …and he is waiting, helping and guiding at every and any point when anyone seeks to emulate the poetry of his immaculate art. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Yesterday… I was reflecting on the course of my life to this point and most especially on what lies ahead. I saw the power of the forces of resistance that awaited me, as I made my way along the switchbacks of that mountain, wreathed in clouds and which hides the splendor of the light that awaits. I said to myself… seeing in real clarity, the degree of difficulty I would face as I continue, “I don’t see how it is that I am going to be able to do this with the shortcomings I still carry on my way.” This thought was suddenly pushed out of my head and the inner voice said, “Of course you cannot do this, however, it is not you who does this, it is I. This has been the point all along of telling you to ‘rely on me’. I am the one who walks this course at that point where you cannot, nor anyone else either. All who imagine they steam under their own power WILL FAIL. All those who turn over their will to me at the necessary times and who have been doing this by degrees all along, will not fail. Rely on me!”

I had been so immersed in the thoughts of my own futility that I had factored out the very thing that has gotten me to where I am today and which will surely take me through every test and trial. Every test and trial is ONLY about checking the level of one’s faith in what leads them. For those truly committed souls it is a walk in the park. It is all about the internal battle for control, which is most present in times when the uncertainty is greatest. There need never be ANY uncertainty and once that has been understood, all will be well. It would be well to comprehend that you have never been in charge; you were only permitted to think you were, to learn how definitively you were not, for the purpose of demonstration.

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