Who Owns You?

By Greg Calise


Have you ever considered who you believe owns you? Perhaps you believe Christ owns you, or Jehovah, or perhaps the devil. Maybe you believe your pastor owns you, or the church. Maybe you believe Krishna owns you, or Shiva or some other god/goddess. Oh, maybe your guru owns you. Yes, gurus actually believe that they own their disciples, as if their disciples are a piece of property that they can do what they want to. So who owns You?

Maybe you believe that the state owns you, because they actually believe that they own you. The state, just like gurus and gods, see you as a commodity to be exploited. All of these authorities see you as their herd, their flock, their subject and their slave. They have each made themselves your master, and you have accepted them as such. And you are their slave. Doesn’t anyone see this as inherently wrong…….. very wrong? Why do people submit themselves to any such authority? We are taught that it is our moral obligation to become a slave to some authority.



This is actually absurd. You have the moral obligation to Not submit yourself to Any authority. This is natural law. If you submit yourself to any authority, the consequences are quite obvious. You have made yourself into a slave to be exploited by your master. You have made yourself into a piece of property. And I have seen first hand how gurus consider and control their disciples. You must follow their rules without question. They feed off of the energy of their disciples. They consider their disciples their property, and they are always on the lookout for other property they can steal. They OWN YOU.

No one owns me. I know that I am an eternal and sovereign Being, and no one has any right to become my authority, my master, my controller. No one has any right to control me or feed off of me. I am not a part of Anyone’s flock. I am not anyone’s property.



I am eternal. I have always existed. No one created me, and I am not anyone’s offspring, servant or child. Anyone who claims such an absurd notion is evil; extremely evil. They can say whatever they like, but it is all a lie.

Until one wakes up to this insane situation, then there is absolutely zero chance that one can awaken and become free. How can one claim to be free, when he has voluntarily accepted slavery? It’s really that simple, so why can’t people figure this out? If you surrender your will to some god, guru, priest, the state or any other claimed authority, then you have voluntarily allowed yourself to be a slave. So how can you possibly become free, as long as you remain bound as a slave? You can’t.



Have you ever known any religion, pastor, priest, Imam, guru, state or boss speak about slavery, other than as a side note of the past, when they were kept in actual chains? No, you haven’t, and you never will, because they have enslaved you, and they don’t want anyone to see this or question it. They have enslaved you with twisted arguments that make you feel guilty and fearful if you don’t submit yourself to their authority, as if it is your moral obligation to submit and obey. Bull Shit.

This is nothing more than evil violence being perpetrated upon humanity. Wake up and throw away the chains that you have allowed them to enslave you with. It’s that simple. If you want to be free, then stop submitting yourself to any authority. Stop being a slave.

– Greg Calise

Original article – http://riverbankoftruth.com/




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