Wise-up and Rise-up [or be a slave forever]



by Political Moonshine



The sun rose this morning to cast a revitalizing light on the beginnings of a new year and our chances of reawakening in the spirit of truth, liberty, freedom and peacefully living together as God intended. None of that was anywhere to be found in the past year of sown darkness, discord and disunity. From my perspective, that light emerged from behind Montana’s jagged mountainous landscape and where it shined as a reminder to everyone to be steadfast in its rays because pure light sanitizes everything if it’s permitted to shine.

It was a reminder that we, The People, decide whether the light shines down upon us or not. We decide if it shines down onto our clarity on the truth, which brings crystal clear skies and the full, pure light of liberty and freedom. We also decide if the light is instead blocked by impenetrable storms of enshrouding darkness caused by a truth lingering in the shadows of obscurity. It means that we, The People, bear down in binary fashion where it’s incumbent upon each and every one of us to reconcile the truth of 2023 as the impetus to stand in the light for 2024 or stand in darkness forever.


If we, The People, choose unity in favor of sown division and we permit the light to shine, it will illuminate new horizons and fresh opportunities launched from the traditional resolutions. In surviving an historically unprecedented year of darkness, we embark upon the most important year in U.S. history knowing that 2024 teeters on a knife’s edge with known cataclysmic outcomes on one side and a restored Constitutional Republic bathed in light on the other. The knife’s edge makes it an exercise in duality that is perfect as a 2024 New Year’s resolution for everyone: WISE-UP and RISE-UP [or be a slave forever.]



To wise-up means reconciling the truth to accept the reality of known cataclysms already in the queue. The same people who brought you modern day concrete, steel and glass structures that collapse into their own footprints, fake “pandemics” and stolen [s]elections are bringing you Marxist communism for the long haul and that, folks, is both known and cataclysmic.


To rise-up means to stop these cataclysms from happening. That means reconciling the truth about the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war being waged against us and uniting as a true People to intercede on those warfare tactics and mechanisms. In early 2020, that was a simple as refusing to wear a mask. Had everyone embraced the drug abuse slogan “Just Say No” on the front-end of the “pandemic” and just went on with regular life, the “pandemic” horse would have never left the barn.


We’ve been at war for several years whether people care to accept that fact or not and the horse is most assuredly out of the barn.


The first rule of war is divide and conquer and right now, Americans are divided in unprecedented fashion and flirting with being conquered.


Therefore, interceding on this war requires national unity as an imperative first step and that requires a cause.


The cause is fundamental: WISE-UP and RISE-UP or be a slave forever.


In early 2020, I began kicking two dead horses that I would kick over and over and over: 1-COVID-19 is never going away and 2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop.


Today, on the first day of 2024, the “pandemic” is still here and these people haven’t stopped because we never made them stop.


The reports of increased COVID “cases” and the return of mask mandates on the same electoral timeline as 2020 tells us so.


Today, on the first day of 2024, we can embrace the light to do something about that.


Today, on the first day of 2024, we unite to resolve that it’s time to WISE-UP and RISE-UP or be a slave forever.


Being a slave forever was never an option whether it be forced upon us or otherwise and on that, we stand resolute.


WISE-UP and RISE-UP or be a slave forever.


Decide wisely.



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