1902, Nikola Tesla, Earthquake machines

Atmospheric energy

& suppressed technology





Today we cover a plethora of topics related to the inventions of Nikola Tesla, The Phoenix year of 1902 by Archaix, How teslas inventions were suppressed, earthquake machines, Hermann Plauson Atmospheric energy, fancy marketing of toxic foods, and much more.


*Book in this video – Nikola tesla: the lost inventions by George trinkaus


Timeline of video:

1:27 Black fences going up in Hawaii?

Black Fence Video: https://t.me/ElevateThyMind/2279

2:30 *What is impacting the climate?

5:25 Another side of Nikola Tesla

6:12 *Book – Nikola tesla: the lost inventions by George trinkaus

7:43 *Solar panels in 1902 and Reset of 1902

9:35 Tesla, the old world, and 700 patents

10:03 *Archaix, demolition, and 1902

11:30 Jp Morgan chase and Westinghouse

13:43 Ether Removed 1919

14:35 *Mercury Engines 1897

17:01 Nikola Tesla left the EU

17:47 *Cascadia Rising 2022

18:15 *Earthquake Machines

21:50 *2000cycles per second

23:00 Multi wave oscillator and Huldu zapper

26:03 *Wireless Power using Tesla coils and Atmospheric balloons

30:00 Radio Wave Sickness

33:43 *Griffith observatory and Tesla technology

34:30 Incandescent light bulbs

37:00 *viktor schauberger and Roswell incident

38:15 *Free energy harnessing during day and night 1901

41:03 *Us patent office?

43:00 *Hurricanes and static electricity

44:50 Hermann Plauson Atmospheric energy

46:10 *Myths we have been sold

47:50 I can’t believe it’s not butter?

49:00 Cool whip marketing

51:00 Buying out the scientist

53:23 *Gmos?

55:30 Awakening of humanity





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