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Your Personal ‘Fountain of Youth’

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A Powerful Gathering for Practical Evolution 

With Cambell (Autodidactic)

& Lorenzo (The New NOW)


Space  for both Online and In-Person Participants

Explore Practical Steps towards Your Personal Fountain of Youth

– Full Days of Personal Exploration!

– Stimulate Yourself to a Better Life! Each Day Unique and Self-Contained

– Recall the wonder of human interactions beyond ‘the social’!


Meet and Greet with others on the same path.

Recall your Trust in Life and the Truth of its Abundance.


– Imagination Exercised with New Wonder!

– Open the Path to discover your personal power and Spirit inside.

– The Potential of Choosing Anew.

– Emotions vs. Feelings.  Giving it up vs. Letting it In.  Distortions vs. Sensing.


What is the matrix and how we trap ourselves and how we can become free.


– Practice the Discipline of Keeping your Juice. 

– Evolution through Loving Honesty!

– Clean and Clear Your Communication.

– Remember Who You Really Are.


See Yourself as a Being of Energy with Unlimited Potential.

Steps Towards Practical Evolution


1- Intuition: Built Strong through Recapitulation


2- Imagination: Exercised in Developing New Wonder for Life


3- Power: Discipline, Sobriety, Honesty, the proper uses of energy


4- Perception: Not Doings, Power Moves, Walking and Gazing Meditations in Nature


Learn and Remember Practical Skills to Revitalize and Connect with your Innate and Natural Talents and Abilities.

9 Hidden Secrets – Course NOW Ready!!!

Effective Help with Your Process

Challenges we All Must Face!

No-thing Else Worth the Effort!

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