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1. Spiritual blindness.  Logic is not enough.  You need spiritual awareness.  You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  Nature is Spirit and Spirit is Nature.  Upcoming v-log about this coming soon.

2. Laziness.

3. Social pressure – Fear of being ostracized from the tribe.

4. Naïveté regarding the nature & prevalence of criminality, corruption & evil in the world.

5. Many people believe they are smart due to an ability to memorize information given to them by people they consider authorities. “Smart” doesn’t automatically equate to intelligence or good life choices that actually correspond to the facts of reality.

6. Paralyzing fear = lack of courage = need for constant external direction. “Smart” alone loses to the power of fear.

7. The media is more powerful in regards to narrative creation/control/management, even amongst the so called “smart” people, than many can possibly believe with their logical mind.

8. NARCISSISTIC ARROGANCE. Smart people know they are smart. They falsely believe that’s all there is to it. It can turn into an unrealistic assessment of themselves. The true source of this is repressed trauma which, when left unexamined, inflates the EGO.


“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
– William Pitt







You may feel like you are insignificant and are not able to make a difference in this madness. I am here to tell you to dispel that notion from your mind immediately. 

It has ALWAYS been single individuals driven by the cause of Truth, Freedom & Justice that have changed things for the better. It has NEVER been the mob or the crowd. The world you have the power to change is your inner world and your personal life. That is your task. You are more powerful than you know. Keep that with you at all times as you navigate this madness. After that clicks for you, then you will realize that you are NOT ALONE and even if you were, you have Truth on your side…so you aren’t. 👊🏻🔥⚔️
~ DW



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