88 Keys

~ Chiron Last




The eternal can never be attained through the repetitive pursuit of temporary satisfactions. When you are truly free from desire – the very root of it has been pulled up and is no longer a part of you – then you are also free from anxiety, worry, fear and all the rest of these elements that coerce you into chasing after everything that you feel separated from. There is then a total comprehension of why there is ‘nowhere to go.’

A total comprehension of being completely content. Of being complete. Convincing yourself that you are in this state, and legitimately being in it, are quiet different qualities.  So long as there is the desire to chase after anything, there is still desire, and thus the seeds remain sown into the root of your being which are able to continue growing and manifesting the whole structure of the problem. As long as there is a desire, there can never be freedom, and the fight against this fact creates all kinds of anguish, fear, and self-pity. Self-pity which buries itself once again into egotism which propels you to chase after your own ideas to begin the same process all over again. An endless chase after nothing….





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