Mark Carter’s – Ascension Intention-From Shadow to Light!


Adjusting to the Quickening



I and some people I’m aware of have been noticing that the human ego/will has been becoming more impotent, while the Soul that supplies Life Energy to us has been asserting its dominion more overtly, in order to prepare the body and mind for what will be required in the next phase of our evolution in consciousness.


It sometimes seems that the more we effort, the less we manifest. Our human desires are not always aligned with our Soul’s greater wisdom and plan for our lives. So it may feel as if we’re being forced to cede control to an unseen Force, which our questioning mind hopes is leading us to a destination that will serve us well.


A system override is occurring. The feeling of uncertainty and limbo is akin to the transitional state as gears switch up in a vehicle. The lesser wheel is being gradually deactivated, while the greater one is gaining dominance.


This natural and beneficial upgrade requires and demands our trust. If we insist on clinging to ego wishes and past habit attachments, we consign ourselves to extra suffering. The energetic process toward higher states of Being is built into our physical vehicles via activating Light codes, in accordance with cosmic timing that affects all Life on Planet Earth and beyond.


So what our conditioned, limited human minds think we want is not that important, and will be gently nudged aside by our emerging greater destiny. We may as well get used to it and learn to enjoy the inevitable process that will be asserting itself more clearly and powerfully as we proceed on our evolving course.


I wish you greater relaxation and comfort amid the heightening energies on our planet, as our old shadowy ways surrender to a brighter future that will far surpass our fondest dreams!


Ascension Intention-From Shadow to Light


Main Image by Patrick Ennis