Ancestors Guiding My Way



By Candace Hill



”I believe very strongly many of us have been preparing for this time in history our whole lives.”


My late elder Wolverine used to always say, “You have to be ready there is something coming” and my late elder Light Shining on the Water would also say – do you know why we fast it’s to strengthen our mind and our spirit to prepare us?


In 2011 I was invited down south to the “Gathering of the Eagles” in Nambe Falls NM with the Hopi and I recall a sister came into the arbor carrying a horse’s mane and said she was there to speak on behalf of the Horse Nation who said, “in the future there is a hard time coming and we will be here to help the human beings”


Interestingly many of us who are activists saw the writing on the wall and knew the government was up to no good. But sadly many innocent people were unprepared and blindsided.


Months before the “virus” an Anishnabe grandmother told my friend that many are going to go home (pass away) in the near future but they will help us from the other side and the strong ones will survive.


I had already been blocked from accessing my political FaceBook page the year before where I had been speaking to mostly men from around the world including Palestinians.


Then my friend Joel Lorde an outspoken man on vaccines had his website taken down with over 50,000 followers. Then another fellow activist Arthur Topham had his site take down by our past PM Harper that was educating people about Zionism. He also had a gag order placed upon him for 5 years until 2023 from writing or publishing anything on social media.


Then two weeks before the “virus” I was banned off of the “Idle No More” Facebook page that I had been posting positive, uplifting and educational information the previous six years.


What was the government so afraid of to go to the lengths of trying to silence the out spoken ones?


I realized this agenda was starting on March 17th 2020 when it was announced there was a “deadly virus” and we would have to be locked down for two weeks until we flattened the curve.


I recall the first day saying to myself – “I am done trying to wake people up and empower them”. Second day I said to myself now I must find good people and solutions.


I began by speaking publically in Vancouver in April of 2020 and I said, “I am not afraid to die as death is not the enemy” and that’s what being fearless is and that makes the enemy scared as they are NOT untouchable!


A couple months later in front of our BC provincial health minister Adrian Dix’s office I made another speech saying, “We are at WAR and these sick people (politicians) do not care about any of us” My words must have pushed some buttons as I was locked out of my Facebook page for a quite a long time after that speech.


I set out to find these good people and solutions it was a calling a pushing by the ancestors. I and a women friend left Surrey BC on July 5th 2020 one year after my husband Running Elk – Burnt Sage Man passed away. The ancestors told me I had eighteen days to go east and meanwhile Manitoba and Ontario were on lock down but amazingly they opened days before we got there.


I had many people praying for us and without the gracious donations of friends and strangers we would not have been able to make that trip.


We stopped in Manitoba and here I was gifted a “Women Pipe” loading song from a Dakota elder.


It was a phenomenal trip we stayed at stranger’s homes that graciously welcomed us and went to a few reserves. My message was the same – I am not here to scare you but you must be prepared – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


We saw no dead animal’s only two timber wolves and a bear. We laid tobacco all across the country and gifted medicines to those who needed it. I believe the Buffalo Nation guided and protected us a Buffalo had been gifted to me in 2019 another helper.


We travelled as far as Six Nations, Ontario where the “The Tree of Peace” a white pine was planted by the Peacemaker and where the true roots of democracy began called the Great Law of Peace. Here I laid my husband’s ashes as his grandmother was Seneca.


After that we travelled straight to Cold Lake Alberta and met with a wise grandmother from the Dene nation who also gifted me a song and then we headed home.


In the spring of 2021 I had a dream of a bird I had never seen in my house and I let it out the window.


Then my father came in my dreamtime saying, “it’s time” He would always say to me when doing my activism work – Time & Patience. But I heeded his message in my dream now saying, its time!


A few days later while sitting at my desk I looked out my window and in the tree was the same bird from my dream I was shocked. Later that day I called a Chilcotin grandmother a medicine woman I had recently met to tell her about my dream and she said, “that’s interesting as I had the same bird come to me today too and it spoke saying” it’s time now”


Her son was living on the downtown east side and she wanted him back home so I agreed to go get him and bring him home. Once at my home he had no drugs and I was not sure how to keep him there. I decided best thing to do is pray and I prayed the ancestors would doctor him. He fell asleep at 6:30pm and awoke twelve hours later and excitedly told me how he awoke and wanted to leave but looked out the window and saw the “bone doctors” and then he fell back asleep and awoke a second time to find “War Chiefs” at the window telling him to get back home to his people. I did successfully bring him back home a week later.


And wouldn’t you know not long after I found myself back living with this Chilcotin Grandmother on the Anaham reserve and one day while sitting on her porch with wild horses all around us she told me, “the horses have spoken and they told me it’s time we stand in our power as human beings”


Again the ancestors told me it was time to leave and so on my way back south I drove through Lytton BC and two days later the “man-made fire” happened.


Again on July 5th one year later I set out this time by myself with everything I owned plus my buffalo skull, bear hide and bundle in my Jeep whose name is Bella Red Horse. The night before I left I looked up in the clouds and saw a horse’s head. Interesting to note I am a Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.


Well much to my surprise four days later I found myself in the middle of a “Horse Dance” arbor on the Frog Lake reserve in Alberta.  After this ceremony I was gifted with many ribbons from the horses that were placed up on my rear view mirror for protection for the journey which lay ahead that was a mystery waiting to unfold.




Written by Candace Hill (brown bear woman) a bi cultural Metis, healer, knowledge keeper, storyteller, writer and activist.


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