Part 1: Ending the agathokakological man.




The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.

— Rust Cohle



The men of yesterday are never coming back.



The transhuman agenda is not just one of species alteration at the DNA level, and iatrogenocide carnage at the reproductive level, it comprises a distinctive component of demolition through gender confusion and sex-specific trait destruction.


On the male side of the spectrum, this involves inducing effeminate and unnatural characteristics in men, to create passive, and submissive creatures who will consciously deny millennia of hard-wired psychology and biology so that the forces of global eugenics and depopulation can render their most adequate resistance impotent.


Socially and culturally this destruction has been engineered through movements like feminism and progressive education, with orthodoxies fabricated in faux academic departments to propagate terms like “toxic masculinity,” so that parents encourage their young men to actively question their innate dispositions and participate in denying their biology as something righteous and noble.


Strong, resilient, fearless men who can recognize that a war has been declared on their families, their countries, and their beliefs—denying their children a better life (not necessarily a peaceful and stable one as everything worthwhile must be constantly fought for) and the opportunity to evolve into their biological imperatives—would not so easily back down against the forces they recognize as culpable. So these men have to be, not just neutered and neutralized, but constantly humiliated and demoralized.


The struggle to hold onto those men, to shepherd and usher all their advantageous qualities from previous epochs to resurrect them in the present is a dignified challenge whose resurrectionists should be applauded.


But this struggle is either won or lost inside the family, the classroom, and online, inside The Matrix, with boys of all ages wearing a target on their backs.


The belligerents are patient. They play a long game. They have recognized that the road to manhood starts with boys, and their futures as worthy men can be robbed in advance of biological, psychological, and physiological actualization.


The forces of social and cultural deterioration have spent decades endocrinologically wrecking and psychologically targeting boys so that they never develop into those strong and useful men—the defenders of society in bygone eras.


The majority of mothers and fathers today are clueless about this war on their boys. They are lost causes in shielding their sons from the forces aligned against them, prohibiting their natural transformation into young men with measurable levels of testosterone that will increase their libido and desires to procreate in the future, blessing their parents with those coveted grandchildren.


The biological transformation of their slinky wirey frames into stout and bulk machines is no evolutionary guarantee. It may not happen, denying them the confidence that partially comes from possessing toughness and grit to defend themselves, and protect their future mate and offspring. The latter is a top three hardwired psycho-biological factor in male mate selection for females.


The other two factors for mate selection are the ability to provide for her and her offspring, and women being competitive creatures will seek out men whom other women find highly desirable. No matter what delusions programmed feminists embrace, no man who displays effeminate traits over masculine traits; is physically incapable of protecting a woman and her offspring, and who provides less than the woman, will ever be desirable to women.


The young boys of today don’t have a chance without fathers who comprehend just how many landmines have been planted along their son’s path toward becoming what his natural predisposition intended.


Today’s fathers shrug when they see young sons sedentary and catatonic in front of a screen wiling away hours each day watching other young sedentary effeminate young men pressing buttons on a keyboard while screaming hysterically at non-threatening pixelated zombies or ‘bad guys.’


Fathers shroud their culpability in convenient excuses. “It’s a generational thing,” they tell themselves as their sons deteriorate into estrogen-radiating pansies one marathon gaming session at a time.


Suppose the father is a Millennial who has already undertaken the journey from boy to man-boy in adulthood and was barely capable of conceiving life himself. In that case, he may encourage his son’s destructive behavior or even pull up a multi-colored bean bag and join him in his gaming sessions, also known as “conscious wasting” sessions.


Extensive gaming creates anxiety and stress increasing prolactin production, which interferes with testosterone production. Years spent with their eyes reflecting blue screens and obnoxious app alerts disrupting their valuable sleep cycles deprive them of the most important hours for hormonal rejuvenation.


Their mothers do not help by actively filling their kitchen pantries with processed foods, limiting nutrients essential for hormone production, such as zinc and vitamin D, which have adversely affected testosterone levels. The average twenty-five-year-old today has testosterone levels 40% lower than the average male of the same age in 1985, with the same body mass index.


The same is true for men of all ages.


By the time they are teens, if they are not considered overweight or obese on the one hand, or sickly, frail, and effeminate on the other, parents can consider their sons among the rarities who have survived the initial endocrinological onslaught; whose bones strengthen and develop; whose muscles expand to support their skeletal system, whose shoulders broaden, and height stretches to whatever figure their parent’s genes blessed them.


For the vast majority overdosing on processed chemically poisoned foods, carrying excess body fat will lead to increased aromatase activity, converting testosterone to estrogen.


If they are not by then confused about their gender with the help of their school teachers, administrators, and their most adored celebrities forced to embrace gender role reversals as humiliation rituals, they are at the very least sporting rainbow flags on their rucksacks, and social media profiles, and asking life-altering questions about finishing the job of biological destruction by their own choice.


This leads to thoughts of chemically or physically castrating their sexual organs, an act that indoctrinators have programmed into their fragile minds as something stunning and brave.


testosterone levels
Buzzfeed’s “Try Guys” show off their low T results six years ago with no embarrassment or shame.
A normal range for their age = 425-595. Anything above 595 would be considered “high” but probably closer to the average a century ago.



If suicide from constant depression (also caused by Low T) has not yet taken them by their twenties, states like Canada will actively intervene to ensure they find all the success necessary to end their lives. Even if they are minors and want to off themselves, soon parents will have no say in saving and protecting the life they brought into this world from the demonic hands of the Malthusian bioterror state. If suicide has not yet reached their plans and they are chemically managing their constant anxiety and depression with pharmaceuticals the road away from manhood crosses a deterministic rubicon.


“Both of my children have attempted suicide.” Correction to image: She is not single. Her husband assisted her in defiling their children (the hyphenated surname is always a dead giveaway for who controls a marriage).

When college rolls around they are expected to attend and earn a worthless degree. Instead of learning a craft or trade that would require physical exertion to create tangible and useful things with their time and labor, they are destined to spend their most productive years being mind raped in auditoriums of lower indoctrination while accumulating debt at a rate of $300 per hour, which may result in a future job that earns them 5% of that amount hourly with shared barista tips.


The compounding stress of their socially engineered mental deterioration and sexual confusion will elevate cortisol levels, further decreasing testosterone production.


After completely assimilating to their new cults of immorality masquerading as tolerance, their slow parents will finally take notice of their son’s considerably unnatural changes. By this point, it is far too late, and the canyon between mother and father and son will become irreparable. The son will be certain that his parents are small-minded and bigoted, and cannot be counted on to celebrate his compounding mental illnesses and disorders in the manner he desires.


As these gender-indeterminate creatures (Androgynos) reach the period formerly known as adulthood they’ve sacrificed their important developmental years with exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics and pesticides, the most serious factors implicated in their hormonal imbalances.


This will lead brigades of young men to pridefully question their sexuality out loud, with their now-developed effeminate vocal intonations (sounding similar to the upspeak Valley Girls of the 1980s) and embrace a devotion to today’s most useless and destructive endeavors—pursuing a liberal arts degree, marching with placards in idiotic protests about the climate hoax, twerking in medical face masks and leather assless chaps at virtue signaling pageants for alphabet peoples’ “rights” which were already won (for better or worse) by those who marched in the 1990s.




Not satisfied that “oppressed groups” are getting enough of their time and attention they will devout inordinate amounts of energy to the fervent cause of whichever victimized group adorns their dorm’s calendar that day, a group they will want to “identify with” out of envy for clout since any self-identifying victimhood is rewarded with constant streams of the most valued social capital among youth today—pity.


We are now at the final stage of what Nietzsche identified as the decay of the West, through “the exaltation of pity and self-sacrifice.”


From Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy chapter on Nietzche:


Pity is a paralyzing mental luxury, a waste of feeling for the irremediably botched, the incompetent, the vicious, the defective, the culpably diseased, and the irrevocably criminal. There is a certain indelicacy and intrusiveness in pity. “Visiting the sick is an orgasm of superiority in the contemplation of our neighbor’s helplessness.”1


What happens when entire generations of young men have become so debilitated, so enfeebled by propaganda as to candidly embrace mental illness, share it proudly with strangers, and medicate themselves with mind-numbing psychotropics, while demanding pity for their status as members of the victimized groups that they openly choose to “identify” with?


If every former boy who evolves into this perverted version of a man demands to be identified as a victim to garner the pity of others to justify his self-pity, who will be left to offer pity if the world is drowning in the perpetual narcissistic exploits of the pitiful?


It is not just measurable levels of testosterone that make men worthy of the word masculine, ascribed to physical stature and physiological transformation, but a combination of sexual endocrinological function with virtues and attributes that have long since vanished from post-modern societies.


Among the Romans, even the ordinary Romans, they had a single word to describe worthy men of their time—Virtus, which consisted of valor, excellence, courage, character, and honor—all perceived as masculine strengths.


Roman emperor and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius emphasized virtues grounded in reason, resilience, and ethical integrity, reflecting his contemplative and pragmatic approach to life. Foremost among these was the virtue of wisdom, which Aurelius saw as the discernment of the nature of the world and fluctuating human affairs.


Justice, another cardinal virtue he identified required a personal commitment to fairness and benevolence in all dealings. Courage, in Aurelius’s view, transcended physical bravery, encompassing moral fortitude and the resilience to face life’s adversities and uncertainties with equanimity.


Among his most valued, self-discipline was seen as crucial for maintaining personal integrity and focus, allowing one to resist transient desires and distractions, and align actions with rational principles.


Aurelius’ masterwork Meditations, a kind of personal diary with valuable guidance and wisdom for young men is given no placement in any public schooling curriculum today, which manifests only increasing rates of degeneracy and illiteracy at ever-increasing taxpayer expense.


Aurelius opens Book One with acknowledgments of gratitude and debt to his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Of his father’s lessons, he cites integrity and manliness. Of his grandfather—character and self-control. Of his great grandfather, he learned something more relevant today than ever before, proving some things never change: “To avoid the public schools, to hire good private teachers, and to accept the resulting costs of money well spent.”


Forget the state and its destructive enforcers of immorality. Forget international speculators working for the forces of global technocracy and its planned “woke” agenda being implemented at corporate board meetings and incentivized in HR departments. All collective resistance and revolution starts with individuals and the choices they make for their lives and the lives of their families.


What fathers today are placing Aurelius’ Meditations on their sons’ nightstands, and requiring they indulge the words of a single book of Meditations before they are permitted access to their pocket computers, gaming machines, or to chronically masturbate to defiling pornography on their laptops—pornography that borders on assault and rape, featuring fatherless young girls who race toward the exploitative arms of smut peddlers in Southern California, completely distorting that young man’s image of women and perception of realistic sexual relations?


Virtues are always changing, as social movements and cultures transform themselves or are transformed by wealthy interests whose speculations hinge on keeping the masses mentally enslaved, and physically infirmed. A culture incapable of resisting this onslaught has exceeded its apex and is rapidly descending. It has long since parted with well-established and respected sexual roles, and virtues attributed to one sex or the other that should be valued and embraced by each for the benefit of the other; roles passed on from generations, once socially adopted for cohesion, stability, and species continuity.


adj.; ag·​a·​tho·​kak·​o·​log·​i·​cal

: composed of both good and evil


Nietchze identified the two contradictory German meanings for the same term—Gut, or good. When used by the aristocracy it meant strong, brave, powerful, warlike, and Godlike. When used by the masses it meant harmless, kind, familiar, and peaceful. It is the embrace of the latter that has rendered us weak and pitiful. Men of today no longer recognize that an act of goodness sometimes requires a touch of evil.


From antiquity to modernity, the shift to what Nietzsche called herd morality assumed prominence, as the “stupidity of parliamentary democracies” which fostered mediocrity through the embrace of “equality” indulged by the “mania of counting noses” has led more than a century and a half later to further decay with the open embrace and exaltation of mental illnesses, especially the vaunting of self-pity and pity to the highest social capital that youth aspire.


Will Durant’s assessment of Nietzsche’s diagnosis of our moral transformation from the aristocratic, to the “liberal” and democratic:


Subjection breeds humility, helplessness breeds altruism which is an appeal for help. Love of danger and power gave way to security and peace. Strength was replaced by cunning, sternness by pity, initiative by imitation, the pride of honor by the whip of conscience.

Honor is pagan, Roman, feudal, aristocratic.

Conscience is Christian, Jewish, Bourgois, democratic.


From antiquity to monarchy on through to Western civilization’s embrace of post-modern relativism we arrive at the point of total ethical collapse. Thanks to prominent cultural Marxists the nature of good and evil can be subjectively reduced through self-smug pontification and circumstantial equivocation.


Racial segregation comes full circle with races reversed. Pedophilies are simply, “Minor Attracted Persons.”


There is no greater equivocation in our time than one conjured out of selective historical cloth as Hitler and the Nazis were evil but the Bolsheviks, (whose upper ranks were composed of almost entirely Nazi “undesirables”) were revolutionaries. Never mind they slaughtered tens of millions (mostly Christians) and had many more concentration camps or gulags, for 62 years more than the Nazi party’s existence. It’s a curious thing who decides what or who was historically evil, and what or who gets a pass.


Today the ideology of Bolshevism is openly embraced and celebrated by academic chairs at the most prominent humanities or social science departments of universities across Western civilization.


These Ivory Tower Bolsheviks have birthed terms over generalization, context, and nuance, which ooze from the upspeak vocals of a world drowning in Beta Androgynos incapable of recognizing evil if it summoned them for a fourth booster as they watched others suffer from sudden coinciditis all around and just shrugged. Androgyno Shrugged.


This Beta corps met their final transformation from man-boys to Androgynos at Race Marxist Universities with billion-dollar endowments kept flush for decades by certain oligarchs, who during those decades were never concerned about emerging racial demonization when it happened to some races (Whites and Asians) but are now suddenly screaming about the dangers of anti-semitism and threatening to withhold their “generosity” once responsible for financing the very climate that now comes for their tribe.


And so at Harvard, it’s back to the tribal drawing board until the next “diversity plagiarist” emerges who does not insult the tribe that appoints Zher.


That the ‘fuck around and find out’ (FAFO) content plays so well on attention networks these days is a testament to the rarity of men who would upon being fucked with, in no uncertain terms ensure that those who dared, immediately find out. For the tribe, making sure others “find out” always requires monetary leverage, that finances be withheld or stolen. That leverage will never be wielded on behalf of any other tribe.


Nietzsche would likely have viewed FAFO as a vivid illustration of his “will to power” in action, a real-time display of the natural hierarchy where the bold, sometimes reckless collide with necessary force. He might have seen it as a dance of power, where individuals test their strength against the world, a scenario ripe with the potential for both tragedy and comedy.


Thirty years ago there would be almost no FAFO marketplace. Back then far fewer men would have dared to fucked around, knowing that the majority of other men around them would quickly make them find out.


The Tyler Durden assignment to pick a fight with a stranger is the ethnographic research equivalent of this FAFO trend, and as a social experiment conducted almost daily reveals more about the limitations and nonconfrontational dispositions of today’s victims than the brazen instigation of the perpetrators.


The perpetrators are simply exploiting a world of socially engineered victims, unprepared for the harsh realities they are naively convinced will never actualize. Throw in dispositions of learned helplessness via suppression of innate instincts through therapeutic indulgences, and when a conflict of any kind strikes they become emotional wrecks—an embarrassment to their sex, yet incapable of shame, self-assessment, and change.


All those hours of shooting up imaginary things in video games did not prepare them for a violent street mugging, carjacking, or armed robbery. They aren’t even prepared to deal with the words of their local bully. They are not mentally or physically equipped to ensure that anyone who violates them or someone they love ever finds out, and correspondingly will never become appealing mates for female selection.


For generations, the playground scrap was a young man’s rite of passage. The bloody nose and cut lips were the battle scars of growing into manhood. The adrenaline rush, the challenge, the standoff, and the disrespect that must be met with a physical confrontation between consenting young men have all been dispensed with in favor of emotional coddling by administrative intermediaries charged with robbing young men of those important lessons.


The soft, effeminate boy cannot rub shoulders effectively in a world where he has been taught by purple-haired gender studies goons, and globohomo-trained psychologists to resolve threats on his physical self with social-emotional solutions. The helicopter parents, aided by the useless meddling therapist have rendered their sons impotent creatures in dealing with the evils all around them. Counting to ten while taking deep breaths will rob him of valuable seconds required to evoke his evolutionary instincts toward protection, defense, or something completely absent from our world today—revenge.


There is evil in the world and there is good and evil in every man. Nietzsche, through Beyond Good and Evil, dismantles traditional moral boundaries, advocating for a pragmatic embrace of humanity’s darker urges when safeguarding society. His concept of the “will to power” underscores the importance of assertiveness, often seen as an aggressive trait, as an integral part of human nature, and, consequently, of societal defense.


To spend generations suppressing all those necessary “darker urges” in young men and boys, in service of “detoxification” means there are fewer and fewer “bad men” to keep the other vicious men from the door.


If we didn’t already live in a post-agathokakological world of gender-indeterminate creatures disguising good virtues in evil, and evil means as justifiable ends there would be men stepping up to eliminate threats as they arose, especially all the weak men who throughout history have been capable of the greatest evil.


There would be no climate summits. Any attempt to ban gas stoves would be met by violent riots of torch-wielding men who burn down the homes of the city or state administrators who dare to publicly broadcast such assinine utterances as potential future laws or policy.


A strong-willed General of a Western military with sufficient arms would have already seen it as his moral duty, that in late January of any year, Davos, Switzerland while fully occupied with the global parasite class would be permanently wiped off the planet in an infernal fireball to the raucous delight of eight billion humans.


The moral relativists have shaded the prominent issues of our time that should not delineate good or evil into post-modernist neo-Marxist delusions borne from institutions of menticide that demand “nuance, context, and to avoid, like, over-generalizations and stuff.”


To groom children into rejecting their natural born dispositions is evil.


To eliminate the groomers is good.


Men of yesterday would recognize the fifth general warfare that enables such evil, and confront corporate media executives and propagandists of the front lines who would be bloodily savaged in their Manhattan three-star Michelin restaurant booths so frequently that no amount of money would ever attract anyone to take those jobs.


Upon their pools of blood, the entire field of journalism would be reborn with ethical foundations overnight, challenging the state and oligarchic power as it should, instead of shielding its transgressions, protecting its criminal disposition, and endorsing its wholesale corruption and pedophilia.


As illiteracy increases, cognitive abilities give way to the wonders of technological outsourcing via artificial intelligence and propagandized versions of history digitally curated to subdue and divide the masses, the fifth generational warfare becomes more difficult to identify, and the male sex by design deteriorates into transhumanist obscurity.


To count all the ways post-modern society undervalues the men of yesterday, and openly seeks to keep them an endangered species would require several lifetimes.


Once the welfare state and corporate cubicle commanded the masculine role of provider for women, and they raced towards both believing them “empowering” solutions toward “independence” while rejecting cohabitation and sexual interdependence with a man, the final nail toward male obsolescence was struck.


However it is always men who permit the liberties of women, and so it was done by their own hands. Collapsing marriage rates and high divorce rates were inevitable once women began to outearn men in many fields.


We might as well stick with Nietzsche here to examine what was dispensed with in the late twentieth century across the West: “Marriage: thus I call the will of two to create that one which is more than they who created it. I call marriage reverence unto each other as unto those who will such a will.”


From that final nail, it was only a matter of time before men were portrayed in Hollywood productions as useless, tragic oafs who must defer to women in all areas for competence. Today they remake every male blockbuster of the past with a female protagonist (sacred minority) so that audiences must go beyond suspension of disbelief as she dispenses large strong men with her acrobatic martial arts prowess and assassin cunning. Every production once aptly fitted into the action and adventure genre is now a comedic farce.


Nietzsche’s Last Man is described as one who has lost the ambition and depth that characterize true human vitality; and is content with comfort and simple pleasures, devoid of any profound understanding or desire for something greater. “No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse,” he writes, lamenting the loss of individualism and aspiration toward greatness.


In a world where the literal “Last Man” has measurable levels of testosterone fueling an insatiable libido, yet is surrounded by genderless Androgynos, it might be assumed that he would have his pick from whatever stock remained of high-value women, and probably so. But if the Androgynos are the majority, composing Nietzsche’s one herd, and the one herd is also the madhouse (all of society) then the Last Man, being capable and mentally fit would instinctually grab his lady and flee the madness.


Those fifteen-minute cities mandated by Agenda 2030 will only be possible with weak, feeble men. Of all the remaining men of yesterday, however few remain will have instinctually fled toward isolation in nature, partnered with a high-value woman with a traditional disposition not mentally defiled by feminism, and so we might as well call those fifteen-minute cities of the future—Androgynopolises.


The men of yesterday are never coming back on their own. An active and conscious effort must be made to reengage their innate qualities through self-awareness, education, mindful pursuit, endocrinological protection, and virtuous discovery.


The men of yesterday must be summoned, their qualities commanded by sternness in nurture and not pity. Parents must burn their “parenting” books, fire their therapists, and reject the herd behavior of other parents toward coddling and protection so that their sons can grow into men. Qualities like vigor and strength will be rediscovered and man’s natural desire to fight at the first sign of threats to him, his family, or his tribe can be reborn with future generations.


To resurrect this man, to bring him to life, to even render a spark of him visible in upcoming generations is a battle against the devious forces of species manipulation, and the overt destruction of the male sex, through moral corruption, psychological beatings, cultural debasement, and physiological degeneration.


“What is good?” asked Nietzsche. “To be brave is good. All that increases the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man. What is bad? All that comes from weakness.”


That oft-cited cycle of weak men creating hard times, having been created themselves by good times made possible by strong men before them is no longer apropos to the transhuman epoch we’re witnessing.


No matter how hard times are ahead, and that’s the prognosis for what awaits on this timeline’s horizon, those hard times will not create strong men again as they did throughout previous cycles of history. Not as birth rates crater, and the planned physiological destruction of our species renders both sexes unfertile gender-indeterminate creatures.


Fathers and men must actively reject the forces that seek to transition their sons and them to Andrognyos, they must not just resist weakness and cowardice, they must proudly extinguish it in those around them. By making themselves strong, and exhibiting that long-lost virtue of bravery will lead by force of will or inspiration the weak to vacate those prisons of debasement they’ve self-committed.


As Nietzsche also wrote: “To demand of strength that it should not express itself as strength…a thirst for enemies and resistances and triumphs, is just as absurd as to demand of weakness that it should express itself as strength.”


Why, with such a horizon in sight should we wait for hard times when they are no longer capable of the requisite transformation of men from weak to strong?


We have no further time or generations to waste.


In Part 2 we’ll explore the different types of weak men that emerged during the chaos of the present silent war to help make all the madness possible—a hoax pandemic, censorship, herd behavior, coercion, iatrogenocide as “medicine” and a mandated bioweapon.



I think about the old days
What we’ve been through to survive
Do we get better with time?
Tell me I’m wrong


I’m looking to you always
We follow the same guiding light
Passing like ships in the night
Can we hang on?
Can we be strong?


The strong. The brave. The grateful.







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