Any Color You Like



“Gender identity is only a facet of who we are.”


Gender Bender


Much has been made about how we identify with ourselves.  This person is a man, and that person is a woman.  Anything outside of the socio-physio realities of our masculinity or femininity is often condemned, discouraged, judged, mistaken and ridiculed.  The fear and insecurity of humanity exhibits feigned attempts at acceptance, love, peace and understanding.  Even when it has no direct impact or influence on the antagonist(s), we strive to degrade gender diversity out of existence.  Society may never be ready to acknowledge, approve or empower a transcendent experience with its sexuality.  Being is much more than just identifying as a man, woman or otherwise.


The Era of Balance


During the pandemic, I chose the opportunity available for all of us to go within and align, center, ground and relate with universality.  In my experiences, I discovered and embraced the multidimensionality of being to bring equilibrium within and fulfill a profound relativity with my soul.  This is not to declare I shifted into a different gender.  It is to articulate we all have male, female and transcendental elements of our being, regardless of our physical manifestation.  Whether or not society chooses to accept the recent revelations of gender diversity, we are in the evolutionary progression of the Age of Aquarius.  The era of universal balance.




Archaic Existence


Patriarchal men need not fear that women will rule the world.  Yet, this is probably a good idea, given the destruction mankind manifests in its quest for egocentricity, supremacy and worth.  Primarily, men are aggressive, brutal, competitive, primeval and obtuse.  These masculine qualities have oppressed women into amity, empathy, nativity and passivity.  Toxic masculinity and femininity are instinctual, intellectual and emotional epidemics, condemning men and women into a one-dimensional existence within the social paradigm of duality.  We sever our relativity with our soul when we sentence ourselves to the singularity of gender identity.


Unfulfilled Intimacy


Our relativity is not only expressed in how we connect with others, but in how we relate with ourselves.  Engaging in personal and social intimacy is often a material and peripheral encounter.  When we consider all the physical, mental and emotional conditions we bring to our relationships, rarely is it ever a fulfilling experience.  Given the lackadaisical awareness many express in their relations, it is not surprising that contemporary sexuality results in toxicity.  When we attempt to fill our personal void vicariously through another, we become a vortex.  The loneliness we feel with our significant other is often far worse than the one we endure alone.


“Embodying our soul empowers our relations.”



The Toxicity of Gender


Many tend to camouflage themselves with the social shield of their physical gender.  As we mature, we till our personal roots deeper into man or womanhood, accepting a life sentence of one-dimensionality.  Our oblivion to the universal nature of our complimentary sexualities becomes suppressed, further complicating the fulfillment of our being and our relations.  An unbalanced male may project the aggression of anger, competition, judgement, machismo and strategy, while an imbalanced female may retreat into the passivity of drama, helplessness, hopelessness, oversensitivity and resignation.  Embodying a singular gender identification is a suppression of transcendental being.


Over the Rainbow


Gender diversity has exploded throughout society.  Many may feign acceptance, empathy and understanding with alternative communities to be “socially correct.”  For others, declaring sexual diversity is an evolutionary expression of being. Though these discoveries are ringing in a global revolution of sexuality, our destiny is to establish our unique balance, and transcend the boundaries of gender to become a universal being.  Both men and women have masculinity, femininity and divinity.  Equilibrium within creates the foundation upon which our relativity with the universe is experienced through our heart and intuition.  We are not one delineation, we are all.



A Balanced Being


When men accept their femininity and women embrace their masculinity, universal balance is established in our heart center.  This allows us to be present to our intuition and soul.  Without this symmetry, we cannot become an expression of universality.  The energy of the universe is ever transforming, empowering us to evolve, expand and progress.  We are universal beings having human experiences.  The universe empowers us to embody our omnidimensionality.  When we are related with our soul, in flow with our intuition and centered in our heart, we are a balanced being of universality.


A Personal Shift


For the last few years, I have become more intimated with universality.  This relativity is very distinct from gender identification.  The experience transcends masculinity, femininity and sexuality.  The balance of all creates a being within to express universal energy.  As a man, I observe my anger, bias, negativity, reactivity and violence.  When my expression is universal being, I experience calm, clarity, positivity, proactivity and tranquility.  By no means is this a profession of perfection.  For me, it is a personal shift of balancing all elements of my being to create relativity with my soul and be in the energetic flow of universality. This transcends the boundaries of gender identity.


Any Color You Like


Human perception is steeped in black and white.  In the wake of this duality, our perceptions often turn gray.  The patriarchy vilifies the rainbow as a representation of deviant sexuality.  In the eyes of society, transcendent expressions of being are exiled beneath the gravity of social transgression.  The toxicity of gender one-dimensionality projects fear and insecurity, condemning us to the enslavement of identity singularity.  This new era is our opportunity to release our personal and social programming to express our totality. A balanced being is not about identifying as a singular gender.  It is the empowerment and embodiment of our soul.


“We are an expression beyond imagination.”