Awareness in the Raw

By Lorenzo!




Awareness is an interesting energy, force and in my opinion a central stimulating principal of reality itself.


Ask most.what awareness is and they may simply say ‘noticing or sensing things’: using perhaps sight, smell, taste and hearing, touch too of course. Most might even limit it to just sight….as in ‘seeing is believing’ or so the old saying goes.


But consider for a moment, what awareness can actually include. Are we aware, for example of the full sense  of the word power? The power to perceive, the power to know, the power to comprehend what’s possible for you to grasp? Are we aware of both our inner and outer worlds? I would guess, and I would have had to once include myself in this statement years ago: most do not even have a clue as to the bigger picture of what being aware can actually encompass for them, of what there is to actually become aware thereof.


Aware of potential, aware of possibilities, aware of life outside of our minds, our thoughts, our emotions, rules and notions, aware that there are choices beyond our self-imposed limitations. I would say, if considered, awareness may even be the least understood ‘sense’ or perception we possess as, hmmm, humans I guess….  Beings comprised of energy, let’s say perhaps more accurately.


To be aware that we are not fully aware would be a dare I would put to any who come this way, who walk this path of let’s call it ‘conscious awareness’.   If we’re being honest, and we are, everyone here, myself included are certainly not, well, yet fully aware.  It’s decidedly unlikely we’d be here exploring basic meanings and concepts together, wrestling with the written word over a virtual medium, hammering and yammering away at definitions and personal perspectives brought to a general level of understanding.  That’s the thing about awareness, all evidence to the contrary: it’s never ending, limitless and all encompasing.


From day to day, if you are paying attention, you can be learning new bits about life and yourself. New choices, ways to be alive, potential dreams, even what it means to be free. In other words, your awareness is a faculty that, like an ancient oak, can grow and grow and never stop growing, as long as  you allow for it, feed it, hone it and pay attention to that growth.


Like that same tree, the higher it grows, the deeper in the earth as well, the further it can ‘see’ or be seen, the further it can sense the world, touch it, embrace it, and be embraced by it..  As it is with awareness too, the more it grows, the more potential can open for our lives. Well, at least that’s been my experience. And I don’t mean, only, looking at the wider ‘world’ around me and seeing what I can ‘take’, here I mostly mean my inner world and noticing what I can ‘make’. Creation is our birthright…. something many are not aware of. Perhaps it’s even the biggest, first step, to our freedom.  Creating for ourselves the awareness that it is possible that we can create,  and,  equally as important, the awareness that you must claim your awareness for yourself: that that is in fact our responsibility, our duty to do so for ourselves, and that no one can truly do so for you.


And, if you’re not sure what I mean here, well, a good place to start is, like a dirty window, clean your awareness so you can use it to see further afield. Take out of the ‘garbage’ of a ‘modern’ day life living at what can only be called a rather low bottom feeding level. Cleanse it of the ideas of others, who are mostly just repe=ating what others told them and on and on. Purify yourself in the knowledge that our so-called ‘education’, for most of us, was meant to dirty and confuse this same awareness, not enhance it, to possess it with half truths and bald face lies, fictions and fantasies and masturbatory dead ends, robbing us of our power of creating our own awareness as we see fit.  Reclaim what has been given away to rules, laws, politicians, priests, gurus, what have you. Reinstate your sovereignty over your own resources. Re-enhance the energy required, by living lovingly and with great health and alacrity, cultivate your own power and resources. You may then use this increased clarity to increase awareness. And why would you do that?  Well, I have seen, with increased awareness come increased potential. More options, more ways to live a life in free wonder.  And quite frankly it’s the only game in town, the only true medium, the central truth of Life really.  It’s all that is, it’s what we’re all made of, to varying degrees and levels of denial or acceptance, of lack thereof of grandeur therein.


What better gift can you get today.?  And the best of all is that it cannot be bought with ‘money’ and no one can give it to you. So, from where you are now, sitting/standing/laying down, and reading this, you can, if you choose, choose to give yourself this gift, this Gift of Your Self!.




With much Love Lorenzo & Fredalupe!






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