Being In Flow




“The only truth is the one we create.”


A New Era


In March 2020, we were given a remarkable opportunity to shift the paradigm of human being, expression and existence.  A manmade virus infected us with widespread fear, driving us deeper into social and political anxiety, division, enslavement, judgement and isolation.  We took the bait; hook, line and sinker, never questioning the artificiality besieging us.  Amidst it all, the opportunity was to observe, distinguish and sever our conditioned dependence upon social reality.  Alignment and relativity with our heart, intuition and soul was ever-present, expressed within the resonance of a universal energetic shift humanity had ever experienced.


Social Reversion


As with all things in society, the majority clung desperately to the simulation of social reality, unable and unwilling to break the vicious cycles enslaving us.  We had the opportunity to experience and shift with the universal energy of this new era, transcending the duality of existence by becoming an expression of our soul.  For many, the neurological dependence on the structure of artificiality proved insurmountable.  When the chaotic fervor of the pandemic settled, we regressed and acquiesced to the virtuality of social reality.  The webs of a new matrix were woven, enabling the dependency of its subscribers.



All That Was Lost


I spent the last three years creating and experiencing all I could to align with my heart, intuition, soul and the universe.  I observed the abundance of transformation society dismissed and negated like weekly refuse.  We wielded our fear and insecurity like a weapon against the opportunity of a lifetime.  Over the last few years, universal possibility was so omnipresent, we could feel it in every experience.  Each of us has the potential to become an expression of the universe.  Yet, the seduction of the artificial security social reality provides proved irresistible to a deluded and susceptible society.  Once again, we submitted to the totalitarian deception.


An Ordinary Life


We invest more energy and effort into financial wealth than physical health.  Many people disregard wellbeing, but incessantly check the progress or decline of their assets, balances and investments.  Career becomes the foundation upon which our delusionary lives are built.  Though it may be an amazing experience having children, billions of lives are dictated by school and family functions, practices, social events, sports and daily activities and encounters.  Social reality fills in the blank spaces of free time with amusement, media, politics and religion.  The meager moments left to us are spent escaping the artificial reality to which we eagerly tether.



“Empowering our truth is our soul’s expression.”


Observations and Outlooks


After 52 years, I have observed the numerous nuances of oblivion in social reality.  It is primal survival at its elementary core.  The cruelty people commit to themselves and each other as they attempt to push their way ahead to what and where they “believe” they are entitled is at the root of our social violence.  We all convince ourselves we are kind, loving and peaceful, though our thoughts and actions often exhibit our personal malevolence.  We believe we are a part of community, yet how can we exist as such when we cannot even be with ourselves?  However positive we project our outlooks; our eventuality is quite the contrary.


Personal Existence


We build a bubble between ourselves and the world with a strategic focus on personal survival.  This is so endemic and inherent, we fail to observe the internal and external violence of our own egocentricity, pride and vanity.  Our oblivion to the projection of our anxieties, fears, hatred, insecurities and judgement is what deceives us away from our soul and into the self-centric snare of our ego.  We are programmed to interpret it as an expression of intelligence.  The ego, as it exists in social reality, is a cerebral weapon, enslaving us into the duality of the mind and body.  It inhibits our personal fulfillment, as well as our communal experience.



The Origin of Community


Just because we exist in an area with a group of people does not equate to community.  My view on contemporary “unity” is akin to how democracy exists.  Once in the history of humanity, there was a vision.  Yet, the relative manifestation pales in comparison.  Given its fragility within social reality, the last few years have shown us how swiftly our selective delusions destroy unity with the vanity and violence of self and familial survival.  Community is a gathering of people empowering and inspiring each other with support and sustenance.  The origin of authentic relatedness is our relativity with our soul.


Ancestral Universality


Social reality separates us from our soul and the universe.  Our institutional conditioning indoctrinates us into a prison of private existence.  Our primary motivation is what we gain instead of what we give.  We are unable to transcend our inherent egocentricity.  There is a stark distinction between community and society.  Where the former empowers relatedness and belonging, the latter imposes isolation and singularity.  We are all related.  Our soul is the essence of our relativity.  Our universal being enlightens and enhances our earthly experience.  Being is the expression of our ancestral universality.



Soul Burst


The universe empowers our soul to express epiphany and insight with our intuition.  This is our universality.  Its omnidimensional emanations are received through our heart.  Our heart center transposes universal energy into electromagnetic currents, illuminating our neural pathways for their translation and application.  Our mind relays the momentum of this energy to our body.  During this descension, most of our universality is lost.  Transcending the neuroses of the mind and the habituation of the body empowers us to center our being into our heart and experience universality.  Our soul sources consciousness to express the flow of the universe.


Being in Flow


The energy we experience reflects how related we are with our heart, intuition, soul and the universe.  How it manifests in our present is established with our universal alignment, balance, focus and expression.  The energetic shift of universality is available to all who choose to transcend the enslavement of egocentric existence within social reality.  When we center our consciousness into our heart and heed our soul with our intuition, we are empowered by the infinite energy in the universe.  We feel the resonance of universality synergize in every element of our being.  It is the frequency of being one with the universal flow.


“Our truth exists when we become it.”